R.I.P. Sonny Landham
The news reached me that Sonny Landham died. Hollywood is full of pussy lotion boys that are shoved down our throats in roles of tough guys. It is a very disturbing trend. There used to be a time when Hollywood was less pussy lotions boys and more real men.... Read more
Bopcast #4

Bop talks with Supernaught IAB about 90s movies, wrestling, Walter Hill’s The Warriors, classic computer games and more.

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And The Warriors Go To…The Russo Bros!
The Warriors are finally going through the remake filter, this time for TV. The Russo Bros., have been given a chance to bring the colorful hodgepodge of gangs from Sol Yurick’s universe to Paramount, and Hulu in a one-hour long series. Frank Baldwin will be writing. Walter Hill directed... Read more
Frankie goes to . . . London Film & Comic Con!!

On July 18, 2015 I was lucky enough to attend the most amazing convention yet to hit the city of London. The Summer 2015 London Film & Comic Con surpassed anything I had attended previously or even imagined and now I’m back to report on some of the festivities and share some pictures.

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Rubble Kings (2015) Documentary Review
I stumbled onto Rubble Kings a few days ago. Looking it up on IMDb the description was: “Through archival footage Nicholson tells the story of the real Warriors that walked the streets of New York City in the 1970s and the harsh reality of gang life in a city... Read more
Caption Contest 73- The Warriors (1979)
Walter Hill’s action cult classic with James Remar (click here for an exclusive interview!) gets a lot of love on this site. Deservedly. Read more
Shut Up Kids #73: The Warriors (1979) + Interview with James Remar
Hey everyone, We discuss the cult classic film The Warriors. I also did a sit-down interview with actor James Remar about his role as Ajax in the movie. Here is some of the interview for your eyeball pleasure and if you wanted to hear the whole thing (including more talk from James... Read more
Can you dig it?!!?, Part 2: “The Warriors” (1979)
(originally published in Re/Public on October 5, 2014) The Warriors – “Come out and play-ay….” In 1965, The novel “The Warriors”, written by Sol Yurick was published. The novel, loosely based on the Anabasis by Xenophon, told the tale of a gang, called Coney Island Dominators, and their desperate... Read more