The Supernaughts Symposium 1 The Supernaughts Symposium 1
In this first symposium The Supernaughts bring in a special panel to talk frankly about black superheroes in comic books and movies. The Supernaughts Symposium 1
[td_text_with_title custom_title=”The State of Black Superheroes “]In this first symposium The Supernaughts talk frankly about black superheroes in comic books and movies[/td_text_with_title][td_text_with_title custom_title=”Listen!”]


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Shareef McIntosh is a short filmmaker and Youtube sensation from Houston, Texas.

A.R. Hicks from Jacksonville, FL is the creator and writer of A.R. Hicks’ Dark Souls.

From Detroit, Jack Randomm is former video game reviewer, current DJ, production assistant, and lifelong nerd with 40 years of comic reading under his belt.

Shawn Alissa is the only vagina in the conversation and is a beautiful mocha Wonder Woman from Bronx, NY.

  • Listening now. Man, Jack’s voice is smooth. I want him and Nick Nightly to do a duet.


  • Tim something

    I’m gonna say that both Falcon and War Machine are disappointments. They are no more than sidekicks as far as I am concerned. In fact they’re practically the same character.

  • Tim something

    Isn’t it a little bit ironic that black panther hasn’t got an inch of skin showing?

  • It’s ironic that the H in the acronym WHAM stands for “heterosexual”.

  • Tim something

    “everything Aquaman should be” HA!

  • “Spawn” is a tough nut. 1997, btw

  • Morpheus from “The Matrix” was written for Sean Connery, can you imagine that?

  • I don’t know if Joss Whedon is the “perfect person” for anything *cough*

  • Excellent discussion!

  • Tim something

    “Shareef McIntosh is a short filmmaker and Youtube sensation from Houston, Texas.”
    He’s like 5’4 or so?

  • Tim something

    Not that Democrat/Republican thing again.

  • Tim something

    Wasn’t Luke Cage originally a stereotype? I remember, back in the day, him fighting an obvious pimp with a giant shotgun and thinking this milieu really sucks.

  • That made me laugh a lot longer than it should have.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Only if I get to be the lady.

  • I’m glad you liked it.

  • I think this was a great show. Honest and frank discussion is really what The Supernaughts are all about.

  • It’s hard to avoid. Isn’t it?

  • Jack Randomm


  • Jack Randomm

    Oh, Luke was a walking blaxploitation flick. I intended to compare Luke, Bill Foster, Falcon, etc to Shaft, as I think that was the go to move for creators in the 70s if they wanted “authentic” soul brothers.

    When I was a kid, many of my peers took their cues from these movies. Shaft, Superfly, and their ilk were not the real black experience as I knew it, but those were the only movies that black people were in, so that’s what we saw, and dumb kids imitate what they see.

    Honestly I think Blaxploitation has done more to harm our youth than drugs.

  • I never thought about that angle.

  • How so?

  • Ar hicks had his opinions sir

  • Now that you mention it. Comics were more progressive than movies in that way. Rhodes at one point in the early 80s was a better iron man than stark. And falcon was always an equal to cap

  • Wake me up before you go go

  • Can’t deny it. Esp when my fav series had rhodes as ironman. And he killed it.

  • Look what a mess were getting into

  • The gore as was already pointed out. You could strip that away, but there is still the vast mythology. I don’t think it’s unfeasible, but it’s one of those concepts that would survive the scrutiny of the producers unscathed.

  • Any laugh is too long

  • I doubt there are many podcasts as good as this.

  • We.cover it pretty well. They just didn’t know hire to make a serious film like that yet.

    Blade is hard r. Serious. Yet it had moments of humor. Spawn should have taken that approach

  • When did comics make the transition to more progressive?

  • We all worked hard on it. Esp abe. Thank you. That means something to me

  • That was a great line.

  • Yeah but from the view of a producer Blade is a million years ago. Has there been a successful R-rated superhero movie since then? Punisher WZ was a flop.

  • Idk but when I.collected cap falcon was not a robin type character. In many ways he was smarter than cap. During the secret ways jim.rhoads. And he kicks ass. These are resent early 80s

  • High praise coming from you. Earning the Det Dee stamp of approval means quite a lot for me.

  • Hed have done ww sooner … and better

  • Lawrence fishburne is excellent. As you know

  • In.todays market agreed

  • Jack Randomm

    Yeah, the only people who I knew that talked like Luke Cage were on tv. Then as I got older, my contemporaries talked like that.

  • That fact that DC movies let him slip through their fingers is really shocking.

  • Monarch family.first his.own man.not.a.avengers yes man. Is what I think the xonversation said

  • Jack Randomm

    I probably wouldn’t call Warzone a Superhero film. Comic book movie, maybe. One man army action movie, absotively. 300 and Sin City did well, right? Those are fairly recent. Wasn’t Watchmen R? I don’t recall what the box office was…

  • The luke cage tv show could be incredible or more of the same …

  • I believe the question that didn’t get asked and I’ve been kicking myself ever since the show was taped for not asking was, why is Terrence Howard Jack’s mortal enemy?

  • Watchman made money. And it was really.dark n.violent.

  • I think its because the guy says some.really.dumb things. Check.out.some.of his quotes. But.hell lets ask jack …

  • Good point. I think the BO for Watchmen was decent for what it was.

  • It’s rare to hear a good debate nowadays. Usually everybody yells his/her arguments and storms out.

  • Jack Randomm

    Oh, he’s a moron. Just flat out stupid, and in my opinion only marginally talented. He’s defended Chris Brown after he beat up Rhianna. He stared in a rap related movie, and while doing the junket kept saying how “easy” rap was, implying it wasn’t real music, “…Not like the smooth jazz I play…”

    ONE note actor, NO vocal range…

    Dude’s a fuckin douche, man.

  • “Crash”?

  • I’ve yet to see Crash. Was it any good?

  • Jack Randomm

    MArvel hasn’t made a really wrong move yet as far as its TV and movie division. I expect to be pleased.

  • Connery would have replaced the Kung Fu with slapping or “shlapping”.

  • No argument.

    Man’s got to know his limitations. He should have kept his mouth shut and took that marvel money

  • No, awful. That’s why he is maybe his arch enemy.

  • Hahaha.

  • I life the casting so far. Better than most DC casting on their shows

  • Jack Randomm

    I didn’t see Crash. I try to avoid Mr. Howard when I can. Hustle and Flow had a hot song, so I saw that. I am a DJ… And Howard wasn;t keeping me away from Iron Man…

  • Like him Or love him like dee

    The guy writes strong female characters well

  • Jack Randomm

    WHy don’t I like the guy playing Constantine? Why? Can’t put my finger on it.

  • Lmao

  • I say he is not laid back enough for Constantine.

  • Man you just hit the nail on the head

    It’s like he should be better than keanus version but he’s not

  • The delivery of the snap.

  • Jack Randomm

    That must be it.

  • Yeah I don’t know. It’s basically always the same character. But it was definitely stupid by DC as he is a fan favourite. Just not mine.

  • Ultron and holly Hunter and deborah unger.and elias kotes ? Sex and wrecks ?

  • I always pictured Constantine as much, much more world weary.

  • I think you’re right on.

  • No, Gravity, both Rhodeys and Matt Dillon. Preaching and a wreck of a script.

  • You used to be jovial. What happened to you?

  • It’s just.not a great joke

  • Jack Randomm

    Yeah, this guy seems to be having fun.

  • Antoine R Hicks

    I like Shareef response.

  • Antoine R Hicks

    What shareef pointed out about tyler perry is what was addressed by the Boondock show about how he makes his lead character and villains. I also liked how they poked fun at him.

  • I think most everyone did except Mr. Perry.

  • Antoine R Hicks

    Perry makes fun of people, but when people make fun of him, he become self conscious? What a bully he is? Also has anyone else knows that Madea is a manifestation of Perry’s need to bully people. Though, it is odd he address his manifestation up as a woman.

  • Antoine R Hicks

    I only leave in Messageboard debate when the person is being unreasonably immature or a troll.

  • I had no idea. That’s fascinating.

  • mr perry didnt fair very well on this show. maybe you should reach out to him and you guys can come on the show together

  • I DID TOO. I Hate he dropped out of the original recording but he got more than equal time and he really brought it. he kicked it off with ” Black Panther is more important than Obama ”


  • it got heated a few times but it was civil even when we disagreed

  • but only on trinity

    that son of a bitch

  • more people dislike madea than like madea

    but the guy makes bank

  • Hicks your t shirt will read ” i am the captain now “

  • Antoine R Hicks

    I agree with that because when Obama leaves, BP will still be around. I maybe a Obama supporter, but not a defender.

  • Antoine R Hicks

    I sound like a teenager on that show. I’m still wondering when I’m going to hit puberty.

  • thats an interesting position your taking there

  • I think “Dick Tracy” still looks good…

  • Good one again, guys.

  • It does look good still .

  • thankee

  • visuals were not that films issue. a big part of it was bettys costar lover at the time madonna. she takes you out of the film

  • Well, yeah. And also Beatty’s vain decision to not wear a prosthetic nose

  • Tim something


  • Tim something

    Vietnam era for Marvel, DC was slower. My opinion.

  • Tim something

    That’s sad and disturbing.

  • some say DC still hasnt made the transition.

    his name is Hicks

  • It was pretty good joke between you and me

  • What’s up

  • Shawn Alissa

    No, even if Denzel or Will Smith were younger I still wouldn’t agree with either one of them playing The Black Panther! They just don’t fit the Character to me.

  • I agree. It’s not right for them. Wesley 15+ yrs ago. no

  • Shareef.might wanna debate you over Tyler Perry