Netflix’s Iron Fist review
Netflix and me are not always good pals. They started out wonderfully with Daredevil, then dropped the ball with Jessica Jones and then also dropped the ball with Daredevil season 2. Luke Cage I haven’t finished yet and that will need to happen sooner or later. However, after a... Read more
IAB’s Shelf: “Self/Less” (2015) & “The Captive” (2014)

To blatantly cash in on the “Deadpool”-phenomenon, IAB checks out a few of Ryan Reynolds’ previous releases.

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Ash Wednesday (2002) Frodo Returns to Hell’s Kitchen
What to do if you’re a sensitive young man growing up on the hardscrabble streets of Hell’s Kitchen in the early 1980’s? Your old man is one the neighborhood’s biggest Irish gangsters, and your older brother—about as sensitive as pavement in February—has already gone to work for him. He... Read more