Resist or Serve: The X-Files Podcast – Episode #2 Resist or Serve: The X-Files Podcast – Episode #2
The second episode of the Supernaughts "limited event series" podcast, where IAB and Puck talk about The X-Files Season 2 and more. Resist or Serve: The X-Files Podcast – Episode #2

Hello there.

Well, it took us just a little over a month to get back and make our second episode of “Resist or Serve“, but it’s almost twice the length of the first one, which means we’ve got a lot to talk about this time. We hope you find it entertaining and be sure to tune in for future episodes.

The basic outline for the podcast:

  • Recent news of The X-Files revival shoot
  • Overall quality of the season + Mythology arc progression
  • Favourite episodes and guest stars
  • Worst episodes

So enjoy our second episode as we go through Season 2. Feel free to use the comment section for critique, suggestions, possible questions you might want us to address in future episodes, or just plain geek out over The X-Files.

IAB & Puck

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I Am Better

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  • Dear Ndzissou

    The shot of clearly pregnant Gillian Anderson when she gets abducted perplexes me to this day.

  • Dear Ndzissou

    I remember hating the episode where they explain what happened to Samantha but I don’t really remember anything about. But that’s in season 6 or 7 right?

  • Yeah, it’s 6 or 7. It was such a new age “her spirit will live in the stars”-explanation that I still don’t know what the point of that was.

  • Dear Ndzissou

    Darin Morgan must have a day job.

  • Dear Ndzissou

    What’s the deal with Robert Patrick on the revival?

  • I still don’t understand why he hasn’t written any movies. His comedy episodes are funnier than about 99% of the so-called big studio comedies

  • No word yet

  • Dear Ndzissou

    He would’ve been good at writing for Fringe. Looks like he was a consulting producer or whatever. I wonder why they didn’t involve him in that capacity.

  • Haven’t seen Fringe. But I gather that it’s more of a serious show?

  • Dear Ndzissou

    Kind of at the beginning but it gets out there and open to silliness in seasons 2 and 3. It was a pretty fun way to scratch the X-Files itch but it runs out of steam by the end.

  • Imdb says that Annabeth Gish as Reyes would be back, though.

  • Dear Ndzissou

    I remember very little about her. I liked Doggett but he sort of killed the fun tone the show had built by that point.

  • Dear Ndzissou

    Haha Millennium is weird. A lot of unintentionally funny stuff because it’s so relentlessly dark and serious all the time. Season 2 is pretty good.

  • Season 2 is my favorite. James Wong and Glen Morgan kinda got to do whatever they wanted on that season.

  • Dear Ndzissou

    It embraced the wacky potential nicely I thought. I didn’t make it far into season 3 after it ignored all the progress of season 2.

  • Yeah, that was one of the oddest story reboots between seasons I’ve ever seen

  • I see Michael McKean is set to make an appearance as Morris Fletcher again 🙂

  • Dear Ndzissou

    They’re making it hard to be cynical despite I Want to Believe.

  • Must Be Nice

    Been listening to the show this morning. Joel McHale in the new show? Did I hear that right? Boo. Well anyway, thanks for bringing us another great radio program.

  • Must Be Nice

    Lol. #truth

  • Must Be Nice

    Hey guys…….hey guys!……..hey guys…………………………..aliens…..

  • Must Be Nice


  • Must Be Nice

    haha the music….

  • Sagamanus

    Too soon Zissou. Too soon! Millennium was gone from us too soon.

  • Must Be Nice

    Puck Propagaaaaaaandaaaaaaahhhh!

  • Must Be Nice
  • Must Be Nice

    This new season sounds really good!

  • Most of the explanation was really good, such as why she was taken, where she went, who looked after her, etc., even her being dead for so long was a nice twist. However, the how she died/spirit taken part right at the end was lame. Probably tried to shoehorn in something positive so Mulder didn’t kill himself.

  • Hopefully he returns for one of the more serious episodes at least.

  • Dr. Geiszler, Kaijuologist

    Finally watched one of those promos while watching the last episode of Wayward Pines. Got chills.

  • AundreaRDenton
  • Stalkeye

    Would gladly give this a listen, but i don’t really know a darn thing about X-Files. ):

  • ErnestRister

    NetFlix, brother!

  • Stalkeye

    Ok, how should I put this…? Not really my Cup of Sake however, IAB and Puck teaming up for a Podcast sounds interesting.

  • Tarmac492.1

    Will give this a listen later. Will now just infect this tallback with asinine comments about Skully’s lady parts.

  • Tarmac492.1

    Yeah, I liked him on X-Files.

  • We are properly nerdy-sounding to do this thing…;D

  • What you should do is just watch the monster of the week episodes we pick each season. =)