Imaginarium 117: Romero, Landau, and Doctor Who
Please note: Imaginarium will be going on summer break and will return on August 21st. Mad As Hell will return on August 19th.   This week Scott and Todd talk about the passing of two legends George A. Romero and Martin Landau. They also talk about the new Doctor... Read more
The Day Shift
The boss and I are having a rift So I start drinking on the day shift 11 am the bar is half full I greet my whiskey and take a harsh pull A washed up actor laments another arrest Corner stool zombie celebrates a negative HIV test Ancient jukebox... Read more
Osaka Punch: Dead Reckoning! Round 0: (Battle Girl vs JUNK) [NSFW]

NSFW: Battle of the Japanese Zombie movies: “Battle Girl” (1991) vs. “Junk” (2000) – which one will win?

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My Memorable WTF Scenes from The Walking Dead

OMG, most WTF from TWD!

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Superbad: The Undead Expansion Pack
Just when you thought that tonally awful Victor Frankenstein trailer was going to be the worst trailer you saw this week…     Read more
IAB’S NIGHT TERRORS: “Annabelle” (2014) & “Maggie” (2015)

IAB takes a look at demon puppet-horror “Annabelle” and the Schwarzenegger zombie-drama “Maggie”.

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Dawn of the Dead (1978) A World Flushed Down the Toilet
When I was an obnoxious teenager approximating growing up in Massapequa, I liked to blast rock music, watch horror movies, hit on cute goth chicks, and shotgun warm Meister Braus until I puked in the middle of the street and my friends would skid through the vomit on their... Read more
Game of Thrones Recap by AsimovLives: Season 5 – Episode 8


An army of those! Lots of them! Oodles!!

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Caption Contest 191 – The Omega Man (1971)

Participate in the Caption Contest and maybe win a $50 Amazon gift card! More under the link!

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Caption Contest 180- Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

Video game adaptation week on the Caption Contest: Starting out with the 3rd sequel in the execrable “Resident Evil” movie franchise. Caption a still and maybe win a $50 Amazon gift card!

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Imaginarium 23: The Writin’ Irish
Dublin based writer Michael Mulvhill joins the Imaginarium to talk about his books, Bram Stoker, his love for Dublin, and much more. You know you want to hear about Siberian hell holes, don’t you?     Amazon Author Page: Facebook Play in new window... Read more
A Toxic Review of Night of the Creeps (1986)
No movie has any right being this much fun…but it is! Night of the Creeps (1986) – Horror – USA – Rated R Written and Directed by Fred Dekker Starring Jason Lively, Tom Atkins, Steve Marshall, Jill Whitlow, David Paymer From space slugs and zombies to sorority babes and... Read more
Imaginarium 5: Zombies, Podcasts and Rand, Oh My!

This week, Justin Lesniewski enters the Imaginarium and talks Writing, Zombies, podcasts, and a woman named Ayn. Justin also talks about how he deals with haters.

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The Supernaughts Debate Show 11: </br> Quackaroonie

The controversial Justin Lesniewski joins The Supernaughts for Episode 11. Justin and the boys debate entertainment sites, Google Glass, whether the over politicization in movies are the fault of filmmakers or the audiences and Justin talks about his man crush on Bill Belichick.

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The Supernaughts Debate Show 7: <br>Late Afternoon of the Living Dead, Ghostbusting Misogyny, and Everybody Hates F****** Clowns Play in new window | Download Read more