Fire in the Sky (1993)

Me and Stu from decided to revisit this “alien abduction” classic from the 90s. Here are my thoughts!

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RIP Bill Paxton: Game Over, Not Forgotten, Man
The sudden death of actor Bill Paxton has stunned his fans, and left the world a far less artistic place to reside. Known for his roles in ALiens, Near Dark, Twister and Apollo 13, for me it’s hisa turn in his directorial debut Frailty that I’ll remember his most... Read more
ALIENS (1986)
    As of July 18 2016, this date marks the 30th Anniversary of not only one of the best sequels of a iconic franchise, but also one of the best Action Horror films, evah! Fresh from coming off the huge success of his breakout film, (The Terminator) Director James Cameron... Read more
Spinning Headlines – Week 47: Trainspotting 2, Baywatch, Mission Impossible 6, Zoolander 2, Memento outrage

“Trainspotting 2” script news, “Baywatch 2”-casting news, “Zoolander 2”-trailer, “Top Gun 2”-news, “True Detective” – S3 on not?, Edgar Wright dives into animation, Universal Monster Universe clarified, “11.22.63” teased, McQuarrie considering M;I-6 and the mother of all spit-takes

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The X-Files (2016) revival: Two teaser trailers reveal what happened to Mulder!

You have to see to -sic- believe!

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The First Report of an Alien Abduction will now be Captured on Film

Do you still want to believe?

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Frankie goes to . . . London Film & Comic Con!!

On July 18, 2015 I was lucky enough to attend the most amazing convention yet to hit the city of London. The Summer 2015 London Film & Comic Con surpassed anything I had attended previously or even imagined and now I’m back to report on some of the festivities and share some pictures.

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Aliens Reunion at the London Film and Comic Con 2015

SDCC may be the big ticket in the States right now, but less than a week from today will launch this year’s hottest and biggest convention yet to hit London. And even better? It will give an exclusive opportunity for the fans of the Aliens franchise to finally get up close with cast members.

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Breakfast on Planet X: Predator, Alien and Terminator – Time to say Goodbye?

The three most successful R-rated SciFi/Horror franchises seem to be still going strong. But are they really still relevant or just kept alive by greed and nostalgia? We invited Col. Tigh-Fighter to discuss this controversial question.

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Caption Contest 160 – The Tommyknockers (1993)

A forgotten TV-adaptation of a forgotten Stephen King novel. Can you caption a still and maybe win an Amazon gift card? Click the link and find out!

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Shut Up Kids #62: Aliens (1986)
Airdate: 19-October-2014 In this episode and a half, the guys are joined by a legend of the talkbacks, Choppah, as they discuss James Cameron’s Aliens. In the best of the week, they chat about the DC schedule of movies, a female Robin, Marvel’s Civil War, HBO going rogue and much,... Read more