Mad As Hell 12: Todd goes MIA
Scott and Kyle start off wondering where Todd is, and carry on about E3, healthcare, last week’s shooting, and adding new colors to the gay pride flag. With 15 minutes left Todd shows up and offers his excuse! Check it all out! Play in new window | Download Read more
Imaginarium 43: Where Are Your Pants?
There’s fun up in the Imaginarium this week as, Kyle Fulton, the cohost of Jack Random’s podcast joins Scott and Todd to talk all things Fallout and Elder Scrolls.  From dragons flying backwards, to massacring entire villages, the guys talk about their favorite moments, different ways to play, and... Read more
RSP #37 – Grundleplith
Woo! E3 was awesome and we have so much to talk about. It’s crazy! Take a look below for details, and enjoy the episode!   This Week’s Beer Of Choice: Ballast Point These guys must love fish. 1 STAR. Read the full review here.   This Episode Is Sponsored... Read more
RSP #36 – Frank Oz Killed Yoda
Uh oh, there’s a FALLOUT 4 TRAILER!!!!! We can hardly believe it… we’ve been waiting ages for this. A lot going on in this episode, folks, so enjoy! More info below.   This Week’s Beer Of Choice: Cave Creek Chili Beer Only for those who enjoy drinking hot sauce.... Read more