Jack’s Random Comic Book Critique

The New Year is in full swing, and the boys suddenly remembered they had a podcast! After navigating the treacherous hell that was past few weeks, the boys ask the burning question…Is it okay to punch a Nazi? Also, the guys talk about which comic character they’d like to see suffer a horrible death, terrible 90s character design, and Jamill talks about his love for the X-Man Cable!

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Vegetable Lasagna 32

This week, Zissou and Chris discuss winter coats, the necessity of sleep schedules, 90s movies, dead fools, and Zissou reviews Ash vs Evil Dead and Spectre. #podcast

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Real Girl Power
Note: This article was originally published on the now-defunct Talkbacker.com. It might contain some changes (original idea for a Real Girl Power article was Stalkeye’s). Throughout the years the term girl power has been abused. Lots of women proclaimed to be girl power while they were not. It was... Read more
BOPX: Erotic Thrillers of the 90s, Pt. 2

….and Dee and Nick complete their conversation about this forgotten genre of the (early) 90s! We talk about “Body of Evidence”, “Color of Night” and more!

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BOPX: Erotic Thrillers of the 90s, Pt.1

Remember the once insanely popular subgenre of the “Erotic Thriller” that thrived in the early 90s?
Dee and Nick take a look back and discuss this curious phenomenon of cinema, from “Basic Instnct” (1992) to “Jade” (1995). Part 2 on Sunday, June 28th!

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Caption Contest 218 – On Deadly Ground (1994)

Sometimes good things can result from bad things: Without this Steven Seagal vanity project crapfest from 1994, we would have one still less for the Caption Contest, where you can win a $50 Amazon gift card!

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BOPX: Guilty Pleasure Movies of the 90s

The 1990s world of movies had Highs and Lows. Today we talk about the Lows- but the ones we (secretly ?) enjoy!

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