Jack’s Random Summer of Disappointment

Your Saviors return from their hiatus to find the world is on fire! As a rational response, the boys decide to keep the show…light. So, no raging about the current mood of the nation. Instead, they direct their energies determining that Ninja Turtles is a damn solid franchise, and most of today’s cartoons are actually kind of horrible!
And the question on everyone’s mind…Will The Saviors of the Universe defend Marvel’s Defenders? Not really, but they have a great time discussing it! Your boys are back! Be afraid!

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Jack’s Random Homecoming
It’s about damn time. Since your Saviors of the Universe have been absent, Jack decided to treat you guys to a behind the scenes peek at actual show prep (we think he forgot to edit it out)! This time the guys talk about the new Doctor Who, Kingdom Hearts,... Read more
Jacks Random E 3 Wrap Up
Can Opie Cunningham save Han solo? The boys talk shake-ups in the Star Wars universe! E-3 is over, and your Saviors give their impressions! It’s the usual collection of Marvel and DC movie complaints comparisons and chaos! You know how your Saviors get down! Lots of topics, no format!... Read more
Random Saviors of the Universe Vol 2
Great Balls of Fire! The crew is back! After an odd discussion of Bond movie theme music, the boys run down the controversy over the debut issue of “X-Men: Gold”! Of course, that leads them to ask, “What the hell is wrong with Marvel Comics?”, and propose some theories... Read more
Jack’s Randomania

This week your Saviors of the Universe alienate their last few listeners by finally talking about Wrestlemania! Louis CK just released his new Netflix special, and somehow folks don’t have issues with his transgender jokes! The boys speculate why that may be… Speaking of issues, Kendrick Lamar’s new single “Be Humble” has irritated his female fans to the point that they are calling him misogynistic! What da hell? The teaser trailer for Thor Ragnarok has the guys excited, and they reveal a surprising reverence for a little known supporting character…

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Jack’s Random Speculation

With the success of the Lego Batman movie, a discussion about Lego games and shows seem warranted, so that happens! Once again The Saviors of the Universe speculate about the future of the DC film universe, and working from outdated information, come to some interesting conclusions! Jack’s disdain for remakes and reboots is widely known (and ridiculed), so imagine our surprise when the guys talk about the remakes they WANT to see! #podcast

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Jack’s Random Resurgence

Well, your Saviors of the Universe are back! This time we talk about Dr. Strange (Spoilers, natch.), and do some general speculation on the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
Also, ever wonder why all the Marvel heroes have similar origins? We’ve got a theory!
And with the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, we wonder if Jim Starlin’s characters are overrated (Yes)! Game of Thrones, Discworld, and Kevin Smith’s comics are topics, and we talk around the US presidential insanity!

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Jack’s Random Drunk and Disorderly Podcast

Whiskey aficionado Jim Kee from The Whiskey Noobs and Whiskey Wash join the guys this week for the first ever Random Show Tasting! The subject of our inexperienced palates is Kilchoman Scotch Whiskey, and it almost kills Jamill! Of course, we Randomly Review Justice League: War, so strap in for yet ANOTHER marathon episode! Have a drink! We sure did! #podcast

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Jack Random’s World’s Finest Podcast

At long last, the Saviors of the Universe have it out over Batman V Superman, and it’s as ugly as you’d imagine! It’s a three way Mexican knife fight as the boys can’t agree on anything about this film! The only way to honor such a huge movie event was to make an equally huge #podcast!

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Jack’s Random Blind Vengance

After a quick discussion of Hulk Hogan’s new wealth, the boys devote the entire hour to the second season of Marvel’s DAREDEVIL! Nothing is sacred, as they spoil EVERYTHING, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Jack Random’s Art of the Deal

The Year of the Reaper continues as the boys invite Random Show London Corespondent Viscount Van Ragg to hang out and talk about the Beyonce fallout and answer important questions, like If you were kidnapped, what TV show crew would you want to rescue you?

The guys amp up to Randomly Review DEADPOOL, and then get really upset when they talk about Trump Rally, a documentary following the events at a Donald Trump presidential rally. The guys also review Funny or Die’s “The Art of the Deal”! #podcast

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Jack Random Fights The Power

Black History Month, Super Bowl Half, Electric Boogaloo, Batman v. Superman trailer and more… NSFW! #podcast

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Jack’s Random’s Force Sensitive Podcast

The Saviors of the Universe open 2016 with a episode entirely devoted to Star Wars! The boys hold up Episode 7 and see how it measures up to the rest of the franchise. They talk spoilers, bad theater experiences, and anti-fans! #podcast

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Random Come Out and Play Podcast

This podcast has Jamill and Kyle having a debate about the popularity of RPGs. Final Fantasy 7 is being re-released on the PS4 with next gen graphics, and we talk about the worst games we’ve ever played.
This week’s Random Review is Walter Hill’s “The Warriors”! Oh, and Star Wars is coming. #podcast

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Random Grim Padawan Podcast

This week your Saviors of the Universe prep for The Force Awakens by discussing all things Star Wars with a couple of noobs! Amber Lutz and Marika Lintz join Jack and Kyle to explain their lack of Star Wars knowledge!
Returning guest Jess Davis chimes in to give a new fan’s perspective on the prequel episodes, and Jamill Payne pops in to contribute to the worst Random Review subject yet…Avengers Grim! Be afraid! Join us as we countdown to Episode 7 on this majorly mackadocious #podcast!

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Jack Random’s Lost His Religion

#podcast: Jack, Jamill and Kyle discuss Jessica Jones, Captain America: Civil War and Nic Cage in Left Behind!

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Random Robot Reboot

Jack and the crew are back! Since last week’s show was sabotaged, the guys combine two episodes into one monster podcast!
Fallout 4, SPECTRE, Amsterdam and more! #podcast

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Jack Random’s Soul-Crushing Recording Mishaps

Due to technical problems, Jack presents you a rerun of an episode from June. Jack and Kyle are joined by the “geek in training” Amanda Buchalter and they discuss all things comic book-related. #podcast

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Jack Random’s Ordinary Criminal Podcast

Jack Random does not like Mad Max: Fury Road, the trailer for AMC’s “Preacher”, Kevin Spacey’s finest hour and Konami. #podcast

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Jack Random’s Podcast of Terror

Jack Random and Kyle Fulton talk “Jessica Jones”, “The Flash” and “Tremors 5” (yes, there are five).

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Jack Random’s Increasingly Poor Decisions

Jack and Kyle discuss a season filled with Geek TV, from Gotham to Agents of SHIELD. And Kyle has a wild theory about the new 007 adventure “Spectre”!

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The Supernaughts Debate Show 33: Deja Fools
Dio, Scott, and guest Kyle Fulton discuss Daredevil, Cabin in the Woods lawsuit, and endless reboots. Sharing an alma mater with Jack, Kyle’s positivity is the polar opposite of the Debate show attitude. With impeccable geek cred, he’s vowed to lift our spirits or die trying. It was nice knowing... Read more
Point It At the Deck! What is the best lightsaber duel?
Slate Fistcrunch, Jack Random, & RJD deal with the newest Star Wars news/rumors and then they debate over what is the best lightsaber duel of all time.   Music by Maestro! Euer Kanal! via Youtube. http://media.blubrry.com/thesupernaughts/p/pods.thesupernaughts.com/Point/PointItAtTheDeck15.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Read more
The Supernaughts Debate Show 31: #changethecover?

Jack, Slate, and Dio welcome in Your Friendly Neighborhood Jman and El Anderson to debate about the #changethecover movement that El spearheaded. Did the Batgirl cover need to be pulled and what’s up with Superbrah?

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The Supernaughts Debate Show 30: Epic Tizzies

Sasha Perl-Raver inexplicably joins Asimovlives, RJD, Slate Fistcrunch and Jack Random for episode 30 of The Supernaughts Debate Show. They tackle comedians in family films, Rosamund Pike, Fast & Furious 7 and Seinfeld…

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The Supernaughts Debate Show 29: </br>Apologies to Jan-Michael Vincent Again

Scott again exploits the Debate Show to continue his one man war against Jan-Michael Vincent. Once he calms down a bit, the boys debate Terry Pratchett, Cinderella, Amanda Plummer, guilty pleasures and Xena.

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The Supernaughts Debate Show 28: Like a Knife Through Butter

Scott Colbert comes out of retirement to join Asimov Lives, Slate, RJD, and Jack Random on episode 28. The boys debate the Magnificent Seven remake, the ultimate action hero, D & D, and Commando.

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The Supernaughts Debate Show 26: Black Girl Nerds *and other nerds

Episode 26 welcomes in host Jack Random, Ernest Rister, RJD, Slate Fistcrunch and special guest Jamie Broadnax to debate Oscar reactions, Khal Drogo as Aquaman, Gotham, Flash, Agents of Shield, Walking Dead and Breaking Bad (Better Call Saul) Vs Game of Thrones.

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The Supernaughts Debate Show 19:</br> Say it to my face mother f*****!

Sasha Perl-Raver joins Jack Random, Scott and RJD to discuss Pride, a reality show that takes the fight to the trolls and Joss Vs JJ!

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The Supernaughts Debate Show 15: </br>Star Wars: The Ary Awakens

John Ary jumps into episode 15 and joins Scott, RJD, and Jack Random to discuss film critics, Star Wars, and what’s left of 2014.

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