Trick O’ Treats Pt. 2 (Favorite Sp00ktacular Songs!) Trick O’ Treats Pt. 2 (Favorite Sp00ktacular Songs!)
Okay, that was my first attempt at this so Fuck you! Now, on to business *Ahem* Halloween shall arrive before you know it and to... Trick O’ Treats Pt. 2 (Favorite Sp00ktacular Songs!)

Okay, that was my first attempt at this so Fuck you! Now, on to business *Ahem* Halloween shall arrive before you know it and to get you tricking treaters in the festive frightful mood, I the Boisterous Black Irish, have yet another list of ghoulish goodies that I recommend but this cataGORY is  that of Music. Yes, music the only thing that can sooth the savage beast unless it’s Harambe which the Zoo Security had substituted bullet shells for soothing songs! There ya go, Dee!😉


Music is perhaps the world’s oldest form of media since the dawn of Man. And just as important as Movies, Television and Videogames. There are certain songs that can make the listener merry, saddened or in the case of Adele’s “Hello”, make one angry enough to bash their stereos! Here are some random top picks of Horror themed songs just in time for Oct 31st or even beforehand! Note: Just make sure you click the Album covers or the Orange colored letters  to open the vids!

spook city

🎃Spook City USA  (The Misfits)

Ah, I can’t but love me some Misfits! These guys had set the standard for not only Horrorpunk, but rock music in general thanks to excellent songs such as Earth AD, Astro Zombies, Night of the Living Dead, Braineaters and Violent World just to name a few. In the case of Spook City USA, I admire its cool pop rock vibe that set itself from the usual set of songs. The guitar riffs of bassist Jerry Only adds a bit of funk to what is otherwise known as punk.


🎃 Silent Scream  (TSOL)

What makes Silent Scream so fucking great is the  homage paid toward various Horror Movie tropes.
Mostly the filmography from Hammer Studios, often comes to mind when giving this a listen.
Do yourself a favor and check it out!


🎃Deadbeat Dance  (The Damned)

I first recall hearing this song while watching Return of the Living Dead for the very first time and it was thanks to “Deadbeat,” I expanded my music library by including this seminal British Punk Band! An awesome uptempo tune backed by lead vocalist Dave Vanian’s spooky narrative. Also of note, one of the primary reasons for purchasing the film’s excellent Soundtrack!


🎃Night of the Living Baseheads  (Public Enemy)

This pick may seem like an unusual choice for those expecting your standard horror genre song, however, the title alone is a nice riff of the classic “Night of the Living Dead” but this time, the song is about a different kind if Zombie-the basehead!
“Baseheads” was released during the Crack cocaine epidemic of the 80’s when you had lost desperate souls doing just about anything or committing crimes toward anyone in order to get their fix from freebased drugs most notably, Crack.

Legendary lead vocalist and rapper Chuck D. delivers a powerful narrative infused with a kickass beat while addressing  real life nightmare scenarios that was implemented courtesy of the CIA funneling drugs to the inner cities in order to fund Ronnie Raygun’s Private war. Now that’s some scary ass shit!

While most Rappers sung about their clothes, bitches and Hoes, PE was brazen to tackle the social injustices and systemic racism aimed toward the oppressed.


🎃Two Minutes to Midnight (Iron Maiden)

I can’t wrap myself around the meaning of this song from the classic British Metal band, other than it referencing the horrors of war with the impending threat of a Nuclear apocalypse looming about. “2 Minutes” packs a very energetic punch! And to top it off, Bruce Dickerson gives a powerful, unabashed performance with lyrics such as;


The killer’s breed or the demon’s seed,

The glamor, the fortune, the pain,

Go to war again, blood is freedom’s stain,

But don’t you pray for my soul anymore.

Two minutes to midnight

The hands that threaten doom.

Two minutes to midnight

To kill the unborn in the womb.      🎶

Midnight is truly “alright”!



Sure the Misfits is widely known for basing their songs from B horror movies of old (Primarily the 50’s era.) wherein the case of an obscure 90’s flick-Pumpkinhead has breathed  new life within the ‘fits trademark staple.

Rise from your Graves!

Newcomer and Danzig replacement Michale Graves gives credence to this fast riff thanks to a build up verse-providing the tale of the cinema cult classic. It’s somewhat brief but a very good listen as with the 90’s Misfits’ other songs based on films; The Hunger, Helena, Mars Attacks and Scream.The latter should’ve made it into one of Wes Craven’s films from the Scream franchise but at least we got a cool Music Video directed by the great George A. Romero. Sure the nineties lineup of the Misfits wasn’t as great as the Danzig era, but dammit if they didn’t manage to pull it off with their Punk vibe fused with Metal “aesthetics”!  This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the reemerged band. Unfortunately, they only managed to crank out a paltry 2 Albums before packing it in altogether. This was perhaps the last bastion if the Misfits’ official comeback. As for the often speculated reunion, we shall see what develops in the near future. Here are my top picks from the Graves era:





As with the Misfits, Balzac is based from the Horrorpunk genre and this Japanese counterpart in my opinion, is almost as good as the Misfits well at least much better than their noughties lineup. These songs are proof that they are legit.

🎃Beware of Darkness

Lead singer and founder of Balzac, Hirosuke belts out hard hitting vocals like a pissed off Joey Ramone and you can’t beat the band’s striking yet harmonious chorus throughout the menacing beats.

🎃Frankenstein’s Walk

Part Metal, part pop and part rap or at least that’s how the reverb verse was interpreted by me, Frankenstein’s Walk was another standout from the usual Punk method of songwriting.
There’s something quite schizophrenic about this song as it’s both funky and hardcore. No doubt a perfect choice not only as one of my favorite spooky songs, but a supplement to my article;
Frankenstein created Woman“!


🎃Thriller (Michael Jackson)

Confession: I never really cared for MJ after he left the Jackson Five and even moreso due to his most embarrassing scandals: Skin bleaching, fake marriages used for PR purposes and then there’s the accusation with those young boys!!😨

However, I have to give the late “Thing of Pop” props for producing a song that will go down as one of the very best pop culture contributions that stemmed from that decade of decades!
Why, I’m referring to the 80’s of course!

Thriller is one of those songs that immediately burst onto the music scene with its unique beat, energetic vocals courtesy of Jackson and to top it off, Horror thespian Vincent Price closes the song with a rap, or the closest comparison of the genre anyway.

“The funk of 40,000 thieves”  has never sounded so elegant! What’s better than the song you ask?
The Music video itself. Directed by John Landis, the “Thriller” video starts off subtle but gains momentum as MJ transforms from a Werewolf to Lord of the Living Dead!

This is arguably the best Michael Jackson video ever and easily beats out Billy Jean and especially the ridiculous “Bad“. The time, effort and imagination made what would’ve been a logistical nightmare if mishandled, is now a masterpiece!
Homages have been paid throughout the song/video and is a must play for every Halloween party and dance outing!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Dr.Phibes Rides Again (The Misfits)
  • Halloween II (Samhain)
  • Let the Day begin (Samhain)
  • In my Grip (Samhain)
  • Grimily Fiendish (The Damned)
  • Seasons in the Abyss (Slayer)
  • Super Charger Heaven (White Zombie)
  • Devil Girls in a hole (White Zombie)
  • Cease to Exist (Rob Zombie)

That’s all I got and if you have any recommendations, have at thee by dropping them in the “Deathqus” comments section below! And if you happen to host a Halloween party, pick any of these terrorific tunes and play it loud!

Stalks, out!👻

But wait! There are even more scary selections from my braineating bros!

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