Bopcast #4

Bop talks with Supernaught IAB about 90s movies, wrestling, Walter Hill’s The Warriors, classic computer games and more.

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The Godfather vs. Goodfellas

Four writers discuss the old question “The Godfather vs. Goodfellas”. Which one of those classic gangster movies held up better?

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Imaginarium 44: Abe And The Pope
A year ago this month, The Supernaughts website went live. To celebrate this, Pope Francis traveled to the U.S. to help celebrate. Okay, perhaps he didn’t, however it was a coincidence.  Joining Scott and Todd this week is the man so famous he only needs one name, the cofounder... Read more
Happy 68th Birthday, Stephen King: A Supernaughts Tribute

A belated tribute to Stephen King, who turned 68 this Monday. Four Supernaughts columnists write about the impact the “King of Horror” had on them.

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Weekend Rewind: BOPX – Forgotten and forgettable Superhero Movies

“Weekend Rewind” presents

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BOPX: A tribute to Avco Embassy Pictures

The Avco Embassy Pictures special goes on with this podcast episode in which IAB, Dee and Stalkeye discuss the legacy of the film studio that brought us such different classics as “The Fog”, “Time Bandits”, “Escape from New York” and more!

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BOPX: Telekinesis, Telepathy & Mind Control in Movies

Scientifically not proven, the fascination those phenomena nonetheless spawned a bunch of great films, from “Akira” to “Scanners” and “Firestarter”. The podcast formerly known as “Breakfast on Planet X” is now “BOPX”!

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Breakfast on Planet X Classics: A Van Damme Podcast!

A “retro episode” from our back catalogue, where we pay tribute to the most charming Western martial arts movie star ever.

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