Spinning Headlines – Week 16: Weekend Box Office, Fox Release Dates, The Beguiled, Twin Peaks, Marvel News, The X-Files Season 11, Netflix…

Weekend Box Office, 20th Century Fox’s release-date roulette, trailers for “The Beguiled”, “Drone”. Showtime releases a Cliff Notes-recap of “Twin Peaks”, a wide variety of Marvel news, “X-Files” returns for another go, “James Bond 25” distribution up for dibs, Netflix considering wider theatrical releases, spit-take of the week and more.

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Imaginarium 79: Nerds As Far As The Eye Can See!
Scott and Todd get their nerd on as they talk about all things pumpkin spice, the new Apple iPhone, the disappointing summer blockbusters, and their love and admiration for Star Trek as it celebrates its 50th Anniversary. All this and Scott admits to liking a Star Wars movie! http://media.blubrry.com/thesupernaughts/p/pods.thesupernaughts.com/Imaginarium/imaginarium79.mp3Podcast:... Read more
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Spinning Headlines(by Guest writer(s)) – Week 27: Cannibals, Marvel Gender-swapping, GoT S7 delayed longer for Snow(not Jon) – and more!

While the regular author continues his vacation, two furry fiends take over the Headlines column.

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Anton Yelchin (27) dies in car accident

The actor (27) died in a car accident today.

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Imaginarium 68: Look Into Our Brains

Scott and Todd shake things up a bit this week by playing a new game, “What are you…”, where they talk about the things they’re watching, reading, listening to, and what’s pissing them off. Todd starts off with a rant about the election, and Scott follows it with an epic rant about people labeling themselves nonbinary. He follows that up with a critical look t gay pride festivals that will offend most people. From there they cover most everything going on in their pop culture overloaded lives, and end it with some love for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Well, one of them does anyway. #podcast

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Star Trek Teasing (Quasi-Semi-Non-Trailer)
Really liking this logo and the nothing so-far, but tone accounts for a lot doesn’t it? Here are the first rumbles from ‘A new adventure’, with ‘New crews, villains, heroes and worlds’. It debuts in 2017. Source: Collider Read more
New Star Trek at CBS with Fuller
Long time Star Trek writer Bryan Fuller has come on board CBS’s new Trek series. His work extends from DS9 to Voyager, but not on Enterprise. His other series were Dead Like Me, Pushing Daises and Hannibal. Which might interest fans…or not. The new series will debut on CBS... Read more
Space Precinct (1994-1995)
Space Precinct was a British-American science fiction show that ran for 24 episodes from 1994 to 1995. Created/produced by Gerry Anderson, of Thunderbirds and Space: 1999 fame, Space Precinct was built along the concept of police procedural shows like Law & Order and Dragnet, but set in a distant... Read more
Nightmare: The Video Board Game (1991)
Nightmare is an interactive video board game developed in Australia by the production company A Couple ‘A Cowboys and distributed by J. W. Spear & Sons (later taken over by Mattel in 1994). The concept of the game was to challenge people’s worst fears via instructions from a nightmarish host on your... Read more
TLC: The Whales, the Fan Dance, and the Pon Farr

TLC talks about Star Trek, just to stand out from all the podcasts out there discussing the Wars this week! (okay, ACTUALLY its more that Amanda talks knowledgeably about Kirk’s romantic leanings, while El and Emily are unhelpful.)
Reviews: We Stand on Guard, A Boy and a Girl #podcast

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StudioHEAD #30

One year ago in the life of Mr. Head.

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Time to make fun of the new Star Trek trailer!
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To boldly go where we have been a few times before: New Star Trek series coming

The journey will never end.

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Star Trek: Renegades has officially released
Tim Russ’s Star Trek project has been released on Youtube. Synopsis: When a seemingly unstoppable new enemy threatens the very existence of the Earth, Admiral Pavel Chekov (Walter Koenig) is forced to work outside the boundaries of Starfleet’s rules to combat this deadly new foe. I would love to... Read more
William Shatner presents: Chaos on the Bridge (2015) Review

This documentary, written and directed by William Shatner, is an entertaining look at the behind-the-scenes troubles on the set of the “Star Trek- The Next Generation” series.

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Go climb a rock. Thus opens Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, with William Shatner, star and director of the film, donning the slogan and dashing, perhaps, the hopes of the fan base that so desperately wanted to have an equally thrilling and satisfying adventure as the one presented... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 21, 2015

Fairies, Zombies, Reacher, Mimi Rogers, Star trek, Scream Queens and Roger Deakins are among the headlines this week.

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Star Trek Renegades Trailer

Maybe it’s time to get back on the fan film wagon? Star Trek Phase II or New Voyages certainly turned me off, but with Star Trek Axanar looking pretty cool and now this I might give it another go.

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Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Leonard Nimoy’s passing prompted me to write some long-in-the-kitty reviews for the original cast. His work will never be forgotten and his contribution will be forever recognized. Adios, Sweet Prince! “Star Trek” both literally and allegorically has always been about re-birth, starting anew; one door closes, another opens. Star... Read more
Point It At The Deck! Bantha Poodoo

Welcome back Puny listeners. Join us (or die) as Zod’s guests, Det Dee and Slate Fistcrunch discuss the “passing the torch” and then they play PROBABLY TRUE, BANTHA POODOO, or DEE MADE IT UP with Star Wars news/rumors.

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Caption Contest 119- Star Trek TOS: Patterns of Force (1968)

Today’s Caption Contest is honouring Leonard Nimoy in his most famous role. Participate and win a 50$ Amazon gift card!

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Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015

The Supernaughts present a special podcast to celebrate the life of, arguably, one of the most important people in the history of “geekdom”: Leonard Nimoy.

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We are assembled here today to pay final respects to our honored dead…..LEONARD NIMOY
Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015 I’m not too proud to admit that I cried when I heard the new that Mr. Leonard Nimoy had died today at age 83. He’s been with me for my entire life and always felt like the kind, grandfatherly figure we all wish we had in... Read more
Our Beloved Spock, Leonard Nimoy, Dies at 83

Our Beloved Spock, Leonard Nimoy, Dies at 83

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Imaginarium 16: Robot Armageddon and Beyond

Tracey Birdsall stops by the Imaginarium to talk about her latest movies, why she loves science fiction AND picks a side in the Star Trek vs Star Wars debate!

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Star Wars and Star Trek: A Study Of Political Spectrum
Mention politics and immediately many think about political parties. But the subject of politics is more than just party divisions. The Ancient Greece philosopher Aristotle called Man the political animal, and by that he meant to say that all subjects about human and human creation are in the realm... Read more
Point It At the Deck: Star Bowl Trek Vs Wars

Welcome into this special edition of Point It At the Deck puny listeners. Your invulnerable host Zod allowed RJD and Slate Fistcrunch in to debate Star Trek Vs Star Wars. However, you listeners will decide who wins.

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SUK’s Best of the Week: 2015-03
In this, the third week of 2015, Nick and Dan talk about Simon Pegg writing the next Star Trek film, a “super group” that can go fuck itself, foot sex toys, What the Fuck Florida?, Asshole(s) of the Week, and more! http://media.blubrry.com/thesupernaughts/p/pods.thesupernaughts.com/SUK/BOW_2015-03.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Read more
The Coolest Spaceships: My List
Hello. I’m AsimovLives and I love Science Fiction. And spaceships. Science Fiction is so strongly linked to the imagery of space travel in the future that nothing is as iconic to the genre than the spaceship. Show a picture of a spaceship, even a caricature; you immediately know what... Read more
Why I Love Science Fiction: A Personal Perspective
As far I can remember I have always loved Science Fiction. In the beginning I do not recall one single moment in my life where I was not always aware of the genre and loved it. As far I can tell, it has always been there in my life.... Read more
The Supernaughts Debate Show 18: </br> Exodus on Planet X

The cast of Breakfast on Planet X join the show to discuss Moses, North Korea, Fast and Furious, Star Trek, and a challenge is issued.

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Christmas week; newsworthy items
Hi there. Gifts opened? Songs sung? Stomach pumping required? Christmas tree on fire? Well, as the crazy of the christmas week is settling down/wearing off, it’s time to again sit back and take a look at some of those most news-worthy entertainment items of the week(these were picked by... Read more
Shut Up Kids #25: Top 5 Non-CGI Movie Creatures
Airdate: 2-February-2014 In this episode, the guys are joined by a guest host, the one and only AsimovLives, as they discuss Kirk vs. Picard, best Star Trek film, worst 90s music videos, best/worst Disney films and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in the Best of the Week segment. Afterwards,... Read more