American Horror Story: A Cult Above The Rest
Love it or hate, American Horror Story is now in its seventh season and shows no sign of slowing down. I happen to like it. A lot. Like everyone who watches I have my favorite seasons (Asylum being head and shoulders above the others, followed by Freak Show, Murder... Read more
Twin Peaks Returns: What Year Is It?
And here we are at the clearing in the woods, so to speak. We’ve spent the entire summer together in another world, waiting for the dreamer to awaken. Right now it’s 6:04 PM on Tuesday September 5th, two days after the final two episodes and I’m still thinking about... Read more
Imaginarium: RoboTodd
This week on the 120th episode, the guys talk about what they did on their summer break. Scott runs down some of the movies he watched including the classic Legend of Hell House, and Todd talks about his grindhouse night at Cafe Z, other horror cons and a conversation... Read more
Twin Peaks Returns: “He’s Dead”
If you saw episodes eleven and twelve and thought they were less than what has come before, you’d be forgiven for thinking so. You’d also be wrong. 11 and 12 answer some long standing questions, as well as raising some new ones.  They may seem superficial on the surface... Read more
Imaginarium 116: Best 70’s Miniseries
“This week Scott and Todd talk about their 5 favorite miniseries from the 70’s and as an added bonus they discuss a more recent one. What did they choose and why? Did your favorites make this list? Let us know what they are in the comments! Play in... Read more
Mad As Hell 07: Bombs and Penis Explosions
With Scott recuperating from surgery, it falls to Kyle and Todd to pick up the slack, and boy do they ever! They start off talking about the bombing campaign, including the U.S.’s use of the biggest non -nuclear bomb in history. They also talk about United Airlines and dragging... Read more
Revisited: Sleepy Hollow (1999)
Recently, me and a friend of the site, Stu from, decided to do a retro  “twin” review. We agreed on a movie we would both write about, so we and our readers can then compare our thoughts and discuss them! The movie we chose is the 1999 Tim... Read more
Imaginarium 102: Cusack, Devils and Monsters
This week on Imaginarium Scott and Todd talk about a variety of things, starting off with Facebook meteorologists. Todd talks about his time at MonsterMania, meeting John Cusack, and the expense of photo/autographs ops. Scott talks about the surprise release of The Devils on Shudder streaming service, and the... Read more
Weekday Matinee: Scott And Jerry Become Athletic Supporters
With the memory of the Super Bowl a fading memory, Scott and Jerry talk about their favorite sports movies. Jerry’s first pick is certain to cause gasps of bewilderment, and Scott of course, makes the obligatory balls joke! Sit back and relax, listen to the show, and deide whoch... Read more
Imaginarium 97: X-Rated or Xpendable?
As we close in on the 100th episode, Scott and Todd briefly talk about the current events, and after 10 minutes or so, they switch over to chatting about Midnight Cowboy, its original X rating and whether ratings are een needed anymore. All this and Todd talks about who... Read more
Imaginarium 90: Douchey Friends
It’s the start of a new week, and it brings a new Imaginarium! Two of the three wise men talk about Cindy Brady, Russians hacking the election, raising kids, and Todd has some bad news! All this plus some naughty language on Imaginarium 90! Play in new window... Read more
Imaginarium 89: Scott And Todd At The Movies Part 1
In this epic two part episode the guys talk about their favorite movies of 2016, their least favorite movie (which should be no surprise top anyone), the decline of The Walking Dead’s Ratings, and general nonsense and Tomfoolery.  It’s something you won’t want to miss all on Episode 89!... Read more
Happy, Happy Halloween: Halloween Resurrection
No sequels are ever really necessary, and those that are equal to the original are usually as rare as hen’s teeth. Nowhere is this truer, and as applicable as it is with Halloween: Resurrection. I suppose it’s appropriate that director Rick Rosenthal, who helmed H2, also helms the last... Read more
Horror Movie Roundup: The Mephisto Waltz (1971) and The Church (1989)

Two underseen horror movies reviewed!

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5 More Days ‘til Halloween: Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Meyers
With the poor box office performance of H3, the producers decided to go back to the well, and brought back Michael Meyers and Dr. Loomis. Carpenter and Hill signed away their interest in the Halloween series, and it fell to Mousatapha Akkad to destroy the franchise.  Prior to that,... Read more
7 More Days ‘Til Halloween: Halloween 2
Halloween 2 is an exception to the rule of all sequels sucking. In fact, I think in many ways H2 is a better and-dare I say it-scarier film than the original. While director Rick Rosenthal has his own style, he doesn’t stray very far from what Carpenter did in... Read more
Movie Review: Rapt Up And Ready To Roll
In April of 2015, my Weekday Matinee co host Jerry Janda sent me a script to read. This was right after he had been on the Imaginarium and I had gushed like a schoolgirl over how much I had liked Painkiller. I remember it took me awhile to get... Read more
De Palma (2015) is a must for fans of the Master

Happy 76th Birthday, Brian De Palma!

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This year, vote for Jean-Claude Van Johnson (2016-)

The Muscles from Brussels are back!

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Suicide Squad (2016): Chaotic, frustrating… and very watchable

Dee shares his opinion on the third movie entry into the DCEU.

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Lights Out (2016) Review

A review of the movie based on the eponymous short film.

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Weekday Matinee: War Never Changes
This month Scott and Jerry talk about war movies. For Scott, these are his very favorites, and his number one pick is a film he urges everyone to see. Jerry had a bit of a different criteria, and his choices are about as powerful as they come. This is... Read more
Imaginarium 76: Blood And Chocolate

AS we climb towards our 100th episode, Todd talks about his trip to Hershey Amusement Park, Scott and Todd then talk about Pokemon GO, and then concentrate on the age old debate of quiet horror versus gory horror. All this and Scott insults the disabled. Again.

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Jack Random’s World’s Finest Podcast

At long last, the Saviors of the Universe have it out over Batman V Superman, and it’s as ugly as you’d imagine! It’s a three way Mexican knife fight as the boys can’t agree on anything about this film! The only way to honor such a huge movie event was to make an equally huge #podcast!

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Jack’s Random Chaotic Comic Conversation

SPIDER-MAN IS IN CIVIL WAR! Spidey’s appearance in the Captain America trailer has sent your Saviors of the Universe into fanboy heaven! Therefore, the regular format (shut up) is scrapped, and the boys talk comic books! Jamill calls out “realism” in modern superhero movies, and Kyle praises Spidey’s movie uniform!
The guys compare Thanos and Darkseid, and discuss which characters will never see a major motion picture. Unfortunately, the crew Random Reviews the movie Stitches this week, but Jack apologizes, so we’re still good. #podcast

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Weekday Matinee: Scott & Jerry Are Going To Hell

On this month’s Weekday Matinee, Scott & Jerry talk about their favorite Bible-inspired movies. As you might imagine their picks aren’t all the obvious fair, and some might consider blasphemous. All this, and an extra pick this on Weekday Matinee’s Easter episode! #podcast

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Imaginarium 60: The Oscars Show
This week Scott and Todd get all gussied up (meaning they put on pants) and talk about the Oscars! They touch on the controversy a little, then go into some favorite moments from past shows, and talk about this years nominees, and pick their winners! All this, and Scott... Read more
Jack Random’s Straight To Video Podcast

This week the Saviors of the Universe discuss the upcoming Daredevil season 2, the Ghostbusters reboot, and debate the wisdom of an R-rated Batman! Because you demanded it, Jack and Kyle do the preliminary weigh in for their long awaited Man of Steel debate! Jamill remains as neutral as a WWE ref, but there WILL be blood! The guys go all in for the Random Review of Smoking Aces 2 and more. #podcast

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Jack Random’s Art of the Deal

The Year of the Reaper continues as the boys invite Random Show London Corespondent Viscount Van Ragg to hang out and talk about the Beyonce fallout and answer important questions, like If you were kidnapped, what TV show crew would you want to rescue you?

The guys amp up to Randomly Review DEADPOOL, and then get really upset when they talk about Trump Rally, a documentary following the events at a Donald Trump presidential rally. The guys also review Funny or Die’s “The Art of the Deal”! #podcast

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Vegetable Lasagna and the Incestuous Nihilists

Brought to you by the great coffee beans of Rwanda, Zissou and Chris review Hail, Caesar! and the Oscar Live action shorts.​ #podcast

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Weekday Matinee 6: The V.D. Show

Those hopeless romantics Scott and Jerry return this month with a brand new Weekday Matinee. The two lonelyhearts tackle their favorite movies about love. From the biggest of budgets to the cheapest grade Z film fare, Scott and Jerry cover it all! All that, and find out who got crabs from watching Misery! #podcast

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Sneakers (1992)

A retro review of “Sneakers” (1992).

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Weekday Matinee 5: Scott and Jerry’s First Time
Scott and Jerry ring in the New Year by talking about their first time.  Their first time seeing a movie by their favorite director. Along the way they manage to talk about the 1976 King Kong, Jessica Lange, Deadwood, and why movies from the 70’s are the best.  All... Read more
Vegetable Lasagna and the Return of Moose Henderson

This week, Moose Henderson returns to the show to discuss his attempts to watch a classic movie and review With Bob and David, Chris reviews Krampus, and Zissou talks Seven Samurai. ​ (This episode was recorded in Dec 2015!) #podcast

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Turd’s Review of Star Whores: The Farce Awakens – How JJ Abrams conned the fanboys and made a mint

The Force Awakens continues to divide the audience!

(…)TFA is the apotheosis of Abrams’ career to date, in the most negative sense possible. In the words of a character from The Usual Suspects, “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making us believe he didn’t exist.” Abrams IS that devil and has delivered a terrible Star Wars movie – nay, terrible movie, period (…)

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Enthusiasm Awakens: Spoilerless Impressions and Eager Ravings on Star Wars: Episode VII

Kyle tries his darndest to bring balance to the Supernaughts and give us his spoiler free feelings on Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens! Note: Some very mild spoilers were inevitable, and special thanks to Jack Random for the title suggestion.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) My Death Star is bigger than yours!

A spoiler-heavy review of the hotly anticipated new “Star Wars” instalment by J.J. Abrams.

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Weekday Matinee: The Christmas Special

As the year winds down, and the home invasion for the terrorist from the North Pole commences, Jerry and Scott countdown their five Christmas movies tey have to watch every year. Scott seems especially Grinch-like calling a cartoon character a prostitute and destroying the worth of a Holiday Classic. Jerry meanwhile, explains why he hasn’t seen one of his own picks, and compares a children’s show to The Marathon Man. All this and a Mojo Nixon intro song on this month’s Weekday Matinee. #podcast

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Spectre (Reviewish)

How good is “Spectre”? And how relevant is James Bond still?

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Weekday Matinee: Stuff This! The Thanksgiving Episode
Scott and Jerry get into the holiday spirit by dressing as pilgrims from the waist up only.  After comparing drumsticks, they settle in and talk about the worst movies they’ve seen, plus a movie everyone should watch during the binge eating holiday. Play in new window | Download Read more
Star Wars Rebels S02E05: “Wings of the Master” (Review/Recap)

“It is great to finally see Hera leading the action, at the peak of her powers. I mean, we all knew she could fly, but here she really gets to show just how skilled she is as a pilot, but also as a tactical strategist.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Vegetable Lasagna 32

This week, Zissou and Chris discuss winter coats, the necessity of sleep schedules, 90s movies, dead fools, and Zissou reviews Ash vs Evil Dead and Spectre. #podcast

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Ash Vs. Evil Dead S01E02: “Bait” (Review/Recap)

“Not quite as exciting and thrilling as what we got on Halloween, but the writing is still wonderfully bizarre and pitch-black. As long as Campbell keeps spitting out razor-sharp one-liners and insults, the premise will almost certainly never become boring” – Mathias Folsted.

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Star Wars Rebels S02E04: “Brothers of the Broken Horn” (Review)
The rebels are back, but this time Ezra is flying solo! That’s right, the young Padawan actually has doubts about becoming a Jedi. Is it something he truly wants, or something the others expect him to be? He himself is not quite sure, growing defiant of both his master... Read more
Ash Vs. Evil Dead S01E01: “El Jefe” (Review/Recap)

“Ash Vs. Evil Dead is everything fans could possibly wish for, and then some. The fundamental ideas have not been watered down, and the pilot delivers buckets of gore, madcap humor in spades, and Bruce Campbell at his absolute peak.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Star Wars Rebels S02E03: “Always Two There Are” (Review)

“With the latest entry in season 2, “Always Two There Are”, things start getting really interesting, thrilling, and even a little spooky for the Star Wars rebels!”

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7 Days Of Freddy, Day 5: Dream Child
Dream Child is really a bit of an odd bird in the Nightmare series. It has ambitions, and attempts to address societal issues such as abortion, drunk driving, eating disorders, yet never quite succeeds. There’s a fair bit of ridiculousness in it, and while it continues with the “humor”... Read more
Inside aka À l’intérieur (2007)

Inside (original French title: À l’intérieur) is a French horror film from 2007 that’s often considered among the best and most violent of this supposed “new wave of French horror”, an offshoot of the New French Extremity movement that began around the turn of the 21st century.

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Vegetable Lasagna 30​

This week, Zissou, Chris, and Walden Pond review Beasts of No Nation, Bridge of Spies, Jem and the Holograms, and Steve Jobs.

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Ep. XLIII – At Last We Will Have Bananas
Don’t forget! Comic Con Columbus is in SIX DAYS! If you’re planning on attending, get in touch with us on Twitter or via email and let us know your plans. If you’re new to central Ohio we’d love to show you around. Also, we’ll be co-hosting an after party... Read more
RSP #41 – Emma Watson, Mostly
Thanks for tuning in friends! We’re happy to have experimented with #Periscope for the very first time. We love streaming our episodes for all of our listeners, and Periscope is MUCH easier than Twitch. No offense Twitch, but in order to get a solid live stream going, you need... Read more
Beer Review – Bell’s Midwestern Pale Ale
This Week’s Beer Of Choice This is an extremely diverse beer, and there’s a lot to take in! It’s not the most carbonated beer, and it hits you right up front with a unique spice. We think it’s cloves? But we can’t be sure. As the ale smooths out,... Read more
RSP #40 – Harry Parker
Build-A-Beer! Thanks to our guests, Andy Manhattan and Tommy Boy (aka our peanut gallery). Happy birthday to Dimebag Darrell! Sip your blacktooth grins and R.I.P. Vote for Deez Nuts in 2016. Vote for your favorite of our custom superhero teams. Our beer this week was absolutely fantastic! New Star... Read more
William Shatner presents: Chaos on the Bridge (2015) Review

This documentary, written and directed by William Shatner, is an entertaining look at the behind-the-scenes troubles on the set of the “Star Trek- The Next Generation” series.

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RSP #39 – There’s Candy… And Bones
What just happened?! We saw Ant-Man, went on Colorado journeys, caught some new Battlefront Gameplay, and so much of the rest of it. Unfortunately we are not streaming live at this time, but we thank you for tuning in! If you haven’t yet, check out the new website at... Read more
“Scooby Doo, Where Are You!” (1969-1970) Television Review (Video)

In this first part of our series of videos covering the entire Scooby-Doo franchise, we take a look at the origins and background of the characters, as well as the circumstances that led to the show’s creation + a review of the first incarnation known as “Scooby Doo, Where Are You!”. Enjoy!

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Soundtrack Review: “Ant-Man”

“The classic orchestration and sweeping string-sections are still very much present here, but this time they are juxtaposed by 1960’s big-band percussion, pulsing bongo rhythms, and even a bit of saltwater surf rock – Mathias Folsted.

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RSP #38 – Get Us Up
We’re back from hiatus! Did you miss us? We think so; we had so much love on social media even while we were under radio silence, because our fans are AWESOME! We love you guys. Don’t forget to listen to our interview with author DREW KARPYSHYN! If you’re a... Read more
Scream (TV) – “Pilot” Review

“If there is any shred of potential to be found in this show, it certainly doesn’t find its way into the pilot. It lacks everything that makes the idea of “Scream” so interesting, relying too much on soapy dialogue and overstrung dramaturgy that feels neither real or believable.” – Mathias Folsted.

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What We Do In The Shadows (2014): The hilarious Banality of Evil

“Mockumentaries” are hit and miss, but this one is highly recommended.

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RSP #37 – Grundleplith
Woo! E3 was awesome and we have so much to talk about. It’s crazy! Take a look below for details, and enjoy the episode!   This Week’s Beer Of Choice: Ballast Point These guys must love fish. 1 STAR. Read the full review here.   This Episode Is Sponsored... Read more
Fluid Boy: The Perils Of A Liquid Diet
The lesson we can take away from Wade Radford’s second foray into horror is, if you go to an audition and there’s plastic tarp on the floor, run-don’t walk, run! Had poor Julie Farrow heeded that advice, she never would have run into the problems she did.   Fluid... Read more
RSP #36 – Frank Oz Killed Yoda
Uh oh, there’s a FALLOUT 4 TRAILER!!!!! We can hardly believe it… we’ve been waiting ages for this. A lot going on in this episode, folks, so enjoy! More info below.   This Week’s Beer Of Choice: Cave Creek Chili Beer Only for those who enjoy drinking hot sauce.... Read more
Jurassic World (2015): History (rep)eats itself

Dee reviewed “Jurassic World”(2015). Verdict: Same old, same old.

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Stonehearst Asylum aka Eliza Graves (2014) lacks the necessary insanity

The Gothic drama “Stonehearst Asylum” aka “Ben Kingsley” falls flat despite a great cast and an intriguing premise.

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Montage of Heck (2015): How Kurt became Elvis

Is “Montage of Heck” (2015) by director Brett Morgen an unflinching portrait of Kurt Cobain or an unreflected hagiography? Well, the title of this article says it all.

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RSP #34 – My Ability To Feel My Face Has Diminished
Super Nostalgia Episode, Engage! What was your favorite comedy movie from your childhood? We’re talking mid-90s here. You got Sandlot, Ninja Turtles, Home Alone, Little Giants, and the list goes on. So what would you pick? Also, we recently watched the Star Wars Ep. III deleted scenes, so we... Read more
Pernicious Review: Not Your Average Golden Girl
While many Western religions have practices of a dubious nature, none compare to those of Thailand, where a fetus is dry roasted and covered in gold. That is at the core of James Cullen Bressack’s new horror title, Pernicious.  While the child in question is quite a bit older... Read more
Mama Issues

It’s Mother’s Day so why not enjoy a review that “honours” mothers the world over?

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RSP #32 – Waltzin’ Like A Grandpa
Seriously, Who Doesn’t Like Coloring Books?! We have returned for another episode! New updates and news about the Force Awakens and Battlefront, including the Vanity Fair photo shoot with cast & crew and details on some more of the actors confirmed their roles – mainly Gwendolyn Christie as CAPTAIN... Read more
RSP #31 – That’s NBC, Bitch
Star Wars, Star Wars, & More Star Wars The fanboy excitement just keeps permeating the world, as we review the trailers for the Force Awakens and Battlefront. The more info we get, the more excited we are; except, perhaps, for the details of the new Battlefront game. Listen below... Read more
RSP #29 – Falcon, Stream!
THE FORCE FREAKING AWAKENS!!!!!! It was a fantastic day to record a podcast, just hours after we glimpsed the second trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. We were absolutely BLOWN AWAY! What an epic tease for the next installment of our favorite saga. We had a... Read more
Evangeline: Revenge Done Right
Of all the sub genres in horror, the revenge theme has to be at the top as the most overused plotline of the past decade or so. It’s not that it’s inherently bad, but how can you make it stand out and stand up to classics like I Spit on... Read more
Marvel’s Daredevil – Season 1 Review (2015)

“Marvel’s Daredevil is a work of pure genius, bloody as hell and exceptionally drafted. The writing is clever, intelligent and beyond anything you would ever expect from a show like this, setting itself apart from other of its kind by relying on strong characters instead of derivative plot-devices.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Hooked Up Is Off The Hook!
  Hooked Up is being billed as the first full length movie shot on an iPhone, and if that was all it had going for it, I’m not sure I would’ve bothered watching. However, I’m glad to say it’s far more than that. Once it gets going, Hooked Up is... Read more
Furious 7 (2015) is the “Moonraker” of the franchise

The newest instalment of the “The Fast and the Furious” franchise is everything what you expect from it. It’s the “Moonraker” of the franchise. What that means? Read…

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RSP #28 – Razzmatazz Space Jazz
What’s Better Than One Beer Review? SEVEN BEER REVIEWS! We chose a solid “main” review beer in the delicious Bell’s Oberon, as well as a 6-pack sampler  of some really solid craft brews. It truly was a hoppy journey across the seven seas of flavor; all thanks to our guest... Read more
RSP #27 – If You Have Thoughts
Do You Have Thoughts? We talked about a lot of things this episode, some random, and some not so random. Most importantly: we want to hear what YOUR thoughts our on our crazy discussions? Darth Maul vs. General Grievous; who would win? How do you like the new Battlefield... Read more
RSP #26 – Kapuna pt. 2
Rejoice! Lord Kerner Has Graced Us With His Presence Once Again! Guys, thanks for checking in once again! Enjoy the newest episode, and be sure to check out our other segments! Fanboy Commentary (Episode I recently complete!) and Behind the Comedy. The Cavs slammed last week, Battlefield Hardline comes... Read more
Lupin the Third (2014) – Live action adaptation 101

Remember the Anime/Manga “Lupin III”? Sure you do. But nobody will remember this brand-new live-action adaptation in a few years.

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HEY, HERE WE ARE! Back after a one-week hiatus, but hey, we gave you 3 new episodes last time so there was plenty to listen to!  Glad to be back in the studio for this TWENTY FIFTH episode!  A quarter of the way to 100.  Pretty crazy. Thanks for everyone... Read more
Chappie (2015) – Back to the Scrapyard!

I saw Chappie and it could (sadly) be the proof that Neil Blomkamp (“District 9”) is not a name you can trust anymore.

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WELCOME TO OUR LONG-LOST FRIEND AND NEW GUEST, EICHER! Thanks for tuning in, everybody!  Please stay patient with us as we make our Thursday night switch from Twitch over to Ustream… Due to a few quality issues, we had to leave Twitch behind and change to a more reliable... Read more
Pleasure, Pain and Celluloid: Quills (2000)

Due to this week’s release of the film adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, I decided to write a few reviews about preceding films that tackle the topic “BDSM”. Today: “Quills” (2000), a tale about the last year in the life of the Marquis de Sade (Geoffrey Rush).

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Slowly moving our way to the 25th episode mark!  Beer of choice this week is the Ruination IPA from Stone Brewing Co……. did you read that correctly?  RUINATION!  This IPA is so bitter it will destroy your tastebuds and leave your mouth in ruins.  CommanderCody is a big IPA fanboy, and Stone... Read more
Jupiter Ascending (2015) – More like Jupiter Plummeting

I saw “Jupiter Ascending” yesterday and I live to tell the tale. The tale of two promising directors who finally fell from grace.

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THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO TUNED INTO TWITCH! We had a blast this Thursday with you all on the Twitch chat room – a lot of great thoughts and opinions from our listeners really keeps us going!  Big ups to our guest Andy, back for the third time in all... Read more
WITH OUR RUSSIAN BEER REVIEW THIS WEEK, THE TITLE IS FITTING, EH? Moving past our one year anniversary, full steam ahead!  A lot of topics covered in this episode, including some deeper introspective thoughts into Count Dooku and his true role as a Sith.  As usual, a few random... Read more
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! We’re glad to say we’ve made it through an entire year of podcasting!  Thanks for sticking with us through 20 episodes, a bunch of memes, so much hilarity, and all the rest of it.  We love you! Big ups to our guest Ryan, a fellow nerd and... Read more
RSP #19 – The Yearly Eagle
NUMBER 19! QUICKLY APPROACHING OUR ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY AND OUR 20TH EPISODE! Somewhat of a slow week recently; no huge trailers, announcements, releases, or anything really, other than the Ant-Man trailer. But, we know nothing about that! We dive deep into some Star Wars expanded universe content, talking about the... Read more
Nightcrawler (2014) will make your skin crawl
Written and directed by: Dan Gilroy Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Riz Ahmed, Rene Russo, Bill Paxton Nightcrawler tells the story of a young man called Louis Bloom who gets caught up in the world of nighttime crime journalism in LA. Louis is not an ordinary man and yet at the same... Read more
Dracula Untold (2014) is not bound to become immortal
I kept this review #### SPOILER-FREE#### Dracula Untold (2014) Directed by: Gary Shore Written by: Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless based on characters from the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker Starring: Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper, Charles Dance and others The Plot: Dracula Untold tells (ha!) us the... Read more
David Fincher on autopilot:  A review of Gone Girl (2014)
This is my review of David Fincher’s latest thriller Gone Girl. I kept my review completely spoiler-free, never going beyond the basic plot synopsis, but I am describing the overall qualities and atmosphere of the movie in detail. As I have not read the novel the film is based... Read more
Dee’s Asian Treasures: Mercenaries from Hong Kong (1982)
Welcome to a new chapter of my series “Dee’s Asian Treasures”. Mercenaries from Hong Kong (Lie mo zhe) (1982) Directed by Jing Wong Mercenaries from Hong Kong is one of the Shaw Bros.’ first forays into modern action movie fare, a movie that should serve as a template of... Read more
Dee’s Asian Treasures: Watari, the Ninja Boy (1966)
Welcome to a new chapter of my series “Dee’s Asian Treasures”. Watari, the Ninja Boy (Daininjutsu eiga Watari) (1966) Directed by Sadao Funatoko Today I will again tackle a movie about Ninjas. But Watari, the Ninja Boy is quite a different beast than “Ninja Hunter”, or any other ninja... Read more
Dee’s Asian Treasures: Ninja Hunter (1987)
This is the newest chapter of my series, which is dedicated to the exploration of the depths of Asian cinema. Ninja Hunter (Ren zhe da jue dou) (1987) directed by Kuo-Ren Wu *Note: This film is best to be enjoyed in the dubbed English version.* Ninjas. Ninjas! It took... Read more
Dee’s Asian Treasures: My Secret Garden (1997)
This is the third chapter of my series “Dee’s Asian Treasures”. Take my hand and follow me into the world of Asian cinema. My Secret Cache aka My Secret Garden (Himitsu no hanazono) (1997) directed by Shinobu Yaguchi Today, I will spare you the sleaze. After two consecutive excursions... Read more
A Feast of Consequences Is a Banquet For The Senses
Originally published on October 16, 2013 at 11:54 pm (While music is not something normally covered here at talkbacker, I decided to write this for a number of reasons. This special edition contains not only the CD, but a making of DVD, a gorgeous 100 page hardcover book, and... Read more
Carrie Review: Seeing Red
Originally published on October 18, 2013 at 6:27 pm I had no interest in seeing Carrie, being quite content with the original version from 1976. As the film’s release date kept getting pushed up, my interest in it waned even further, and had it not been for a friend... Read more