Delirium aka Le Foto di Gioia (1987) [NSFW]

NSFW: Images showing nudity.
A review of an obscure 80s Giallo by Lamberto Bava.

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Imaginarium 45: Ugly Babies
This week, filmmaker Steve Kahn returns to the Imaginarium to talk about his new short film Prisoner. Todd, Scott, and Steve discuss Caitlyn Jenner, and how she inspired Prisoner, bad reviews, ugly babies, the film festival circuit, and the great performance by Joe Garcia in Prisoner. Steve also makes... Read more
BOPX: Erotic Thrillers of the 90s, Pt. 2

….and Dee and Nick complete their conversation about this forgotten genre of the (early) 90s! We talk about “Body of Evidence”, “Color of Night” and more!

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Necrophiliac: The Lustful Dead, A Review: From Prison To The Grave
One of the many great things about being able to call Wade Radford a friend is the privilege of getting to see his work ahead of time and whetting people’s appetites for its release. Though he’s been a guest on The Supernaughts, The Imaginarium, as well as a co-host... Read more
Caption Contest 203 – Zapped! (1982)

“Avco Embassy Pictures” film studio special continues! With this still of a successful but forgotten comedy from 1982. Can you caption it and maybe win a $50 Amazon gift card?

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Caption Contest 140- Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

You have to open your eyes to join today’s Caption Contest that could eventually bring you a $50 Amazon gift card! More about it in the article!

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Dee’s Asian Treasures: Devil Fetus (1983)
Welcome to the second chapter of my series, in which I will take you on a journey through the depths of Asian cinema. Devil Fetus (Mo Tai)  from 1983 directed by Hung-Chuen Lau Devil Fetus is another almost otherworldly weird effort of the Hong Kong horror film industry. It’s... Read more
Dee’s Asian Treasures: Sex Beyond The Grave (1984)
This is the start of an irregular series of mine, where I will delve into the depths of Asian cinema, that has so many sights to offer. In the following article, I will introduce you to an example of a sub-subgenre of Hong Kong horror films, the “sexually charged... Read more