Random Saviors of the Universe Vol 2
Great Balls of Fire! The crew is back! After an odd discussion of Bond movie theme music, the boys run down the controversy over the debut issue of “X-Men: Gold”! Of course, that leads them to ask, “What the hell is wrong with Marvel Comics?”, and propose some theories... Read more
Monday Morning Paperback: Captain America
It’s July 4th and in honor of Independence Day or even better, the 75th anniversary of Captain America, here’s a breakdown of why he is among my all-time favorite Superheroes ever!     The Ameriknight: Steve Rogers always fought for American principles and the dream but more importantly, he... Read more
Jack’s Random Supervillain Fashion
The guys are back and inadvertently discussing X-Men: Apocalypse! McAvoy vs Stewart! Fassbender VS McKellan! Apocalypse VS Fabric! This week we say goodbye to musician Bernie Worrell and actor Anton Yelchin as The Reaper continues his insane rampage through 2016! Voltron Legendary Defender is Ramdomly Reviewed, and the boys... Read more
Imaginarium 71: F**K Roseanne!
It’s an Imaginarium for the ages as Scott recounts his twitter feud with Roseanne Barr, then contemplates where the hell Jack Randomm has been. Kyle Fulton returns to talk about Captain America, and reminds us, Hydra aren’t Nazis and other words of import. Todd celebrates National Sex Day, and the... Read more
Imaginarium 69: Todd Hijacks The Show
While Scott was busy packing and moving, Todd hijacks the Imaginarium and enlists Jerry Janda in his diabolical plan. With more gay jokes than you can shake a…stick at, Todd and Jerry hurl abuse at Scott, and manage to talk about Captain America before a special surprise guest makes... Read more
Caption Contest Redux – Captain America (1990)

America! F*ck yeah! Join the Caption Contest and win an Amazon gift card- just follow the link!

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Captain America: Civil War (2016): Opposed superhero teams spoiled via Promo Art

Iron Man vs. Captain America: Who will fight on whose side? Check out leaked promo art for “Captain America: Civil War” (2016) to know more

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Disney’s D23 Expo Has Marvel Pimping Captain America Civl War, Doctor Strange
Well, looks like Captain America will be appearing in Captain America: Civil War after all. Marvel brought out some footage from the third Cap movie. Marvel Studio’s President, Kevin Feige, flanked by Anthony Mackie (Falcon) and Chris Evans (Cap) introduced the scene to the crowd. Some potential spoilers ahead... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 24, 2015

Stephen King-adaptations, Next summer’s blockbuster(?) synopses and teaser posters, Terry Gilliam, Marvel news, “Scream” TV-series and more.

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By the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier there was still some question as to whether Steve Rogers was still a virgin, as Black Widow commented negatively about his kissing skills but then she’s a Russian slut, like Mila Kunis. However, I have no doubt that Cap got his dick wet... Read more
Trailer Analysis – Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
The time has come to take a deeper look at the latest (and maybe last?) trailer of the highly anticipated follow-up to Marvel Studio’s mega-hit from 2012. I should maybe say in advance that my whole knowledge about Marvel stems from the MCU exclusively. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)... Read more
Shut Up Kids #49: Top 3 Worst Miscast Roles
Airdate: 20-July-2014 The guys discuss 3 actors who they each thought were miscast in roles. In the Best of the Week, they chat about female Thor and black Captain America, Weird Al and some Femme Fatales. http://media.blubrry.com/thesupernaughts/p/pods.thesupernaughts.com/SUK/29_SUK_49.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download Read more