Mother! (2017) [SPOILERS]

Aronofsky’s latest is definitely not what the marketing makes it look like. And is definitely not an easy watch. But it makes you THINK, dammit.

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Exclusive!!! Darren Aronofsky to write/direct “The Flash” movie
Warner Bros. and DC continued their announcements today, after previously in the week announcing Joss Whedon as the writer/director for “Batgirl“; today Geoff Johns – the head honcho in the DCEU – made the following announcement: “We are happy to announce, that “The Flash” movie now has a new... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 45, 2015

“Twin Peaks” officially delayed to 2017, Walter Hill’s next movie news, DC film plans, Arnold’s next project, X-Men Apocalypse tidbits, Bryan Fuller’s busy schedule, His Dark Materials going to BBC, RIP George Barris and ANOTHER Sony-related spit-take of the week…

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Breakfast on Planet X: The Aronofsky Debate- DIO vs. DEE II
DIO VS DEE II: Darren Aronofsky- Genius Director or Arthouse Charlatan? This debate has been gestating for a while. It started here and continued here: BOPX member Detective Dee called (in)famous director Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, The Wrestler, Black Swan, Noah) an “overrated director”... Read more