Resist or Serve: The X-Files Podcast – Episode #7 Resist or Serve: The X-Files Podcast – Episode #7
In this episode, IAB and Puck go through the last season with full-time participation from David Duchovny. Resist or Serve: The X-Files Podcast – Episode #7

…Bad boys, bad boys – whatcha gonna do….

After (only) a week’s delay in recording because our first planned recording-date got axed by some weather issues – snowstorms, rainstorms, power-outs (locusts, floods, meteors…) and whatnot, welcome to the seventh episode of “Resist or Serve“, the limited event series of podcasts focusing on The X-Files, where we look back at the original series season by season and give our two cents on them, while waiting for the upcoming revival season in January. We hope you find it entertaining and be sure to tune in for future episodes.

The basic outline for the podcast:

  • Overall quality of season 7 + Mythology arc progression
  • Favourite episodes and guest stars
  • Bad/mediocre episodes (where IAB almost gets in a rage about “Millennium”)

So enjoy our seventh episode. Feel free to use the comment section for critique, suggestions, possible questions you might want us to address in future episodes, or just plain geek out over The X-Files.

– IAB & Puck


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