Spinning Headlines – Week 22: Weekend Box Office, Wonder Woman 2, American Made, The Papers, Dark Universe, The Mist, Terry Gilliam, Baby Driver, Game of Thrones…

Weekend box office, some vague Wonder Woman 2 details, trailers for American Made, Oats Studios Volume 1, Baby Driver, The Mist, Murder on the Orient Express…Terry Gilliam wraps filming on Don Quixote, Game of Thrones season 8 might be a longer wait than season 7, the full cast on Spielberg’s The Papers, spit-take of the week and more.

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Branagh on the Orient Express

Kenneth Branagh is to put on ze moustache and direct/star in the Agatha Christie-adaptation

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Cinderella (2015) Movie Review

“Supported by a phenomenal cast and dazzling special effects, Kenneth Branagh brings the tale of Cinderella to spectacular life, making it feel both fresh and traditional at the same time.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Caption Contest 19: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
I may be in a distinct minority here, but I love Kenneth Branagh’s verrsion of Frankenstein. I love DeNiro’s monster, and is second only to Karloff in performance. Helena Bonham Carter though? Ugh… Read more