SE Imaginarium 118: Wading In The Past
It’s a special Friday edition of Imaginarium with frequent guest, and Scott’s dearest friend Jay Proctor AKA Wade Radford drops by. Jay talks about his new book A VISION OF LIFE, why he said goodbye to Wade Radford, some new projects, as well as reminiscing about the Jailbait show.... Read more
Jailbait 03: Porridge
Travel to Wade’s neck of the woods with this week’s hysterical episode about the UK sitcom Porridge. Wade gives a brief background on this comedy from 1974, as well as its star, Ronnie Barker. The boys talk about the characters, the episodes, and why it’s a must watch. Oh,... Read more
Boys Behind Bars 3: Depravity Unleashed
It’s no secret that I count Wade Radford, the star, co-director, producer and writer of Boys 3 as a good friend, yet even he will tell you that I don’t let our friendship get in the way of an honest opinion. If anything, it’s that honesty that draws us... Read more