Spinning Headlines – Week 20: Twin Peaks, Weekend Box Office, Jordan Peele, Dark Universe/The Mummy, Okja, Arnold, Blade of the Immortal, Venom, Star Trek: Discovery…

Weekend Box Office, news about Jordan Peele’s next movie, Universal officially announces “Dark Universe”, “Resident Evil” getting a quick reboot, Trailers for “The Mummy”, “Okja”, “Blade of the Immortal”, “Star Trek: Discovery” and “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”. Arnold talks a lot, Tom Hardy is Venom, “Game of Thrones” Season 7 stills released by HBO, spit-take of the week and more…

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Spinning Headlines – Week 14: Weekend Box Office, Thor: Ragnarok, Mission; Impossible 6, Pacific Rim 2, The Mummy, Dungeons & Dragons, Predator, Conan…

Weekend box office, “Thor: Ragnarok” trailer and poster, “Mission; Impossible 6” begins filming in Paris, “The Mummy” Chinese trailer shows more stuff, Arnold opts to not do a cameo for “The Predator”, “The Legend of Conan” cancelled, A Zack Snyder-filmed shot of a Superman suit with bright colors surfaces, extended trailer for FX’s “Fargo” season 3, spit-take of the week and more.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 13: Weekend Box Office, The Mummy, Terminator, Annabelle, War for the Planet of the Apes, Game of Thrones, King Arthur, Valerian…

Weekend box office, trailers for “The Mummy”, “War for the Planet of the Apes”, “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”, “Valerian”, Arnold still game for another “Terminator” – Sly not game for another “Expendables”, Liam Neeson to play Philip Marlowe, “Game of Thrones” Season 7 promo, spit-take of the week and more.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 11: Weekend Box Office, Terminator, Mission: Impossible, The Batman, Aardman, Jurassic World 2, Despicable Me 3…

Weekend Box Office, Paramount no longer in “Terminator” business – but David Ellison still optimistic, the DCEU chaos-news of the week, “Mission Impossible 6” news, trailers for “Death Note”, “Aftermath”, “Early Man” and “Despicable Me 3”, posters for “Dark Tower” and “Ghost in the Shell”, spit-take of the week and more.

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Spinning (saturday) Headlines – Week 18: Infinity War retitled, The Mummy, Inferno, Han Solo, Scorsese, Deadpool, Sharks, Cats, Power Rangers…

Avengers: Infinity War retitled, Russell Crowe added to The Mummy, Details and casting on Del Toro’s Cold War movie, Infernal poster, The young Han Solo finally cast, Some shark movie trailers, another Scorsese project close to happening, Cats movie and the spit-take of the week…

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Schwarzenegger to Return to The World of The Predator…maybe.
Well since Shane Black has been reenlisted for the new Predator film, it was bound to happen that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be making some sort of reprise as well. Arnold told The Playlist this: “I haven’t talked with yet but I’m going to meet with him for... Read more
Caption Contest Redux – Terminator: Genisys (2015)

Come and win the Caption Contest, if you want to live! Just follow the link!

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Spinning Headlines – Week 45, 2015

“Twin Peaks” officially delayed to 2017, Walter Hill’s next movie news, DC film plans, Arnold’s next project, X-Men Apocalypse tidbits, Bryan Fuller’s busy schedule, His Dark Materials going to BBC, RIP George Barris and ANOTHER Sony-related spit-take of the week…

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All the money in China might not be able to save the Terminator

…but will he be back?

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Guess who plays the Party Pooper in the Kindergarten Cop reboot

It’s not a rumour!

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IAB’S NIGHT TERRORS: “Annabelle” (2014) & “Maggie” (2015)

IAB takes a look at demon puppet-horror “Annabelle” and the Schwarzenegger zombie-drama “Maggie”.

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Terminator Genisys (2015) Movie Review

“Despite never reaching the technical heights of Cameron’s two first films, “Terminator Genisys” is nevertheless a pleasant addition to the franchise, delivering plenty of exhilarating action, solid performances, and Arnold at his absolute peak.” – Mathias Folsted.

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The Action Hero Throwdown is over
“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” -Winston Churchill The votes have been tallied and with 53% of the vote you have elected Arnold Schwarzenegger as the ultimate action hero. Although, a surprising number of you voted for Pat Buchanan. Read more
StudioHEAD #15

This week, Mr.Head tries to persuade a huge star to join his project.

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No Surprise That Tomorrowland Derezzed Tron 3

Rumor has it that Tomorrowland’s bad box office performance led to Tron 3 being put on indefinite hold. It’s not the first time that another movie’s negative response led to a different movie being cancelled. We take a look at some of the bigger movies that never were.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 22, 2015

Rick Baker retiring, “Kung Fury”, surfing Batman, “IT” hits the fan, “Conan”-news, Point Break trailer and more in this weeks Headlines.

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The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown: The Championship
It’s over! The Winners of Round 4:  Clint Eastwood – 91% Arnold Schwarzenegger – 75% The Championship: #2) Clint Eastwood Strengths: Iconic actor and director, Dirty Harry 1, 2, 4, Spaghetti western trilogy, Hang em High, Josey Wales, Heartbreak Ridge, Unforgiven, and so much more. Weaknesses: Soft focus, RNC... Read more
The Ultimate Action Hero Throwdown: The Final Four

The final four of the Ultimate Action Hero. Who is going to make it to the finals?

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Maggie (2015) Movie Review

“Maggie” is a hypnotically bleak, realistic and grounded examination of death, and how we as humans deal with it. On the surface, it may look like another Zombie flick, but in reality it’s a full-blown drama, slow in pace and hard to watch.” – Mathias Folsted.

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Breakfast on Planet X: Predator, Alien and Terminator – Time to say Goodbye?

The three most successful R-rated SciFi/Horror franchises seem to be still going strong. But are they really still relevant or just kept alive by greed and nostalgia? We invited Col. Tigh-Fighter to discuss this controversial question.

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Spinning Headlines – Week 13, 2015

The new Spinning Headlines” is out there.

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Shut Up Kids #83: Predator (1987) + Bill Duke interview!

Bill Duke joins the Shut Up Kids this week to talk about Predator!

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Spinning Headlines – Week 11, 2015

A Hoff-tastic weekly entertainment news round-up

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Breakfast on Planet X: Movie Comebacks! (+ Interview with Robin Flutterby Borakove)

The BOPX crew discusses “Movie comebacks” with their guest Nick Nightly! Best/worst comebacks, who deserves to return to the screen (and who not) and more! Guest: Nick Nightly!
Plus: Interview with Robin Flutterby Borakove!

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Caption Contest 122- Commando (1985)

Today’s Caption Contest is featuring David Patrick Kelly, who was recently interviewed for the “Shut Up Kids!” podcast. Participate and maybe win a 50$ Amazon gift card!

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Shut Up Kids #81: Commando (1985) + David Patrick Kelly interview!

David Patrick Kelly joins SUK this week to discuss Commando, The Warriors, The Crow, Twin Peaks & much more!

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Caption Contest 89- Total Recall (1990)
One of the few financially (and artistically) successful movies that feature the “Red Planet”. Yes, the “Mars movie curse” is real and proven! Read more
Caption Contest 56 – End Of Days
Due to the fact that it is New Year’s Eve and there is an Arnie movie for practically every holiday,  you get to caption a still from the 1999 horror/action cheesefest End of Days, starring Arnold as Arnold, Gabriel Byrne as Satan and Robin Tunney as Satan’s potential bride.... Read more
Caption Contest 48: Jingle All The Way
Unfairly maligned by my fellow podcasters in the X-mas edition of the “Breakfast on Planet X”, the movie podcast hosted here on thesupernaughts.com, the Christmas-comedy Jingle All The Way (1996) is in fact an underrated gem, that will hopefully soon be re-evaluated as the thought-provoking masterpiece that it is. Read more