Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 (A Mixtape of Might, Mirth and Melancholy!)
      Minor spoilers ahead! Also, when discussing the film and story details, please be considerate of others who have yet to see the sequel via adding spoiler tags (e.g. <spoiler>spoiler</spoiler>) in the comment section down below. After the huge box office success from yet another movie based... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 16: Independence Day Resurgence, Tilda Swinton, Blomkamp’s Alien, Jon Favreau, Spider-Man, Sherlock Holmes 3?, The WB Jungle Book, Krypton…

The new trailer for “Independence Day: Resurgence”, Blomkamp’s “Alien” still alive, A whole bunch of Marvel news, “The Girl on the Train”-trailer, a third “Sherlock Holmes”-movie may be in development, Warner Bros. “Jungle Book” may be in a bit of a turmoil and spit-take of the week.

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Can’t find nuthin’ to hate about the new trailer to The Hateful Eight


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Carpenters Have the Best Tools: Top Ten John Carpenter Films
To follow the other top 10 I posted recently (The Man, The Myth, The Snake: Top 10 Kurt Russell Films), I figured I might as well continue on with the theme, and give you all my top 10 John Carpenter films, of ALL TIME! I am hoping to start... Read more
First teaser trailer for The Hateful Eight (2015)

A first taste of what’s to come.

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The Man, The Myth, The Snake: Top 10 Kurt Russell Films
One of my all time beloved actors is Kurt Russell, who has starred in several of my favorite films. My question to you all: What are your favorite Russell films? Below I have listed mine: 10. Dark Blue (2002) Above average Ron Shelton film (Bull Durham, White Men Can’t... Read more
Stuntman Mike

A poem dedicated to one of my favorite movie villains/heroes?

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IAB’S Shelf – “Used Cars” (1980)

Digging through his shelf, IAB takes a re-watch of a genuine comedy classic, Robert Zemeckis’ “Used Cars”.

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BOPX: Kindred spirits in film – Our favourite movie biz collaborations

Some artists in the film business truly unfold their potential in collaborations. Which ones do we love, which ones do we hate? And more!

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Caption Contest 207 – Escape from New York (1981)

We are finishing the Avco Embassy Pictures tribute of this week with a Caption Contest featuring a still from the action classic “Escape from New York” (1981). You last chance this month to win the $50 Amazon gift card!

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Spinning Headlines – Week 19, 2015

In news this week: Hitmen, Avengers, Indiana Jones, Boba Fett, Clowns, mustaches, Vacations and Dolph Lundgren. Sounds good to me.

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Escape from New York (1981)
Growing up in the 80’s, I was always afraid of New York City. The image projected; whether it real or fiction portrayed a town that was always scary, decaying and full of blown out weirdos and freaks this side of a family reunion. A big deal for a kid... Read more
Caption Contest 100- The Thing (1982)

Kurt Russell got serious competition in terms of coolness in the movie featured in today’s Caption Contest- by the Antarctica!

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Caption Contest 88- Big Trouble in Little China (1986)
Everybody on the Breakfast on Planet X “John Carpenter”-episode agreed that this is an underrated movie in the master’s back catalogue. What do you think? Read more
Breakfast on Planet X: Director’s Series – John Carpenter and his films (+ interview with Ashley Mary Nunes)
This is Part 2 of our “Director’s series”, for which we will pay tribute to a different director each episode. Also check out Part1, a tribute to the Coen brothers! Today a trio of horror fans came together to talk about the movies of Horror Maestro John Carpenter:  BOPX... Read more
Review: The Art of the Steal (2014)
Release Date: 14-Mar-2014 (USA); also VOD Rated: R Length: 90 minutes With: Kurt Russell, Matt Dillon and Jay Baruchel “People are predictable” is a main theme of The Art of the Steal. Sadly, it also represents the plot of this movie. This film adds nothing new to the heist genre... Read more