Resist or Serve: The X-Files Podcast – Episode #9 Resist or Serve: The X-Files Podcast – Episode #9
In the so-far final episode of "Resist Or Serve", IAB and Puck go through the six-episode run of The X-Files Revival, or "Season 10"... Resist or Serve: The X-Files Podcast – Episode #9

“All good things…”

Well – that’s it for the “Resist or Serve” podcast for the time being. After the revival series of “The X-Files” ended its run a couple of weeks ago, we’ve officially ran out of stuff to talk about.

The basic outline for the podcast:

  • Individual looks at all six episodes, imbued with plot description, our random thoughts, what we liked/what we have issues with.
  • Last words on the season overall.

Also, Puck forgot to give his rating out of 10 for this season, so here’s a complete list of how he rated each season in addition to Season 10:

Season 1: 7.4
Season 2: 8.4
Season 3: 8.6
Season 4: 8.4
Season 5: 8.6
Season 6: 8.8
Season 7: 7.7
Season 8: 7.1
Season 9: 6.4
Season 10: 7.9

So enjoy our ninth, and as it currently stands, last episode. Feel free to use the comment section for critique, suggestions and possible questions, or just plain geek out over The X-Files. We hope to see you again down the road. But until then – thanks to all of you who have stuck around for us and goodbye!

– IAB & Puck


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    Each of the 6…dear lord.

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    Maybe they went too far?

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    You two always go too far!