IAB’s Shelf: Looking Deeper Within Your Shelf Vol.1

IAB takes a look at beyond the shelf and lists some of the best reasons to still own physical media.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 34: the ‘better-late-than-never’-edition + the new “Westworld” trailer

New trailer for HBO’s “Westworld” as well as a trio of horror movie-trailers, a full trailer for “Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders” and a clip from Netflix’ “Luke Cage”. Various casting news, director news, the spit-take of the week and more…

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Robin Wright Saddles Up For Blade Runner
Nothing much is known for the sequel to Blade Runner with the exception that Harrison Ford is set to return alongside new additions Ryan Gosling, and Denis Villeneuve directing. Now Robin Wright (Forrest Gump, House of Cards) joins them in an as of yet unknown role. The film’s release... Read more
Magic Hour: Five Years Of Experimental Blockbusters, Part 3 (1982)
1982 was the seminal year of Magic Hour and it exploded with more genre films than any previous year since 1977. The experiments became bolder and the risks for the studios greater. This was also the end of the experiment with science fiction and fantasy films. Nevertheless, most of... Read more
Ridley Scott won’t stop talking about the Prometheus and Blade Runner- sequels, he just. won’t. stop.

Ryan Gosling will be hunting Replicants.

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Tales of the Abstruse #1
Blade Runner 2: Director Denis Villeneuve talks his biggest fears and ambitions

Director Denis Villeneuve opens up about his forthcoming project, the sequel to the SF-classic by Ridley Scott.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 21, 2015

Fairies, Zombies, Reacher, Mimi Rogers, Star trek, Scream Queens and Roger Deakins are among the headlines this week.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 16, 2015

All the news of the week that weren’t the new Star Wars-trailer…. There’s Flash Gordon, Dark Tower, Blade Runner, Michael Mann, Wonder Woman, Ant-Man, Ang Lee and much more.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 9, 2015

This weeks news serving by the tirelessly snarky IAB

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Why I Love Science Fiction: A Personal Perspective
As far I can remember I have always loved Science Fiction. In the beginning I do not recall one single moment in my life where I was not always aware of the genre and loved it. As far I can tell, it has always been there in my life.... Read more
Shut Up Kids #46: Pop/Geek Culture Confessions
Airdate: 29-June-2014 In this episode, the guys are joined once again by Jeff Myers as they discuss their pop/geek culture confessions. Who finds Citizen Kane boring? Who drops a bomb about Blade Runner? Find out all of that and more … as well as a beefed-up Best of the... Read more