Update: The Supernaughts Needs You!
Thanks to your generosity we are now only 50 dollars away from our goal! Thanks to the following contributors! Jordan Mantor Martin Walker Todd Staruch Michael Burrow Anonymous Donor x 2 Donate here   I think what was posted on the GoFundMe site says it all really. In 2015... Read more
The Supernaughts family welcomes their newest member, Devin Faraci!
Times change. People change. Therefore, websites change. Two years ago, The Supernaughts were close to shutting down. Thanks to Scott’s dedication, we were able to continue our geek-centric writing and podcasting with the help of crowdfunding – thanks to all the contributors again! Due to some clever money management... Read more
The State Of The Supernaughts
As visitors to the site, Facebook followers, and twitter peeps may have seen, we’re having a gofundme to keep Supernaughts ad free and running. For the last year co founder Abe has shouldered not only the financial burden but the work it takes to keep everything running smoothly. As... Read more
I’m Scott, And I’m A Jediphobe
Originally published September 12, 2013 at 7:45 am There’s no easy way to admit this, so I’ll just get it out and prepare for the hail of stones headed my way. I’m not a fan of Star Wars. I’ll go a step further and say outside of THE EMPIRE STRIKES... Read more