This Gamer’s Grab Bag! This Gamer’s Grab Bag!
    So once again the Holidays have arrived and with it, an assortment of fun games to not only distract one’s mind from... This Gamer’s Grab Bag!



So once again the Holidays have arrived and with it, an assortment of fun games to not only distract one’s mind from real world problems, but help pass the time during the last weeks of the wretched 2016!

Note: All of the footage shown below, is based from actual gameplay courtesy of yours truly. (;’


Here’s a sequel to the popular Call of Duty mech hybrid shooter. Not only has Respawn Entertainment added a campaign mode, but cooler Titans and weapons! I prefer this FPS over EA’s other shooter Battlefield 1, but hey, it’s all in a matter of tastes amirite? What’s also appealing about this sequel, is the intuitive gameplay, from wall running to trans versing around buildings like Spider-Man! And then there’s the ability to hijack a Mech (Known as Titans.) not to mention unlike Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, there is a higher emphasis on strategy when going up against competitors in multiplayer and last, but not least, you don’t have to squander your hard-earned dollars on useless loot drop slimy micro transactions via “COD Points”. You get to pick and choose what Mechs or paint schemes and skins! So there, Activi$ion!



The long-awaited sequel of the 2013 sleeper hit!
The assassin Corvo is back and this time “Papas got a brand-new bag” as in his daughter from the previous game-Emily serves as the other playable protagonist for this narrative. The game starts with sudden hostile takeover in the palace of Dunwall (If you thought Trump’s reign was bad, this is almost as horrific!) The gameplay is the same but with a few enhancements like new abilities, charms and weapons.

What I love about the DisHonored games is that you have the option to play in which way you choose when facing your opponents; Stealth kills, going head on with sword and pistol or for those who wish to avoid gore and bloodshed, just knock the enemy into an unconscious state. This is a much better franchise than the overrated Assassins’ Creed.
Highly recommended if you’re into strategic hack n slash gameplay with a Steampunk aesthetic.



From the legendary creator of Mega Man, Dead Rising and Mighty no 9 (????) Comes a new Dystopian 3rd person platformer. Recore comes across as A Boy and his Dog, since the protagonist Joule Adams’ traveling companion is a dog. Somewhat. Joule is reminiscent to Rey from The Force Awakens because both are scavengers with a robotic companion in a barren like wasteland on the planet Far Eden. There are some moments of solid platforming mixed with shooting here and there.

During periods of recess, you can craft and upgrade your “Robodoggie” from a few parts known as cores, left from a fallen enemy. Part of the gameplay mechanics involve a quick time event during boss battles as opposed to the basic “shoot to kill” option. This may impress some players and alienate others but I think it’s somewhat intuitive.

Recore may have its share of flaws but still worth checking out. If you’re into underappreciated Sci Fi sleepers like Enslaved or Lost Planet, you can’t do no worse by getting Re Core. Just as long as you’re not purchasing it at the full price for what it goes for.



Ah, what happens when a beloved first person shooter runs out of creative ideas while overstaying its welcome? Answer: Come out with yet another Sci-Fi based setting but this time, the fools at Activi$ion had gone too far! This time, the game’s narrative takes place in sppppaaaaaaccccce! I have yet to finish the campaign, but suffice to say, its pretty good that’s if you like a mashup of Star Wars, BSG, Star Trek and some GIJoe (As in Battleforce 2000) thrown in.

It’s pretty much more of the same as in the last two COD titles soooo, If you enjoy 2014’s Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 which came out last year, you might go for this as well. And at least it comes bundled with a remastered copy of the venerable Modern Warfare, so basically its 2 games in one and although there is fun to be had in this fast-paced shooter, be Leary of unscrupulous micro transactions! “COD Points”, Go Fuck yoself!



The surprise hit of the 3rd quarter of 2016!
Known as the Godfather of First Person Shooters, DOOM comes with fast paced multiplayer and a impeccable campaign mode that will put your shooting and survival skills to the test! There’s some cool finishing moves, deep multiplayer customization and an amazing soundtrack, that bumps this shooter higher than most within the FPS genre. I loved how ID Software provided the origin of the iconic “Doom Guy” throughout the narrative. Now it all makes sense.  I was a fan of DOOM ever since the classic title made its console debug on Sega’s 32X… yeah, that shitty Add on rip-off device.

That being said, this is the DOOM we may not have asked for, but more than deserve!!!



Previously, I avoided this GTA clone until Abe had personally brought it to my attention and thanks to a 30% off Black Friday sale courtesy of Xbox’s store, I downloaded this right away and to my chagrin I was impressed with the second sequel of this cult fave.

Despite the gameplay mechanics feeling all too familiar and clunky at times, it’s the concept that I found most interesting. Here, you play as a Vietnam Veteran, who is embroiled in a few heists and Mob ringleader assassinations during the turbulent pre-Civil Rights era. The dialog is serviceable as well as credible. Some may be offended at the racial slurs and pejoratives thrown about, but it’s utilized within context primarily for the game’s narrative which points an unapologetic finger to Racism within America’s society. I haven’t finished the playthrough as of this writing but so far, there’s not as much buyer’s remorse especially when i got if for a low price.



What happens when you mix Team Fortress with hyped Pixar-esque characters? Answer: Overwatch! Blizzard’s incredible tactical FPS came out of nowhere and dominated the shooter gaming landscape. I was instantly sold on the premise and especially the excellent character designs. My major gripe of Overwatch is the lack of campaign mode, not enough variety when it comes to the other modes and worse of all, “Loot Boxes”!! It seems that the gambling system that began with CSO and now Call of Duty has bled over to other titles like Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4 and yes, even this beloved shooter-Overwatch. It’s shit like this that can encourage irresponsible Teens to abuse their parents’ credit cards and in some cases, a grown man spending money that he doesn’t have while his kids are starving. (Okay, I may have exaggerated but you get what I’m saying.) That aside, it’s still a great shooter!



Gears of War 4

It was due to the GOW series, that convinced me to buy an Xbox 360 10 years ago, ever since I had seen the “Madworld” trailer. So now, just when I thought the franchise was wrapped, done and over with, here’s the 5th installment!
From what little I have played from the campaign, the graphics are great on the current gen however, there is no real sense of nuance when it comes to the play mechanics and what was once seen as a cool gimmick-chainsaw takedown, is not as impressive as it used to be 10 years ago, But other than the shameless supply drop DLC that originally began with Call of Duty Advance Warfare,  I’m not complaining. After all, it came bundled with the next suggestion I’m about to get into and that’s….


XBox One S


When what was seen as the “8th Generation” console back in Autumn of 2013, is now on its 3rd Year. Originally this gaming system was the size of those first gen VCRs back in the day.
Big, bulky and not attractive at all…no I’m not referring to an ousted founder of SN, but yes, the design of the XBox One was fucking ugly especially when compared to the sleek PS4.

It now seems that Microsoft has come to its senses. No longer forcing the consumer to spend a hefty $500 for a console packaged with a Kinect sensor that absolutely no one really wanted, but now the XBone is much cheaper and slimmer, hence the letter; “S”!

The “S” has a bigger hard drive for more game storage and doesn’t need that ugly power block for it to work. Had MS had debuted their 3rd console with this design in mind, they would’ve eclipsed Sony’s PS4 in sales. Oh wait, now that the system is compatible with 4K Televisions and unlike the PS4 Pro, can play UHD Blu-Ray discs, it seems that the XBox One S is more in demand than the PlayStation Pro! The “S” controller now had a headphone jack as well as Bluetooth compatibility. That means, you can also play games on a Laptop or virtually any device that works with Bluetooth! I did the smart thing and sold my launch console to get the Xbox One S and during a Black Friday sale at that! $250 for a 1Tb console, fuck yeah! Now that’s what I call a good return on my investment.

Props to Microsoft for finally getting their shit together!

In the “Everything old is new again segment”

As a special recommendation, I suggest picking up Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 now available for PlayStation 4 years after the game has been stuck in publishing hiatus.
This venerable fighter and thus far my favorite of Capcom’s “Vs” series, now includes all of the DLC that was previously sold separately for last gen consoles and now, you can grab all its features for a mere $25.00!

Here’s me in action!

Honorable mentions:

Deus EX: Mankind Divided
Gravity Rush Remastered
Forza  Horizon 3

Happy Holidays!

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