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This week, Chris and Zissou discuss coffee shop open mic night, searching for Edward Albee, sarcastic opera, and review The Look of Silence as... Vegetable Lasagna 27

This week, Chris and Zissou discuss coffee shop open mic night, searching for Edward Albee, sarcastic opera, and review The Look of Silence as well as Grandma. ​


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Zissou lives in Nebraska with his beautiful cat.

  • Infinite Zissou

    The Big Short trailer looks like there’s possibly an interesting story in there but I can’t tell.

  • Infinite Zissou

    Is there more to it than attractive leading men finding flaws with capitalism?

  • Infinite Zissou

    Does Adam McKay know how to tell a story?

  • Infinite Zissou

    Good cast, though.

  • Infinite Zissou

    It either has some interesting insight into the housing bubble will be a 2 hour long-delayed “I told you so” movie.

  • Infinite Zissou

    I liked Moneyball.

  • I will spin this show on the olde turntable as soon as I get my work done for today…

  • I like money.

  • Tim R.R. Something

    Beatles muzak?

  • Infinite Zissou

    Run through a Ramsey Lewis filter.

  • Tim R.R. Something

    Lennon rolls in his grave.

  • Infinite Zissou

    I usually hate Beatles covers but I love all things Ramsey Lewis.

  • Tim R.R. Something
  • Tim R.R. Something

    You just don’t get good Tuba riffs like that anymore.

  • Tim R.R. Something

    No pianist jokes?

  • Tim R.R. Something

    Too much Chris this week.

  • Tim R.R. Something

    As you age you get wired for fatherhood. That may horrify you.

  • Infinite Zissou

    This is a sophisticated program.

  • Infinite Zissou

    I wonder when my father will hit that age.

  • Classy jazzy opening tune

  • Oh, that wiring has been hacked from my system ages ago.

  • “it’s disturbing, it’s disgusting, it’s real”
    Real is usually disturbing & disgusting

  • “Tropico”?
    Now that takes me back

  • As does “The Sims”

  • Are you in a coffee shop? I’m sure I heard a coffee cup “cling”

  • Who the hell wears vests anyway?

  • The mayor in jaws.

  • Who would host the Supernaught Awards?

    Can we get Billy Crystal?

  • franks_television

    When is that supposed to happen?

  • ponyboy_360

    Wednesday is VL day for me.
    After last nights MGK concert.
    Listening to this Episode, & a few joints.
    Should ease my pain.
    I realized, I’ve never even asked you if you’ve seen, Cary Fukunaga’s first film.
    “Sin Nombre”.
    I bought it because Diego Luna &
    Gael García Bernal were producers.
    “Y Tu Mamá También”, is an owner.
    I dig both actors, & when I found out they produced this.
    I bought it sight unseen.
    I’d like to know your thoughts.
    Will listen once I get settled.
    Till then.

  • ponyboy_360
  • Oh, shit. Thanks for reminding me. I got the BR of “Sin Nombre” from one of those “3 BR’s for 10 euros” bargain bin deals ages ago. I should spin it.

  • ponyboy_360

    I had to buy my blu from
    For a totally reasonable price.
    Check out how much that blu goes for on!!!

  • ponyboy_360

    On ice-packs & just finished 2 joints.
    Incoming long ass “ponyboy” post.
    I love the new jazz intro.
    I always pictured the Vitamin C song below, as your intro.
    As you know, the beat drops as soon as Doc turns from Shasta, & the neon
    “Inherent Vice” title pops.
    Just as the beat dropped when the neon “Boogie Nights” title popped onscreen.
    I digress, PTA on the brain.
    This new jazz beat suits VL.
    I’ll have to ask my friends who
    What a good Canadian drink is.
    I’m sure Willard has shared.
    Documentary sounds intriguing.
    I love documentaries.
    Check out “The Act Of Killing”.
    A Durst like reaction from one of the participants.
    “Kingsman”, is a blast, really.
    Check it out, please.
    The violence is more tame than an Episode of “Hannibal”, & that’s network TV.
    Have you watched “Whiplash” yet.
    We spoke of it before, but I can’t remember if you mentioned it recently.
    Last video game I played/owned, was
    Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.
    The 360 in my name is not a video game reference.
    You mention “Goodfellas”.
    “Black Mass” was really good.
    We caught a matinee.
    I recommend a theatre visit.
    Fantastic character actors, a ton of great performances.
    & Depp was menacing.
    “Observe & Report”, is a guilty pleasure.
    Agree on everything McBride.
    I was a fan of “Freeks & Geeks”.
    Rogen, Canadian=fan.
    Jay Baruchel is great in,
    “This Is The End” as well.
    Probably the best, next to McBride.
    They’ve bean playing operas at one of the theatres I go to, for years.
    & a variety of concerts.
    “Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Wolf”.
    You’ve seen my autographed Playlist.
    Was an amazing experience live in N.Y.
    With the cast we saw it with.
    Did you take pictures of your venture to Payne’s restaurant?
    That would be cool to see, for me at least.
    We attend a lot of open mike nights.
    Huge props for the people that have the balls to get onstage.
    It’s always a trip.
    A lot of unknown talented people out there.
    “I’m gonna hit you with some ’90’s”!!!
    That’s exactly what I’m talking about.
    Kudos Chris, good story, you painted the scene.
    I’m glad you still go to coffee shops.
    I hate how chat rooms have destroyed people from going out.
    No kids!
    We work hard & save money to travel.
    Been together 8 years, we made a deal years ago.
    Although, we love to babysit, I’m the film tutor, my girlfriend is the fun.
    They are at a cool age, so no screaming, which is good.
    SN Awards, make it happen.
    Sounds like a good pitch.
    Chris, get a disqus account, I want to reply to some of your comments.
    In a good way.
    New Mitchell book, preach.
    I still buy every King & Palahniuk book.
    You’ve seen the movies I’ve posted that I want to see in the theatre.
    In the upcoming weeks & months.
    I won’t make this post any longer by posting the trailers.
    But I’ll just say, again,
    “Goodnight Mommy”.
    Ah, we were going to see “Grandma”.
    Sounds like we’ll wait for VOD.
    I just mentioned to IAB, that I just did a re-watch of the Brynner /Crichton film.
    There is a new HBO Series based on the film, slightly.
    I think I might add it to my Fall TV list.
    Girlfriend shows no interest.
    Check out the 30 second trailer I posted on IAB’s Emmy thread.
    It looks intriguing.
    Again, another great show Ziss & Chris.
    You both flowed perfectly, right from the jump.
    Chris may not know his film.
    Which is not a diss, it’s funny the way you handle it.
    Your reaction.
    But the the two of you really gel.
    You can tell you’re friends.
    Which makes it great for this listener.
    Outro music more Wes Anderson than intro.
    I’m still gonna imagine that great Vitamin C song.
    Peace Ziss.

  • ponyboy_360


  • ponyboy_360

    Great cast.

  • ponyboy_360

    That’s an interesting project.
    I like McKay.
    He plays a great douche.

  • ponyboy_360
  • ponyboy_360
  • ponyboy_360
  • ponyboy_360
  • Infinite Zissou

    Thank you for reminding me about Sin Nombre. I’m going to order it right now because I keep meaning to anyway.

  • Infinite Zissou

    Speaking of Jay Baruchel, how’s the movie? Are you still filming for it or is it done now? Also how’s the writing gig going?

    I meant to watch The Act of Killing before heading to The Look of Silence. Scenes from it are in Silence but I have to determine if I can stomach more of it.

    Did you read Fight Club 2? That came out already, didn’t it? I sort of forgot about it.

    I’m definitely going to check out Westworld. I need some more HBO shows to watch. I still haven’t made it to Show Me a Hero but plan to soon. And Leftovers starts again soon, right?

    Vitamin C would be a great intro song. I’ll do that next week.

  • Infinite Zissou
  • Tarmac492.1

    downloading now. Late listen.

  • Tarmac492.1

    Pineapple Express is fairly overrated. I miss prefer All the Real Girls, George Washington and Snow Angels.