Imaginarium 116: Best 70’s Miniseries
“This week Scott and Todd talk about their 5 favorite miniseries from the 70’s and as an added bonus they discuss a more recent one. What did they choose and why? Did your favorites make this list? Let us know what they are in the comments! Play in... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 19: RIP Powers Boothe & Michael Parks, Weekend Box Office, Twin Peaks, The Predator, Game of Thrones, Halloween, Judge Dredd, Pirates…

RIP Powers Boothe and Michael Parks, trailers for “It Came from the Desert”, “War Machine” and a trio of upcoming TV series from Fox; “The Orville”, “Ghosted” and “Gifted”. “The Predator” set photo, Showtime releases a short “Twin Peaks” doc, George R. R. Martin gives some news and revelations of the “Game of Thrones”-prequels, Danny McBride gives info on the next “Halloween”-film, spit-take of the week and more…

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Imaginarium 106: Tom And Todd Make A Movie
Tied with Jerry Janda as our second most frequent guest, Theatre of Blood’s very own Tom Ryan stops by to talk about his new project, which our very own Todd Staruch will be producing! They also talk about the importance of trailers, reminisce about anthology movies, and talk about... Read more
Imaginarium 105: The Reality of Fantasy
This week Scott and Todd are proud to bring on special guest Rebekah Fieschi, the founder of Horromance Productions. Rebekah is an award winning writer, as well as director and producer of fantasy and gothic horror films. She talks about her current movie Mauvaises Tetes, as well as the... Read more
Weekday Matinee: Fantasy Movies
Imaginarium is on break this week, as Todd was set loose in Virginia for a few days. So, we have Weekday Matinee, to ease the withdrawal. This month Scott and Jerry talk about their favorite fantasy movies, and Jerry shows just how much of a nerd he is! Read more
Imaginarium 102: Cusack, Devils and Monsters
This week on Imaginarium Scott and Todd talk about a variety of things, starting off with Facebook meteorologists. Todd talks about his time at MonsterMania, meeting John Cusack, and the expense of photo/autographs ops. Scott talks about the surprise release of The Devils on Shudder streaming service, and the... Read more
Imaginarium 100: We Made It!
On this landmark episode, Scott and Todd talk about the most important thing about reaching this milestone: the listeners. They dive into the comments section and reply to several of the posts regarding Dr. Strange and the Oscars. Scott also gives an update on his ear problem. All this... Read more
Imaginarium Encore: Todd’s First time!
Due to some recording problems (not the fault of Scott this time),  this week’s Imaginarium can’t be posted, so instead we have this, very late, repeat of the first time Todd was on the show. This goes way back to March 9, 2015 and well worth a listen, or... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 6: Weekend Box Office, BAFTA’s, The Batman, X-Men, Ghost in the Shell, The Beguiled, Stranger Things S2, Halloween…

Weekend box office, the BAFTA winners, “The Batman”-director, “Infinity War” behind-the-scenes, “Stranger Things” Season 2 details, X-Men rumors/misunderstandigns, “Halloween”-writers, trailers for “Ghost in the Shell” and “The Beguiled”, spit-take of the week and more…

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Imaginarium 98: Dee Talks Horror
This week Detective Dee makes a long overdue appearance on the Imaginarium, where he and the guys talk about their favorite non franchise horror movies. Needless to say their are some interesting picks, and a little controversy. Please be advised, Scott is a moron and didn’t plug his mic in,... Read more
Weekday Matinee: Indie Lovin’
Due to a family emergency for Scott last week, there will be no Imaginarium this week. Not to despair, as Weekday Matinee returns with the ever lovable, always opinionated Sensei Jerry Janda! This month they talk about their favorite Indie movies, and some of their choices are indeed surprising!... Read more
Imaginarium 95: Alternatives
With this week’s guest coming down with a miserable winter illness, Scott and Todd talk about the Inauguration for the first 15 minutes. while Scott talks candidly about what will happen if his insurance is taken away. On a happier note, Todd reports on the wildly popular Macabre Faire... Read more
Imaginarium 90: Douchey Friends
It’s the start of a new week, and it brings a new Imaginarium! Two of the three wise men talk about Cindy Brady, Russians hacking the election, raising kids, and Todd has some bad news! All this plus some naughty language on Imaginarium 90! Play in new window... Read more
Imaginarium 85: C Is For Catheter
Writer, director, and podcaster Manny Serrano joins Scott and Todd to talk Tom Savini, George Romero, porn stars at horror cons, and cons in general. Fresh, funny, and foul, Episode 85 has all that, plus Scott gets his voice back (mostly)! Mass Grave Pictures Play in new window... Read more
Happy, Happy Halloween: Halloween Resurrection
No sequels are ever really necessary, and those that are equal to the original are usually as rare as hen’s teeth. Nowhere is this truer, and as applicable as it is with Halloween: Resurrection. I suppose it’s appropriate that director Rick Rosenthal, who helmed H2, also helms the last... Read more
Imaginarium 84: The Negan Effect
It’s Halloween! So drop your bed knobs and broomsticks and check out the Imaginarium Halloween Spooktacular!  Scott and Todd talk a bit about Scott’s Halloween retrospective, Scott gushes over the Turkish horror film Baskin, and then they get into The Walking Dead. All this and the premiere of a... Read more
One More Day ’til Halloween: Halloween: H20
Halloween: H20 is perhaps the strongest of the MM infused Halloween sequels. It also does something very smart, and pretends that 4-6 never happened, which is an amazing coincidence as most moviegoers did the same thing.  In the original script for H20, they do include them, including the death... Read more
3 More Days ’til Halloween: The Curse of Michael Meyers
Now, I don’t want to start any rumors, but this could be the film that killed Donald Pleasence. Sadly, our favorite Loomis passed on a few months before the movie was released-almost as if he knew something. That’s the sad news in regards to H6, the good news is... Read more
4 More Days ’til Halloween: Halloween 5: Revenge of Michael Meyers
How bad is Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Meyers? It made me seriously reconsider finishing this series. Even as bad as a couple of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies were, none made me want to quit. H5 made me want to dig up the rotting corpse of... Read more
Weekday Matinee: King Sized edition

Weekday Matinee returns just in time to celebrate our favorite time of the year, Halloween! This month Scott and Jerry talk about their favorite Stephen King movies. It’s a King sized edition, for our overdue return! What are your favorites? Least favorites? Let us know in the comment section! #podcast

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5 More Days ‘til Halloween: Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Meyers
With the poor box office performance of H3, the producers decided to go back to the well, and brought back Michael Meyers and Dr. Loomis. Carpenter and Hill signed away their interest in the Halloween series, and it fell to Mousatapha Akkad to destroy the franchise.  Prior to that,... Read more
Jack’s Random Spooky Show

Your Saviors of the universe are back to haunt the Net! This time around after the guys run through “Spinning Headlines”, they tackle Jack’s indifference to the trailer for Logan! Kyle runs down the controversy of the game No Man’s Sky, and they get hyped about the new Nintendo Console! And of course, they torture Jamill with this week’s review of The Babadook! #podcast

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6 More Days ‘Til Halloween: Halloween 3: The Season Of The Witch
When is a sequel not a sequel? When it’s Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. As everyone knows by now, H3 is the only entry in the series that doesn’t feature Michael Meyers, or any events related to his hijinks (although we do get to see a glimpse of... Read more
StudioHEAD #49

A very Halloweeny StudioHEAD.

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7 More Days ‘Til Halloween: Halloween 2
Halloween 2 is an exception to the rule of all sequels sucking. In fact, I think in many ways H2 is a better and-dare I say it-scarier film than the original. While director Rick Rosenthal has his own style, he doesn’t stray very far from what Carpenter did in... Read more
8 More days ’til Halloween: Halloween (1978)
This isn’t a review I expected to write. Well, I knew I would be writing it, but I hadn’t expected my opinion to change so radically.  Last year I reviewed all the Elm Street movies, and in thinking what to do for this Halloween, it seemed rather obvious that... Read more
Imaginarium 83: Music Of The Night
This week on the Imaginarium Scott and Todd read some comments from the show pages and reply to them. There’s some healthy debate coming from that, and Todd gets passionate about some of the feedback. The guys then talk a bout their favorite horror movie soundtracks, with a little... Read more
Imaginarium 81: Killers and Clowns

This week Scott and Todd tackle the subject of the best and worst horror movie franchises. Which director of an iconic series does Todd trash? Why does Scott agree with him? The guys also talk about the clown sightings and try to figure out what is wrong with people. All this and Hurrican Matthew conspiracy theorists on this week’s Imaginarium! #podcast

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Imaginarium 46: Game of Bones
This is an encore presentation of a past show (meaning it’s a repeat). Imaginarium will return next week, so enjoy Irish writer Kealan Patrick Burke as they guys talk all things horror.  Note: Recording a podcast is a funny thing. In spite of what you hear when recording, often... Read more
Imaginarium 79: Nerds As Far As The Eye Can See!
Scott and Todd get their nerd on as they talk about all things pumpkin spice, the new Apple iPhone, the disappointing summer blockbusters, and their love and admiration for Star Trek as it celebrates its 50th Anniversary. All this and Scott admits to liking a Star Wars movie! Read more
Imaginarium 78: Walk On The Wilder Side
Back from a brief hiatus, Scott and Todd welcome Scott’s best friend from 4th grade, musician Steven Fallon. This show marks the first time they’ve spoken in 41 years! What do they talk about? Gene Wilder, Stranger Things, Steven’s music, Todd’s upcoming Grindhouse Night at Cafe Z, and of... Read more
Another Halloween Reboot Emerges – Carpenter Involved
This might or might not be of value to somebody, considering Halloween is a series that just keeps going and going. Though I don’t think it has as many as Friday The Thirteenth on its shelf. Nevertheless the announcement of Malek Akkad, the son of Moustapha Akkad, who produced... Read more
Imaginarium 48: The Ego Card
On this week’s Imaginarium, Scott turns the table on himself with a rare interview (rare because no one really cares what he has to say!), where he talks about his writing, the anniversary of the supernaughts, his mentor T.M. Wright, and ebooks vs print.  Also, don’t miss the secret... Read more
Imaginarium 47: Midget Lesbian Amputees
On episode 47, Scott and Todd are joined by the one and only I Am Better! Listen as Scott tries to explain why it took so long to have IAB on the show! Cower in fear as one of the boys talks about getting the shingles! Find out what... Read more
Suffering from Post-Halloween Sadness? Help has arrived!

Fight your post-Halloween sadness by reliving October’s best horror moments on The Supernaughts!
Recommendations, reviews, podcasts and more!

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RIP T.M. Wright: Remembering Terry
He may not have had the fame of Stephen King, but his contribution to the horror genre is every bit as important and lasting.  I don’t think anyone has contributed as much to the ghost story or surreal horror as T.M. Wright.   I first encountered Terry’s work when... Read more
A Tabby Named Proust

A funny, creepy and surprising short story for Halloween!

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Ash Vs. Evil Dead S01E01: “El Jefe” (Review/Recap)

“Ash Vs. Evil Dead is everything fans could possibly wish for, and then some. The fundamental ideas have not been watered down, and the pilot delivers buckets of gore, madcap humor in spades, and Bruce Campbell at his absolute peak.” – Mathias Folsted.

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7 Days Of Freddy, Day 7: New Nightmare
I’ve never considered New Nightmare a true sequel, more like a lateral move from the first one. Craven is back as writer and director, simply chomping at the bit for a final crack at Freddy. While he had some nice things to say about some of the sequels, it’s... Read more
7 Days Of Freddy, Day 6: Freddy’s Dead
This is the way the world end: not with a bang but a whimper. T.S. Eliot   Good old Mr. Eliot must have seen Freddy’s Dead when he penned that classic line, for nothing seems to fit the final sequel (and I don’t consider A New Nightmare an actual... Read more
Star Wars Rebels S02E03: “Always Two There Are” (Review)

“With the latest entry in season 2, “Always Two There Are”, things start getting really interesting, thrilling, and even a little spooky for the Star Wars rebels!”

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7 Days Of Freddy, Day 5: Dream Child
Dream Child is really a bit of an odd bird in the Nightmare series. It has ambitions, and attempts to address societal issues such as abortion, drunk driving, eating disorders, yet never quite succeeds. There’s a fair bit of ridiculousness in it, and while it continues with the “humor”... Read more
7 Days Of Freddy, Day 4: Dream Master
Renny Harlin did for the Nightmare series with Dream Master, what his Cutthroat Island did for pirate movies.  The fourth movie in the series is the worst of the bunch by a mile, and Renny Harlin needs to not make another movie. Ever.  To say I dislike Dream Master... Read more
7 Days of Freddy, Day 3: Dream Warriors
According to Heather Langenkamp and Robert Englund, Dream Warriors is the fan favorite of all the sequels and it’s easy to see why.  With a budget as big as the first two put together (admittedly though that’s still not much), and Wes Craven back as executive producer as well... Read more
7 Days of Freddy, Day 2: Freddy’s Revenge
There’s perhaps no installment in the nightmare franchise that has been talked about and analyzed more, than Freddy’s Revenge.  It’s been called the gayest horror movie ever made, and while I won’t dispute that, I think it’s also my favorite and possibly the best of the series (that will... Read more
Tales of the Abstruse #7
7 Days of Freddy, Day 1: A Nightmare on Elm Street
Those who listened to the Weekday Matinee podcast this month know that A Nightmare on Elm Street was one of my top 5 scariest movies. While it deserves its place there, with a recent viewing for this series I have to say, it wasn’t quite as good as I... Read more
Salem’s Lot (1979) 5 reasons it’s the best Halloween Horror flick
This is a revised version of an article I wrote a few years ago that appeared on Talkbacker. This review is of the DVD that has the 3 hour version of the two part mini-series.    I hate Christmas. It’s for children and retards. With its endless commercials filled... Read more
Crimson Peak (2015) Movie Review

“Crimson Peak is a tribute to an era of patience, back when people actually had faith in the art of visual poetry and graphic storytelling. It wasn’t just about constant release of exposition, it was about keeping the audience guessing until the very end, craving for more until they would nearly burst because of the tension.” – Mathias Folsted.

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DePalma’s Way, The Selected Films of Brian DePalma: Carrie
There’s been enough ink spilled about Carrie to fill the buckets laden with the pig’s blood at the prom, that another article seems superfluous (a word I love to use whenever I can). Still, you can’t talk about Brian DePalma’s movies without mentioning Carrie. Based on Stephen King’s debut... Read more
Weekday Matinee 02: King Sized Tricks And Treats
It’s Bootober! That means Halloween is lurking in the alley waiting to pounce. Scott and Jerry talk about the movies that scared them the most, as well as: what Scott’s name was originally going to be; Why Jerry hates It, and why Jerry roasted Stephen King! All this and... Read more
IAB’s Favorite Film Composers Vol.3

As it is the season, IAB goes through some of his favorite film composers who are deeply rooted in the horror genre.

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Imaginarium 45: Ugly Babies
This week, filmmaker Steve Kahn returns to the Imaginarium to talk about his new short film Prisoner. Todd, Scott, and Steve discuss Caitlyn Jenner, and how she inspired Prisoner, bad reviews, ugly babies, the film festival circuit, and the great performance by Joe Garcia in Prisoner. Steve also makes... Read more
Weekday Matinee: An Imaginarium SE
Welcome to the debut of the new monthly show,Weekday Matinee with Scott and Jerry. Alternating time slots with Jailbait, WM will be chock full of movies, opinions, drawn swords, virgin sacrifices, and a good dose of smart, informed movie criticism. From the classics to the Z grade flicks, Scott... Read more
Watch Pay the Ghost (2015), so Nic Cage can pay the IRS

Trailer for the Halloween-themed Nic Cage movie.

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Weekend Rewind: The Imaginarium, Horror Roundtable
In this week’s rewind Scott brings together the best of the best in indie horror to talk about what horror is, censorship, slasher movies, sexism, and racism in the genre. Several trains and the odd police siren also make an appearance. So join Jerry Janda, Jennifer Valdes, Tom Ryan, Jeremiah... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 25, 2015

Various Star Wars-news/rumors, Gambit director, Halloween Returns, Peanuts trailer and more in this weeks Headlines.

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Imaginarium 28, Jennifer Valdes Will Leave You Tromatized
Fresh from her appearance on the horror roundtable, Jennifer Valdes talks about her time in television, working as an editor for Troma, as well as her feature film Jack O’Slasher, and her new, haunting short film, Isabelle. It’s chock full of tidbits, humor, and an honest assessment of today’s... Read more
Imaginarium 25: The Horror Roundtable
For the 25th episode, Scott brings together the best of the best in indie horror to talk about what horror is, censorship, slasher movies, sexism, and racism in the genre. Several trains and the odd police siren also make an appearance. So join Jerry Janda, Jennifer Valdes, Tom Ryan,... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 7, 2015

The weekly news-roundup from IAB, with proper sarcasm included

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Breakfast on Planet X: Director’s Series – John Carpenter and his films (+ interview with Ashley Mary Nunes)
This is Part 2 of our “Director’s series”, for which we will pay tribute to a different director each episode. Also check out Part1, a tribute to the Coen brothers! Today a trio of horror fans came together to talk about the movies of Horror Maestro John Carpenter:  BOPX... Read more
Shut Up Kids #64: Halloween Extravaganza!
Airdate: 2-November-2014 In this episode, the guys discuss all things Halloween including TV specials, music and movies. In the Best of the Week segment, they talk about the Marvel movie schedule, Channing as Gambit, the new Pee Wee Herman movie, Terminator pics and more! FOLLOW THE SHUT UP KIDS... Read more
Caption Contest 27: The Amityville Horror
Growing up on Long Island, and not very far from the actual house, The Amityville Horror was as much a part of my life as anything else. While I enjoyed the remake, the original will always be best because of Rod Steiger. He’s always been a favorite of mine... Read more
Caption Contest 26: The Fly
  What would a horror themed caption contest be without including something from David Cronenberg? I could go on about this movie, or you can read about it here, in my collection of Cronenberg essays!      Read more
Caption Contest 25: Needful Things
Needful Things may not be a great movie, hell maybe not even a good one-but it is a fun one. It’s perfectly cast and adheres pretty closely to the source material from Stephen King. A perfect Haslloween movie where the victims get all tricks and no treats. Read more
The Supernaughts Debate Show 8: <br>The Supernaughts and Vampire Jesus

In our first Halloween Special the boys welcome in Christine Morgan…

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Caption Contest 24: The Blob
While the original Blob (with an amazingly young and handsome Steve McQueen)may not hold up as well as many movies half a century old, the remake does, and is still the roller coaster ride I remember. Read more
Caption Contest 23: Psycho 3
With a witty, creepy script from Charles Pogue, and some solid directing from Norman Bates himself, Psycho 3 is far better than it has any right to be. There’s some genuinely horrific scenes, all laced with a shot of dark humor. Perkins does what he does best, and shows... Read more
Caption Contest 22: The Car
The CAr is one of my guilty pleasures. A kind of rip off of Spielberg’s Duel, and a precursor to King’s Christine, The Car is at times kind of effective, but there’s some real corny stuff going on here as well. James Brolin does a great job as he... Read more
Caption Contest 21: A Nightmare on Elm Street
A Nightmare on Elm Street is, by far, my favorite horror franchise. In spite of Freddie becoming a one liner machine and diluting the originals terror, they’ve always been imaginative and entertaining. The original is still a pants-shitting experience for me, and Robert Englund is absolutely perfect.   Read more
Caption Contest 20: Alien
  Alien is one of the all time great horror movies. It gets everything right, and in a year that included such releases as The Brood, and The Amityville Horror, Alien rose to the top.  From the cast, to the writing, to the directing, Alien is lightning in a bottle,... Read more
Caption Contest 19: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
I may be in a distinct minority here, but I love Kenneth Branagh’s verrsion of Frankenstein. I love DeNiro’s monster, and is second only to Karloff in performance. Helena Bonham Carter though? Ugh… Read more
Caption Contest 18: The Shining
Love it or hate it (and I’m kind of in the latter group), The Shining tends to rank at the top of the Stephen King movie adaptations. To be fair, I was never a huge fan of the book either, but not ashamed to be in the minority. My... Read more
Caption Contest 17: Saw
Saw is one of the best horror flicks of the ’00s. Tension filled, bloody-yet doesn’t take itself so seriously. The sequels are another story, but for me Saw is the only one which matters. Read more
Caption Contest 16: Motel Hell
Motel Hell has to be one of the odder horror movies to come down the pike. While it has nothing on Japanese horror weirdness, it does have a certain charm all it’s own, as well as a wicked sense of humor. Remember: It takes all kinds of critters to... Read more
The Supernaughts Debate Show 6: <br>Harlan Ellison’s Corollary Play in new window | Download Read more
Caption Contest 15: Friday the 13th (1980)
The movie that seemingly started the slasher movie craze, is in reality not a very good movie. relying more on jump scares and effects than anything else, it’s place in horror history cannot be denied. While I don’t think it’s a great movie, I still find it very watchable,... Read more
Caption Contest 14: Nightbreed
  Today’s caption contest is from one of my favorite movies, Clive Barker’s Nightbreed. While not as good as Hellraiser, that may not be a fair comparison, as they’re really entirely different. David Cronenberg as the Doctor is simply chilling. An extended director’s cut is due out and I... Read more
Caption Contest 13: The Thing From Another World
  The lesser remembered version of the movie adaptations of John W. Campbell’s classic story “Who Goes There?”, this 1951 release is as creepy as the classic Carpenter version, and definitely worth watching. Read more
Caption Contest 12: The Stand
I’ve always liked the TV mini series of The Stand. While not great, it was enjoyable, and has one of the best opening credit scenes ever. Corin Nemec as Harold, is still a crap bit of casting, even though he does a great job. Read more
Caption Contest 11: Dracula
  Of all the classic Universal horror movies, Dracula is still my favorite. For me, I can’t think of anyone more synonymous with the role, than the Hungarian born Bela Lugosi. While it’s a bit slow by today’s standards, this 83(!) year old flick still delivers. Read more
Caption Contest 10: Cujo
    Stephen King movies can be lumped into two categories; Awesome and awful, there’s very little in between. I consider Cujo not only awesome but underrated. While it deviates from the book a bit-with much cut out, it retains the essence of the story, and is generally scary.... Read more
Caption Contest 9: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
We here at Supernaughts love Halloween! In fact we love it so damn much, that every CC through Halloween will be from our most watched horror flicks. Today’s is nowhere near the classic status of the original TCM, but it has its own quirky charm, and worth a watch. Read more