We live in extraordinary times.  When I cofounded the Supernaughts 2 years ago,  never did I think a reality show host would become... TRUMP IN THE HIGH CASTLE!!!FACT!!!



We live in extraordinary times.  When I cofounded the Supernaughts 2 years ago,  never did I think a reality show host would become president.  To that end, never did I think we would post a political opinion piece.

Creepy Thin Man changed that.  When he talks we should listen.

Not everyone will agree with him.  And if you don’t,  write a rebuttal,  we’ll publish it.  His opinion is his own, and I’m publishing it as is.  Unedited and without apologies.

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With the recent election of Donald J(erkoff) Trump to the Presidency, the United States of America is well on its way to becoming a fascist authoritarian dictatorship .

The country was on this path after 9/11 which was the Reichstag Fire that the Republicans were waiting for, at the right moment when they could grab power, wrap themselves in the flag and use soldiers as human shields against criticism while also illegally wiretapping people, not to find “terrorists” but to spy on critics, dissenters and political opponents. That’s to say nothing of their legal black hole concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay. All of this shit is right out of the Fascists Playbook and if not for Katrina/New Orleans shaking people out of their apathy and waking them up, I have no doubt in my mind that these slithering monsters would have used the economic crash to turn the country into an outright dictatorship with the Bush crime syndicate still in power.

The problem with the left is that you believe you can be reasonable with Right Wingers. You can’t. The left is characterized as being more high minded but the problem is that most people of average intelligence will only respond to the most basic emotions, fear and hate. This is why the Right gains power as the population increases and the country is filled with a greater number of morons who follow Kim Kardashian on Twitter. The left thought that electing Obama was going to bring about a new era in Liberalism but realized that something was wrong when he picked that slimy Evangelist fuck Rick Warren to speak at his inauguration while Obama’s position on gay marriage only “evolved” once he was up for re-election. That’s to say nothing of the fact that most people wouldn’t have voted for him if both of his parents were black while his mixed race parentage fed into modern white guilt middle/upper class male cuckoldery. Then he started to play pattycake with the Republicans who have done NOTHING but block him and made it clear that it was their primary objective to run the country into the ground so they could put the blame on him. Obama could have played rough and rammed through legislation considering that he had more political clout than GWB did and that cretin and the Cons got everything they wanted past. But no, I read some hand wringing fucksticks write, “I’d rather have a milquetoast President who’s good at giving speeches and does things in micro movements while taking the high road”.

Yeah, and where has that got you now?

Whatever “legacy” Obama creates will be wiped out by the Conservatives who will dismantle the USA and run it into the ground, and you all fucking know it, while the damage they will no doubt do will be either and/or a combination of environmental/economic/nuclear. These monsters got a taste of power between 9/11 and Katrina and they want to return to that when their evil had virtually free reign as the so-called “liberal media” mewed and never challenged those rotten cocksuckers on ANYTHING. Now those fucking bastards have left the USA in darkness by handing that Orange Nazi fuck and his cabal the keys to the store because they just wanted to make sure the election was going to be a horse race for their fucking ratings. Trumps ascension has also brought about a rise in hate crimes and given validation to knuckle dragging, mentally diseased cunts who revel in the worst aspects of humanities base instincts.

The Democrats are not a real opposition because they’re the other side of the same coin and those at the top want the same things as the Republicans, it’s just that they have to speak a bit more eloquently and throw around lip service to token social progress issues to get SJW’s and Feminists to start bleating in support. The one thing that Trump got right was by making NAFTA and Free-Trade a major issue and, although we know he’s lying through his teeth, THAT is what people want to hear. And this is the reason why the left lost, because all they did was scream that people supporting him were RACIST/SEXIST/HOMOPHOBIC BLAHBLAHBLAH and, although much of that is true, the ECONOMY is the number one issue to many people who feel as though they’ve been left behind. Meanwhile the left does itself no favors by telling those people “sorry, those jobs aren’t coming back, besides, mostly white people worked in those industries, so fuck them”.

That sort of liberal elitism is why they fucking lost the middle-classes this time and running that scheming bitch Hillary Clinton was a monumental fuck-up but they never had a choice since the DNC conspired to give her the coronation that she believed was owed to her. Now because of her arrogance and hubris she’ll go down in history (the only times she probably ever has considering that Bill gets his BJ’s elsewhere) as the only person in the fucking country who could have lost to the most easily defeatable Presidential candidate in history. Bernie Sanders wasn’t much better as a choice except to the hippie tattoo/body modification BERNouts who thought he’d legalize weed and get the government to pay for their philosophy/liberal arts/feminist studies diplomas before they get jobs at Wal-mart to make a living while living in their parents basements. SJW’s are now regarded as the left wing equivalent of the Alt-Right because people have gotten tired of hearing these millennial special snowflake cocksuckers go on about their “safe spaces” and “Micro-agressions” which have nothing to do with the real world outside of their College/University cocoons.

Sorry, peaceful protests wont get them anywhere just as they didn’t during the Bush reign of terror. Either they’ll get corralled into “free speech zones” or shot with rubber bullets. And you know what, I don’t think most of them have their hearts in it, to be honest, because the protesting does fuck all and seem more like an excuse for anarchist wankers to smash shit up while others treat them like a frat mixer to socialize.

Jon Stewart, formerly of The Daily Show, is a part of the problem and lost me when he said that the lefts criticism of the right was basically equal to the drivel those mindless fuckers spew. No it is not. When people say “Trump is Hitler” it’s because anyone with half a brain that knows history can see the very clear parallels between Germany 1933 and the USA today. The right just makes shit up and lies CONSTANTLY and no one is hitting them back and saying “NO, YOU’RE A LYING MOTHERFUCKER!!!”, especially the media who didn’t challenge Trump which is why the USA is stuck with him now. The left needs to understand that this isn’t a Gentleman’s game and the other side doesn’t care about facts, reason, logic or accountability. Sure, they’ll scream and cry but that’s what bullies do when someone hits back. This is what burns my ass about No-Drama-Obama and his “I have to be President for everyone” reasoning for rolling over for the right. NO! HE! DOESN’T! The things the left fights for are to benefit EVERYONE and will advance our civilization. The right wants to drag the country back into the dark ages and turn the world into a graveyard. So FUCK THEM!

Oh but according to pearl clutching nimrods the left “can’t stoop to their level” but I’m not suggesting that Dems start calling Republicans cocksuckers, although I wouldn’t be against it. The greatest weapon that Liberals have is THE TRUTH and Democrats are such spineless fucking pussies. For instance, Obama is an American success story, so why didn’t that fucking Light Loafer Lace Curtain motherfucker call out Trump and contrast his story with Mango Mussolini’s?

Something to the effect of…

“I was born a poor black child into a working class family and worked to become the leader of the free world, that’s what makes the USA the greatest country on Earth, where anyone can become a success if they have the drive and determination to guide their own destiny. Donald Trump is another George W. Bush, you remember him, right? Because Republicans want you to forget that under the Bush Administration we got the worst terrorist attack in this nations history and the worst financial crisis since the great depression, which was also caused by Republican policies. Ask them about that and they’re tell you ‘oh but that was because he wasn’t a real conservative‘. Well if he wasn’t a real conservative then I can’t even imagine the damage a real one would do to this country?! Donald Trump was born into wealth, has never worked a day in his life and had everything handed to him on a silver platter by his father who had ties to the mob as well as the KKK which is why they now support his son. And for someone who calls himself a great business man, I don’t understand how he managed to lose almost one billion dollars as the owner of a casino back in 1996, which was a boom year, unless he’s grossly incompetent and has no idea what he’s doing?! Then there’s the fact that he’s filed for bankruptcy protection six times, while stiffing American workers, which is why his credit rating is soo poor that he can’t get any in the USA and why it’s rumored that he’s being financed by Russia and China. Of course he could prove me wrong by releasing his taxes but he refuses to do so because, like George W. Bush, he’s a complete and utter failure at everything he does and destroys everything he touches. This man has no idea what it means to Govern and what the Rule of Law is. He wants to be a King and treat the citizens of this country as his subjects to be ruled based upon his whims. In my opinion that makes him a threat to everything that the Unites States of America stands for.”

But Obama never did that because he doesn’t give a fuck. He got his two terms and didn’t seem too concerned that a fascist and potential tyrant might become President. Or maybe it was the usual Democratic complacency that made him believe Hillary had it in the bag and that Trump would lose because he was a clown?! Why is it that Democrats don’t fucking FIGHT and simply sit back and wait for Republicans to fuck up enough that people vote for them?!? This is 2000 all over again and if Obama and the Dems had shown some fucking backbone and pushed back over the last 8 years the USA wouldn’t in this position now. And even if that fucking spray tan idiot is out after four years, the damage he and the Republicans can do will take DECADES to fix, not that it would get done since the Democrats still haven’t done shit to repair the destruction that the Bush Crime Syndicate did because they’re capitulating worms.

And even AFTER the election, the most insulting thing is reading that Obama’s been extending his hand to Trump to help that slimy cocksucker transition into the White House. This is after that piece of shit spent the last few years disparaging, not only Obama’s legitimacy as President of the USA, but even his fucking citizenship!

So go ahead and take that high road you ineffectual fucking sucker because you’ve handed Trump and the Republicans the stake that they’ll drive right through the heart of whatever legacy you might have had and you’ll be lucky if you’re even in the history books if those fuckers haven’t altered and/or burned them all by the time they’re done.

If I was Obama, I would have said to Trump “you and your people aren’t stepping foot into the White House until January 20th, you bloated sack of shit” and, the night before, I would have every piece of furniture and computer dumped out back and made into a bon fire while roasting marshmallows and an effigy of Trump. Then I’d have every toilet filed with cement and when Trump and his people arrive, the only thing they’d find in the entire building would be one of those nude Trump statues right dead center in the oval office with a swastika drawn on the forehead, a Hitler mustache on the upper lip, a 12 inch black dildo jammed up its ass and a dog collar around the neck with a sign attached that said “FUCK YOU CRACKER!!!”!!!FACT!!!


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