StudioHEAD #65

This week, Mr. Head meets with the silent partner.

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Jack’s Random Chaotic Comic Conversation

SPIDER-MAN IS IN CIVIL WAR! Spidey’s appearance in the Captain America trailer has sent your Saviors of the Universe into fanboy heaven! Therefore, the regular format (shut up) is scrapped, and the boys talk comic books! Jamill calls out “realism” in modern superhero movies, and Kyle praises Spidey’s movie uniform!
The guys compare Thanos and Darkseid, and discuss which characters will never see a major motion picture. Unfortunately, the crew Random Reviews the movie Stitches this week, but Jack apologizes, so we’re still good. #podcast

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Monday Morning Paperback, Issue 1 – Adam Warlock: The Cosmic Messiah
Welcome to my first installment of MMP, a series that focuses on highly recommended comic trade paperbacks, be it print or nowadays, digital. My pick for this segment goes to an absolute favorite of mine- Warlock The Complete collection! Ever wondered where Gamora made her very first appearance? Thanos... Read more
Shut Up Kids #42: Top 5 Action Sequences
Airdate: 2-June-2014 In this episode, the guys are joined again by Bopnrumble to discuss their Top 5 Favorite Action Sequences in film. In the Best of the Week segment they talk about Josh Brolin as Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy, the MPAA’s absurd decision to ban a Sin... Read more