Movies and Stuff: Tron (1982) + Steven Lisberger interview!

The Movies and Stuff podcast talk about the iconic sci-fi film Tron with Tron’s writer/director Steven Lisberger!

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Shut Up Kids #82: Masters of the Universe (1987) + Chelsea Field interview!

Chelsea Field joins SUK this week to discuss Masters of the Universe, Commando, Solid Gold & much more!

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Shut Up Kids #79: Manhunter (1986) + Tom Noonan interview!

Actor TOM NOONAN joins SUK to discuss the Michael Mann film MANHUNTER!

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Shut Up Kids #77: Cold in July (2014) + interview with Jim Mickle!
In this episode, we talk to the director of Cold in July, Jim Mickle! We also talk about other “manly” movies. Here are a few of the questions we asked Jim and his responses. Listen to the whole interview by clicking the play button below and hear if he could shoot... Read more
The Imaginarium 9: Glasses, Implants and Riots

Sam Sullivan joins Scott as they talk tech, Sam’s involvement with Trackbill, his NFC implant, plus his live posts during the Ferguson riots.

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Caption Contest 73- The Warriors (1979)
Walter Hill’s action cult classic with James Remar (click here for an exclusive interview!) gets a lot of love on this site. Deservedly. Read more
Shut Up Kids #72: Die Hard (1988) + Interview with Al Leong
Hey, hey everyone, In this episode, we discuss the action film Die Hard. We also have a cool chat with Al Leong! Al, who played the candy bar-loving thief “Uli.” Al is an actor, stuntman and all around badass. He has been in a ton of great films including Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Big... Read more
Shut Up Kids #67: After Dark + Interview with Michelle Maylene
Airdate: 21-November-2014 In this episode, the guys dedicate the show to the memory of Cinemax After Dark. They also interview one of the stars of Cinemax’s Co-Ed Confidential, and former hardcore adult actress, Michelle Maylene. In the Best of the Week segment, they cover the trailer for Peanuts, the new Chris... Read more
Shut Up Kids #63: Monster Squad (1984)
Airdate: 26-October-2014 In this episode, the guys talk about one of their favorite childhood films, The Monster Squad, featuring exclusive interviews with Carl Thibault (the Wolfman) and Ashley Bank (Phoebe). In the Best of the Week segment, they discuss the Avengers 2 trailer, Christian Bale as Jobs, a 45 minute Battle of the Five Armies,... Read more