The Supernaughts Debate Show 18: </br> Exodus on Planet X The Supernaughts Debate Show 18: </br> Exodus on Planet X
The cast of Breakfast on Planet X join the show to discuss Moses, North Korea, Fast and Furious, Star Trek, and a challenge is... The Supernaughts Debate Show 18: </br> Exodus on Planet X
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Breakfast on Planet X

Dee, I Am Better and Zod discuss the creation of Breakfast on Planet X.

Topic One: What does God need with a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback?  

Will newly hired director Justin Lin, from the Fast and Furious franchise, save Star Trek?

Topic Two: America, f*** yeah. 

The Interview caused quite a bit of controversy. We ask our international cast is it really okay that America made a comedy about assassinating a different country’s leader?

Topic Three: Let the name of Ridley be stricken from every book and tablet, stricken from all pylons and obelisks, stricken from every monument of Egypt.

Egypt has banned a Hollywood film based on the Biblical book of Exodus because of what censors described as “historical inaccuracies”. Is being historically accurate something filmmakers should strive for?

Pee Wee Herman
New Years Eve
Darren Aronofsky

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  • The entire BOPX cast was great. I am so glad we were able to do this.

  • Some are more great than others

  • I make a difference between “craftsman” and “workman”… Am I wrong?

  • Craftsman has more skill?

  • I’d say “workmanlike” is just delivering a quality that is sufficient that it qualifies as not amateurish. A “craftsman” is someone who probably truly understands how to use all the stylistic means, but has no real unique input on the script.

  • Maybe a distinction that only exists in my head.

  • No I think that is a real distinction.

  • Definitely a real distinction.

  • “North Korea has no sense of humour”

  • The lightning never strikes twice on the same spot.

  • Regarding Dio’s statement about going to the spots where terrorism stroke.

  • IABs statements about Russia are glorious.

  • Pearl Harbor is really offensive.

  • Zod likes Gladiator movies.

  • “He was in an adult theater…” LOL

  • Offensive or just plain dumb?

  • Good question. Offensive in its dumbness.

  • I know what that’s like.

  • It’s kinda pointless judging the old bible movies for their casting… As I said, there has been far more offensive stuff back then. And “It won’t sell without a completely white cast” is not a valid statement anymore today.

  • Did someone not get the memo about Point it at the Deck?

  • I don’t even remember what I said. Listening now

  • Someone is getting a dose of his own medicine.

  • I never have ulterior motives.

  • Not once. Your motives are always pure.

  • I sound almost professional, lol

  • “that whole fucking country is right there across the border…” I completely forgot that, lol

  • Oh my. I had no idea.

  • Thanks for having me on. It was a very interesting discussion! Next time, I’ll be hopefully healthier.

  • Great line!

  • It was a blast having you gents class up the show.

  • Yeah, 2 out of 6 guys being really sick and at least 1 being drunk(me) does not come to surface though

  • “I have a problem with Charlton Heston believing he’s Moses…” hahaha

  • Just watching the plot

  • Yeah, I remember their(Bay/Bruckheimer et al) statements that they wanted to “honor the memory of the victims”. What a load of self-indulging bullshit

  • It’s not a valid statement, but it sure still seems to be the prevailing mentality in Hollywood.

  • That was good. Went surprisingly well, considering the number of ppl

  • Well, Lah Televido is also there, and they haven’t done a show since Demagog_dog quit

  • Since when studio executives operate by logic?

    By the way, in real life, Ramses II was a redhead. imagine the furor if the movie was historically accurate and casted a redhead to play Ramses in Exodus.

  • Many of the veterans truly felt offended by the movie. I’m not an american and i felt offended.

  • Well, I saw a coming soon ad from them a month ago.

  • must be the couch medicine talking when you bitch about my boy being a bad director !

  • that made my day

    like rick rude showing up on RAW and Nitro the same night

  • his bible vs lord of the rings is even better

  • its just the truth

  • good point

  • yes because terrorist never strike at the same target twice, except when they do …

  • no he said he liked oily men movies

  • its a good line, made even better because it came from zodddy

  • yes i am against casting any redheads in anything honestly

    a pretty talented redhead is a rare as a diamond

  • 1. ” the link to Welcome to the Midside doesnt work ” said no one ever

    2. ” hey lets see if the high on film guys got a different view of jurrassic park than Dee does ” said no one ever

    3. Hey the Buzzed Off Film ahh forget it . its old now

  • if i had to give someone the win on points you would have tied imho with someone else. and that someone was not me.

  • I cannot deny it.

  • David Caruso as Ramses II.

  • That’s a killer!

  • My experience says differently.

  • Dee made an excelent argument about the irresponsability of movies like The Interview.

  • This is where i’ll disagree with Dee, I think Aronosfky is a very talented director. His only movie that i was unsatisfied with was NOAH, and even then there’s some stuff in it that i quite liked.

  • Coming soon is a PE registered trademark, and will show up on a brand new page.

  • Crypt Keeper

    Women are annoying.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude


  • i wasnt talking about the bedroom asi getcha mind outta gutter

  • would have been better !

  • I don’t bed in gutters. I respect the ladies too much for that.

  • Man up

  • Crypt Keeper


  • I am listening to this now.

  • I hate fanboys calling other people fanboys as if its a negative thing.

  • ive heard about those douchebags

  • there was Bond week….. the rest explains itself.

  • name dropping is sooooo lame…..

  • Come on, the europeans where all on time , and we had to wait for the yanks !! Unacceptable !!

  • BILLION!!!!

  • I’ve never seen a Fast and the whatever…….. movie.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger = SciFi

  • Its the number of lens flares that has become an annoyance


  • I don´t think The Interview is a comedy. Because it was not funny.

  • NK had nothing to do with SonyHack. We all know it was those LizardDicks.

  • The Bush docu/drama was not about killing George W Bush . That was not the crux of that film.

  • You should have 4 battle royale podcast each year. Where all the players are involved . Royal Rumble, Summerslam, Survivor Series, and Wrestlemania. Dio knows what im talking about.

  • For Dee

  • These religions rewrite their own history all the time. Filmmakers can´t keep up with the bullshit.

  • Inglorious Bastards…….

  • well lets get it accurate. The Russians won the war !! Not the americans. Anyone want to dispute that ???

  • Dio is channelling WWF stars all the time.

  • SuperStars, meant to say

  • Good point.

  • Thanks!

  • name dropping?

  • like ” I had coffee with James Cameron the other day, and i saw a car crash”

    James Cameron is the name drop there, but the point was the crash….. Just had to mention you had coffee with Cameron ……( not you personally of course )

  • Sir Alec Guinness in arab-face in Lawrence of Arabia.

  • Underrated

  • many movies came and went without having the machine behind them. Locke, The Rover , Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas etc

  • You need thirty True Detective shows to weigh up the scales against Toddlers and Tiaras etc

  • Overrated.

  • It wasn’t in public……… I want to see the movie he was watching though

  • Overrated!!!

  • New Years Eve is just another night. Ill get drunk either way.

  • Rate him on the individual movies. I will stand by the wrestler, requiem, and black swan. The rest i can´t comment on.

  • i thought i heard an “ass to ass” there. Underrated

  • Put him next to another director ?? JJ , Bay , Lucas , Eli Roth ?? I would put D A above them all.

  • No rant !?!?! OOhhhhh i feel a rant coming on…..

  • oohhh its the Supernaughts BITCH !!! ( get a female on board and that will work better )

  • But in relation to this episode?

  • A porn from 1991… really?

  • my name was dropped !!!

  • Ah sorry. You know the name-dropping was a podcasting advice I got from my old pal George Lucas when we were bowling.

  • Hillbilly Therapist

    Even if the dwarves had all the dump trucks from DIE HARD 3 they could not have put a dent in Smaug’s hoard.