Caption This!: Kolchak, The Night Stalker
It had only 2 made for TV movies and 20 episodes, but it’s safe to say The X-Files and other paranormal shows wouldn’t exist today without The Night Stalker. Darran McGavin stars as Kolchak, a reporter who would fit right in at TMZ today. If there was a story... Read more
Blood Drive (2017) review
Sometimes tv shows or movies slip past your radar. It can take a while before you catch up. Often it is through recommendation by friends or by tv and movies sites. I was bored out of my mind because all my favorite shows are not running any episodes at... Read more
This year, vote for Jean-Claude Van Johnson (2016-)

The Muscles from Brussels are back!

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Old TV vs. New TV

We live in the “Golden Age of TV”. But is there something we miss from the past? What aspects improved, what became worse?

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The Revolution will now be televised! Legendary Black Characters of Television
It’s February and you know what that means. No I’m not talking about some silly commercialized holiday where couples chose that one day to express their love toward one another, I’m talkin bout Black History Month, “sucka”! Now that Black History Month has officially arrived I thought I’d give... Read more
Dee recaps 2015 in TV, Movies & Entertainment: Best/Worst Of and Random Observations

A very subjective look back at the weird year that was 2015 in movies, TV and entertainment. Best and Worst of, pics and gifs galore- spared no expense!

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Bop’s Best of 2015

Bop recaps his Best and Worst of TV and movies of 2015.

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Join us as Writers on The Supernaughts!

Want to publish articles on anything pop-culture related?

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Star Wars Rebels S02E05: “Wings of the Master” (Review/Recap)

“It is great to finally see Hera leading the action, at the peak of her powers. I mean, we all knew she could fly, but here she really gets to show just how skilled she is as a pilot, but also as a tactical strategist.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Ash Vs. Evil Dead S01E02: “Bait” (Review/Recap)

“Not quite as exciting and thrilling as what we got on Halloween, but the writing is still wonderfully bizarre and pitch-black. As long as Campbell keeps spitting out razor-sharp one-liners and insults, the premise will almost certainly never become boring” – Mathias Folsted.

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Star Wars Rebels S02E04: “Brothers of the Broken Horn” (Review)
The rebels are back, but this time Ezra is flying solo! That’s right, the young Padawan actually has doubts about becoming a Jedi. Is it something he truly wants, or something the others expect him to be? He himself is not quite sure, growing defiant of both his master... Read more
Ash Vs. Evil Dead S01E01: “El Jefe” (Review/Recap)

“Ash Vs. Evil Dead is everything fans could possibly wish for, and then some. The fundamental ideas have not been watered down, and the pilot delivers buckets of gore, madcap humor in spades, and Bruce Campbell at his absolute peak.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Supernatural is Horror

A tribute to the series “Supernatural”, which is now entering its 11th season.

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Chris will Rock the Oscars again

He’s back.

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Jack Random’s Increasingly Poor Decisions

Jack and Kyle discuss a season filled with Geek TV, from Gotham to Agents of SHIELD. And Kyle has a wild theory about the new 007 adventure “Spectre”!

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David Cronenberg turned down the offer to do True Detective Season 2 Pilot because of “bad script”

Good taste or bad judgement?

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23 Unforgettable TV characters
Everybody has their favorite TV shows. I sure have mine. I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but probably since the 2000s TV shows are kicking movies all over the place and twice on Sunday. The most important reason is that the stories are creative and entertaining and... Read more
Bryan Fuller talks about Hannibal, hints at possible renewal

Is there a chance that Hannibal and Will could return to the small screen?

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Retro TV Review: Keen Eddie (2003)
Note: This was formerly published on the now-defunct It may be edited slightly. Sometimes TV shows appear that are ahead of their time. The public somehow doesn’t know about it or doesn’t connect with it, because the build up is too slow. If the public doesn’t know about it... Read more
William Shatner presents: Chaos on the Bridge (2015) Review

This documentary, written and directed by William Shatner, is an entertaining look at the behind-the-scenes troubles on the set of the “Star Trek- The Next Generation” series.

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Scream (TV) – “Pilot” Review

“If there is any shred of potential to be found in this show, it certainly doesn’t find its way into the pilot. It lacks everything that makes the idea of “Scream” so interesting, relying too much on soapy dialogue and overstrung dramaturgy that feels neither real or believable.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Best/Worst Fathers On TV

To celebrate Father’s Day, here are some great TV dads to look up to and some bad ones that can make you feel like an even better dad.

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Breakfast on Planet X: Our 3 favourite TV hate watches

It’s a weird habit and still millions of people do it: “Hate-watching”. Zod and Dee discuss why and crown the Top 3 of TV-series they love to hate (-watch).

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Marvel’s Daredevil – Season 1 Review (2015)

“Marvel’s Daredevil is a work of pure genius, bloody as hell and exceptionally drafted. The writing is clever, intelligent and beyond anything you would ever expect from a show like this, setting itself apart from other of its kind by relying on strong characters instead of derivative plot-devices.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Flintstones: Stone Age SmackDown! (2015) Movie Review

A fun, energetic and faithful revival of the beloved stone age family, sticking closely to the style and feel of the 1960’s television show.” – Mathias Folsted.

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