Twin Peaks Returns: The Fireman
We’re in the homestretch now, and episodes 13 and 14 are chock full of weirdness, tension, some answers and even more questions. We see an old favorite step up in a way you don’t expect, and another act in a way that’s at once horrific and heartbreaking. And there’s... Read more
Jack’s Random Homecoming
It’s about damn time. Since your Saviors of the Universe have been absent, Jack decided to treat you guys to a behind the scenes peek at actual show prep (we think he forgot to edit it out)! This time the guys talk about the new Doctor Who, Kingdom Hearts,... Read more
Imaginarium 117: Romero, Landau, and Doctor Who
Please note: Imaginarium will be going on summer break and will return on August 21st. Mad As Hell will return on August 19th.   This week Scott and Todd talk about the passing of two legends George A. Romero and Martin Landau. They also talk about the new Doctor... Read more
Twin Peaks Returns: Flying The Coops
Please note there will be spoilers. It’s really impossible to talk about TP without mentioning anything that’s happening. I try to avoid mentioning major elements, but even still, you can’t please everyone.  If the first two episodes had shades of everything Lynch had done to date, then episode three, the first... Read more
Imaginarium 109: Roger Moore’s Twin Peaks
A Happy Memorial Day to all our US listeners, as we honor those who have fallen in combat. This week Scott and Todd mourn the loss of not only Chris Cornell, but also the late, great Roger Moore. Scott talks about Moonraker, and its inherent silliness. Later in the show... Read more
Pouring a Second Cup: Twin Peaks Returns
When I was 25, Twin Peaks made it’s debut. My Father had died suddenly less than a year before, my relationship had crashed upon the rocks of alcoholism, and my job performance and future employment was iffy at best. I needed an escape – anything to get away from... Read more
Imaginarium 107: Soska Sisters Sandwich
This week Scott and Todd talk about the new It sneak preview, spoilers and how annoying people whining about them can be, and of course Todd’s convention escapades! From a drunk Flava Flav to being manhandled by the Soska sisters, you don’t want to miss this! All of that... Read more
Imaginarium 106: Tom And Todd Make A Movie
Tied with Jerry Janda as our second most frequent guest, Theatre of Blood’s very own Tom Ryan stops by to talk about his new project, which our very own Todd Staruch will be producing! They also talk about the importance of trailers, reminisce about anthology movies, and talk about... Read more
The Big Giallo Roundup, Part 3

More Giallo goodness! Slightly NSFW due to the fuzzy depiction of a femal breast, you protestant prudes.

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Imaginarium 103: The “It” Man
This week Scott and Todd talk about the new It trailer, the lawsuit against Stephen King, and much, much more. All that and Scott talks about a movie he’ll be in. Play in new window | Download Read more
Imaginarium 102: Cusack, Devils and Monsters
This week on Imaginarium Scott and Todd talk about a variety of things, starting off with Facebook meteorologists. Todd talks about his time at MonsterMania, meeting John Cusack, and the expense of photo/autographs ops. Scott talks about the surprise release of The Devils on Shudder streaming service, and the... Read more
The Big Giallo Roundup, Part 2

More Europeans getting killed, with style.

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Imaginarium 99: Oscarbation
Even though the Oscars for 2017 are now history, Scott and Todd talked about them anyway. Recorded before the show, the guys give their picks, and as usual Scott got almost nothing right! Scott also tells the story of his adentures at the dermatologists office to get a growth... Read more
The Big Giallo Roundup, Part 1

Gloves, knives and nudity from Southern Europe. Magnifico!

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Imaginarium 97: X-Rated or Xpendable?
As we close in on the 100th episode, Scott and Todd briefly talk about the current events, and after 10 minutes or so, they switch over to chatting about Midnight Cowboy, its original X rating and whether ratings are een needed anymore. All this and Todd talks about who... Read more
Imaginarium 95: Alternatives
With this week’s guest coming down with a miserable winter illness, Scott and Todd talk about the Inauguration for the first 15 minutes. while Scott talks candidly about what will happen if his insurance is taken away. On a happier note, Todd reports on the wildly popular Macabre Faire... Read more
Dee’s Christmas List #1: D.O.A. (1988)

First entry of a series of personally recommended alternatives to the usual X-Mas themed movies and TV-shows.

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Rock DJ -Robbie Williams(2001)
in 2001 Robbie Williams, former Take That member, sparked controversy with his multi platinum single “Rock DJ” that in the R-rated music video features the stoke on Trent- born Robbie treating a group of young attractive girls to a striptease by taking off his clothes as he sings. As... Read more
Why I Don’t Like Home Invasion Movies…. and My Top 5 Home Invasion Movies!

Dee tries to extract a Top 5 out of one of his least favourite horror movie subgenres. Including a rant!

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Delirium aka Le Foto di Gioia (1987) [NSFW]

NSFW: Images showing nudity.
A review of an obscure 80s Giallo by Lamberto Bava.

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Opera aka Terror at the Opera (1987): An appreciation of Dario Argento’s probably last great movie
This is an attempt to re-evaluate Opera aka Terror at the Opera, a “Giallo” from 1987, written and directed by Dario Argento, starring Christina Marsillach, Daria Nicolodi, Ian Charleston and others. The Plot (that there is) The new MacBeth adaptation at the opera in Rome is shaping up to... Read more
Stranger Things: The Kids Are Alright (Mostly)
While I usually review older movies, there’s the occasional, TV show, book, etc, that demands my attention, and propels me to spill some ink.  Stranger Things is one of them. Netflix newest series took my Facebook feed by storm, and what I’d read was so compelling I had no... Read more
Sneakers (1992)

A retro review of “Sneakers” (1992).

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I’m too old for this s#@?: Lethal Weapon will be a TV-series soon

We’re back, we’re bad, you’re black, I’m mad.

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M. Night Shyamalan twists again, this time with James McAvoy

M. Night seems to be back on track.

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The Hitcher (1986): What is driving Rutger Hauer?

How much of the success of “The Hitcher” (1986) is owed to the performance of the Dutch genre movie star?

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DePalma’s Way, The Selected Films Of Brian DePalma: Obsession
I know, I know, I was supposed to talk about Carrie this week. I mean, I did mention that at the end of the last article after all. However, while watching Obsession (one of the few films of DePalma’s I hadn’t seen), I realized that I had to write... Read more
New trailer for Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies (2015)

Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and the Coen Bros. walk on a “Bridge of Spies” (2015).

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Play The Mist for me, preferably weekly on TV

Weather outlook for today: Foggy, with occasional monsters.

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A few thoughts about the 3rd season of Hannibal: All good things have to come to an end

Maybe this was the best moment to end for this wonderful show.

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Casablanca (1942) Round up the Usual Suspects and give it a watch. You might get some later on…
Are you bored with your life? Are you tired of your job? Had it with wrestling with stuttering Exchange servers, farting computers and whining end users who make your plump, obnoxious nephew sticking his finger up your dog’s ass seem like pleasant behavior? Has selling auto insurance to narcoleptic... Read more
Four things we will surprisingly be missing if Hannibal gets cancelled

We all know the obvious elements we will be missing if “Hannibal” gets cancelled. But what are the other, less talked about things that make this show unique and could be revealed as irreplaceable?

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5 Potential Hannibal Spin-offs

Okay, we maybe have to accept that NBC’s “Hannibal” gets cancelled soon. But what about spinoffs with the show’s most popular characters? I thought up 5 of them and I hope Bryan Fuller reads this.

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Headhunters (2011) Crime Pays But Maybe Not Enough
Two things recently have me amazed in a way that isn’t necessarily good. The first is that I find my 43 years of unblemished heterosexuality tested every time I have to see Hillary Clinton on tv, screaming like some witch at a haunted carnival and her thundergunt trying to... Read more
Caption Contest 224 – The Signal (2014)

This is the last month of the Caption Contest before summer hiatus! Caption a still from “The Signal” (2014) and maybe win a $50 Amazon gift card!

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Caption Contest 217 – Blind Beast (1969)

Caption a still from this bizarre Japanese thriller and win a $50 Amazon gift card!

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Stonehearst Asylum aka Eliza Graves (2014) lacks the necessary insanity

The Gothic drama “Stonehearst Asylum” aka “Ben Kingsley” falls flat despite a great cast and an intriguing premise.

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Caption Contest 207 – Escape from New York (1981)

We are finishing the Avco Embassy Pictures tribute of this week with a Caption Contest featuring a still from the action classic “Escape from New York” (1981). You last chance this month to win the $50 Amazon gift card!

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Caption Contest 205 – Cassandra Crossing (1976)
It’s Avco Embassy Pictures tribute week on the Caption Contest! Another Caption Contest entry that pays tribute to a classic of the legendary film studio, the still solid, star-studded disaster picture Cassandra Crossing. In a supporting role: O.J. Simpson as a priest (!). The Caption Contest is now an... Read more
Caption Contest 197 – Westworld (1973)

It’s Michael Crichton week! Caption a still from “Westworld” (1973) and win a $50 Amazon gift card!

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Caption Contest 196 – Disclosure (1994)
….and the Michael Crichton week on the Caption Contest goes on! What a strange beast this movie (director: Barry Levinson) is, trying to say so much about sexual harassment and power struggles at the work place, yet saying so little in the end, while completely overselling the possibilities of... Read more
Caption Contest 195 – Coma (1978)

You just woke up from your coma? Then activate your brain by participating in the Caption Contest and maybe win a $50 Amazon gift card!

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It Follows (2015) Movie Review
Since the release of last year’s universally acclaimed horror masterpiece “The Babadook”, the bar for scary movies has been raised considerably. It didn’t just revive a genre that had been dead in the water for almost a decade, it also made the art of terror cinematically relevant to a... Read more
Caption Contest 172 – The Fury (1978)

Today’s Caption Contest features a pic from a time in movie history when the fury could still exist without the fast. Click the link and find out how to win a $50 Amazon gift card!

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The Movie Tapes #2: He Lives by Night (1982)

Long before “Scream”, the slasher thriller genre has been spoofed in several comedies, one of them being the Hong Kong horror comedy “He lives by Night” (OT: “Ye jing hun”) from 1982.
Check out my short audio review of this movie!

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I Watched “Rope”
ROPE (1948) Directed By Alfred Hitchcock Written By Arthur Laurents and Adapted For the Screen By Hume Cronyn   After I received my generous income tax return this year, I did what any responsible parent would do and I spent it all on blu-rays for myself.  I can just... Read more
Caption Contest 157- Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986)

In memory of Tom Towles, who played beside Michael Rooker in this disturbing crime drama/thriller.
Participate and win a $50 Amazon gift card! More under the link.

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Breakfast on Planet X: Serial Killers in movies (with special guest Suzy Starliner)

Today we discuss the morbid fascination of the film industry with serial killers. Special guest: The charming Suzy Starliner!

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Caption Contest 117- Enemy (2013)

The director of the film featured in this Caption Contest is rumoured to direct the upcoming “Blade Runner” sequel.

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Caption Contest 94- The Conversation (1974)

Can you caption a still from one of the best paranoia thrillers ever made?

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Caption Contest 67- Stoker
Despite good performances by Mia Wasikowska and Matthew Goode, Stoker (2013), the Hollywood-debut of Korean director Chan-wook Park (Oldboy) -based on a script by Wentworth Miller (Prison Break)- is more of an overstylized, uneven affair. Read more
Caption Contest 61- Eyes of Laura Mars
Eyes of Laura Mars (1978), directed by Irvin Kershner, is a solid thriller with a supernatural touch (co-writer credit: John Carpenter) about a fashion photographer (Faye Dunaway) who is suddenly able to see through the eyes of a serial killer. The superb supporting cast is comprised of such heavy-hitters... Read more
David Fincher on autopilot:  A review of Gone Girl (2014)
This is my review of David Fincher’s latest thriller Gone Girl. I kept my review completely spoiler-free, never going beyond the basic plot synopsis, but I am describing the overall qualities and atmosphere of the movie in detail. As I have not read the novel the film is based... Read more