IRON FIST: Enter the Drag-on!
Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage has made their mark courtesy of the venerable streaming service-Netflix, now comes my most anticipated series from the (aforementioned) characters that will eventually form The Defenders. Iron Fist based on a 4th tier Marvel Comic protagonist who has gathered a huge cult following enough... Read more
Civil War (2006) What was it good for?
A Special Monday Wednesday Paperback Edition!   2006, it was the proverbial shot heard around the World! And the Marvel Universe will never be the same afterwards. The graphic novel, Civil War is one of the most controversial if not celebrated story arcs of comicdom for so many reasons.... Read more
My Favorite Things: Micronauts
Ho, ho, ho and a Yo, Joe! With Christmas approaching fast, I decided to spit out a limited series from now to Dec 25th. I shall shine a spotlight on some of my favorite Toys as a Generation X kid, like many if not most of you. This specific... Read more
Stalkbacker-Happy Birthday Jack Kirby, the Undisputed King of Comicdom!

The influence of Jack Kirby, genius comic book creator, is bigger than you might think.

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Caption Contest 173 – Howard the Duck (1986)

Due to the release of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” this week, I chose a pic from the very first feature movie based on a Marvel comic for the Caption Contest. Win a $50 Amazon gift card, more under the link!

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