The Supernaughts Debate Show 16:</br> Breaking Up is Hard To Do. The Supernaughts Debate Show 16:</br> Breaking Up is Hard To Do.
Episode 16 welcomes in Dan from the Shut Up Kids to talk about their migration, the treatment of celebs by the public and Marvel's... The Supernaughts Debate Show 16:</br> Breaking Up is Hard To Do.
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Co-host, editor, and producer of the Shut Up Kids podcast. Dan has dabbled in short filmmaking (Z IS FOR XANAX) and writing novels (SHORETOWN). His favorite film is Dr. Strangelove, favorite writer is Kurt Vonnegut and he loves prog and stoner rock.




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Dan & The Shut Up Kids Podcast

Dan talks about the creation of the Shut Up Kids Podcast and the migration of SUK to The Supernaughts.

Topic One: Disorder in the court  

When we look at Lena Dunham, Ray Rice, & Bill Cosby. Are celebs treated fairly in the court of public opinion?

Topic Two: Slap Fight of the Titans

Based on the success of Cap 2, GotG, and the upcoming Avengers 2, is Marvel poised to continue to dominate the scene or does DC have a chance to take over with: Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad?

Award shows

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  • Controversy! Will listen later…

  • Dan whiter than me? No way

  • The gauntlet has been thrown.

  • Well, in the summer I turn bright red.

  • I avoid the sun. I’d be a pile of ash

  • site within a site within a site, yeah.

  • You need a special assigned tour guide to find some specific thing

  • Blame it on North Koreans. That seems to work so well

  • “Superman 2″…. LMAO

  • I couldn’t believe he said it.

  • LOL – “The bills are piling up, he’s getting stressed.”

  • I think the only celeb that recently got the hammer was Wesley Snipes – and that was for fucking TAX EVASION?!!? Give me a break.

  • It got Al Capone too.

  • Oh, and then there was that John McTiernan perjury-thing, that I still don’t get

  • But I guess that was mostly for “Rollerball”

  • Rightly so.

  • Heston’s ability to overact can dwarf even the mightiest hams.

  • Still can’t lol

  • Marvel vs. DCzzzzzzzzzz

  • You’re the man Dee.

  • Oh it’s always an exciting topic. Always.

  • GotG is in no way this generation’s Star Wars.

  • If you don’t like something call us out. I’m all for it.

  • lol

  • There will never be another Star Wars.

  • Even in the Star Wars franchise

  • I can hope.

  • Hey! That’s just my opinion, man. No need to take that too seriously. Seriously.

  • So I should take down my: What would Dee do poster? No way!

  • Drax literally giving a shit lol. Maybe in the extended cut…

  • It’s my Star Wars then 🙂

  • Not being a huge comic fan, my eyes just glaze over.

  • “snap”. Hah

  • No, it’s What Would Roman Polanski do.

  • GotG did not trip because they made it as safe as they could.

  • Just wait, as Sony keeps up it’s fuckery and the new Fox Fantastic Four tanks. Those two(Spidey, F4) might end up with Marvel pretty soon

  • “Man of Steel” is the only decent movie Snyder ever made.

  • Award shows = blah. Podbean = I don’t know the dude. Podcasts = rated just right.

  • That was a ton of fun to do and listen to. Hope to be on again someday.

  • Rated PG-13, zing

  • Award shows: overrated. Scott is right on the money.

  • Podbean: overrated. Those damn statistics are bollocks.

  • Podcasts: Most are overrated. There are exceptions though.

  • Whom is describing Dan there with that “bad podcast” example?

  • It’s a mystery!

  • Love the outtake. One day we should publish the one from the beginning of the best/worst 2014-show….when everybody was in hysterics in less than 5 minutes in

  • Manifesto!

  • “plantation”

  • I sometimes turn my cell off for a whole weekend.

  • It’s absurd how bad they are.

  • Are they like the Nielsen ratings?

  • Disqus works on mobile too!

  • Tim something

    55 comments already, this must be good…

  • Kind of. Except imagine that if you’re flipping through the channels every split second you passed over a channel is counted as a viewer, maybe.

  • barely

  • Tim something

    FF is what, 9 months from release and not one official photo yet. Not good.

  • Well now that you’re here it really is.

  • Barely functional is my pickup line.

  • And Doom as a hacker. Also not good

  • Tim something

    Star wars is an ocean that kids swim in now. “Use the force”, “There is no try” have become clichés. It isn’t fantastic and new like it was in 1977.

  • He did it all for the LOLZ

  • No, it isn’t.

  • You’ve…’ve earned this:

  • And the new movies won’t help.

  • Does he work for North Korea?

  • As you say it… maybe that story helps the movie.

  • Tim something

    It’s a shame he never shared a scene with Shatner.

  • I am also angry about the fact that celebs get a “bonus”.

  • You cannot “share” a scene with Shatner.

  • The only one who managed that was James Spader. In “Boston Legal”

  • I don’t like the celebs that want a live-broadcast of their kid’s birth on TV and the next week they are whining because someone took a photo of them that showed they gained weight. If you want to get the attention of the media, you cannot cherry-pick the good stuff.

  • They somehow chewed on it from both ends.

  • Excellent point. I just want my life back!

  • eugh

  • It is an excellent point. I made it in the show.

  • Wanna hear an infuriating story? It’s a bit long-winded though.

  • Tim something

    I’m so angry that I can’t raise my own pack of raptors.

  • Well now I’m starting to see some holes in that argument.

  • Says the guy who sits back and doesn’t debate…

  • You were too fast with naming all the different types of celeb douchebags!

  • Minimal effort is my middle name.

  • Tim something

    ” I just want my life back! ” OK, first give back the money, the houses and kick the drugs. Then see how you feel living like the rest of us.

  • Go!

  • Yeah, um, I had an answer prepared for a different question and just rolled with it.

  • Mine is Michael.

  • Tim something

    Conserving energy is environmentally responsible.

  • Well there was this politician of a slightly right-winger party in Austria. He was loved by everyone though, because he was kind of good-looking, sportive and always had those rich famous girlfriends. But he was critisized because he was a frequent guest at non-political shows, etc. which is kind of a no-go here. But he stated that he never promotes his party or talks politics at those shows so he got a pass. Ctd…

  • Tim something


  • Tim, you kill me.

  • Do you have a problem with his actions or not?

  • Well, one day he was photographed by kids with cell phone cameras on an airport, when he was kissing a woman that was not his fiancee. The kids sold the photos to a German tabloid. Well: he sued the tabloid, because it is “not proper to expose a politician this way, because a politician is not the same kind of celebrity as other celebrities”. And the court agreed !!!!

  • Anyway, I agree with it and all you said about Marvel, GotG and Man of Steel.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter


  • Colonel, me old China!

  • Fucking injustice.

  • Holy moly!

  • I see someone got my invite to this lovely place. Hope you aren’t too Bollywooded out and can stay for a spot of tea.

  • Yeah. Fuckin’ politicians. We’ve got that type of crap here too. There are several people sitting in the parliament, that have had many criminal convictions

  • He had a lot of problems afterwards for tax evasion but he was never brought before court.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    If by tea you mean a beer and a spliff? Why yes I am think you 🙂

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Your sins will always find you out…….

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Dee, old chum! How’s my favourite yodelling mountain dweller?

  • of course not. financial crimes just get a slap on the wrist, if you’re in political office

  • Excellent! How are you?

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    And Im totally Bollywooded out! Im going to take a year off them. But they keep bloody offering me them. I need someone to offer me a fun job so I dont get worried and take one of them lol

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Good thanks, mate. Finally having a week off, so drinking and eating with friends every evening. Plus catching up on my tv and films. Lovely

  • Next time I talk to Lexi… 🙂

  • And podcasts, cough, cough,

  • Nice!

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    haha, and podcasts too! Im listening, Im listening!!! Very interesting mini history on the change over. I never know whats going on so good to be kept up to date.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    I did have a meeting with a guy who wants to make a action/horror/war/kung fu film. They’ve got hardly any cash but the premise is so fun. They’ve got tanks, helicopters all lined up. I’ve got to work out how much help I can give them without getting paid.

  • Interesting genre-mash

  • Is this a Sony PowerPoint leaked project?

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    I forgot the zombies too 😉

  • Are there War Bats?

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    He is a young Hong Kong director so you never know.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Only if you suggest them to the writer.

  • Every movie needs a bit of War Bats now…

  • Or Manbat.

  • Tim something

    In honor of the Colonel, go here and play the thing OVER this podcast to get a thing.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter


  • Col. Tigh-Fighter


  • Tim something

    See, he’s hearing the podcast coming from the frackin ship…

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Hey Tim, we’re the only folks here who don’t have a special grey badge. 🙁

    *feels sad*

  • Badges? Badges? You don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

  • Besides, there’s no censorship here, so the badges really don’t mean that much…

  • Tim something

    Creative differences.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Good lad, RDJ. Watchmen is a fantastic film. One of my favourites.

  • Let’s go!

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Guardians was ace! Preferred to CA2. Still holds up on DVD too.

  • Tim something

    I am happy that there are people making “family” friendly sites. It is needed and appreciated. I want my kid to have safe spots to visit. On the other hand those sites are like hanging out in McDonald’s for an evening while Supernaughts is more like a bar- smoke, strong drink, bawdy humor, – a much better evening for an adult. At least one who isn’t a prude.
    When do you start stripper nights?

  • I’ll thoroughly corrupt my kid anyway.

  • Tim something

    19:01 I pause the thing right here to predict that… DAN wins it.

  • When Ginger returns from maternity leave.

  • Well tell me at the end who should have won.


  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Hmmm, Dan may be overthinking the Cleveland Steamer thing…… 😀

  • Sir, do we get to win this time?

  • Abe’s a shark.

  • Tim something

    This would be a great tease/trailer for the episode where you interview the Colonel. You know it’s going to happen so get on with it.

  • Tim something

    Cause I’m pretty sure RJD knows a few, I’ve seen his facebook page….

  • What’s this site you speak of? Never heard of it.

  • Asimov who?

  • Oh you guys.

  • Much like Fredo, it broke my heart.

  • Tim something

    Lena Dunham? Here’s how you deal with her:

  • Tim something

    Get in the boat Puck.

  • Nuke it from the orbit. it’s the only way to be sure

  • I’m already on a boat. It might have a leak though.

  • Hey I’m..he is the nicest person.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    The dance-off was fun.

  • I agree, we’re not competitors. I love everyone equally.

  • We’re all fucking morons. =(

  • Tim something

    24:40. This is why he didn’t want any of you on his PG site. And why his will never be as fucking funny as this one.

  • I still curse over there all the time. Maybe I’m special.

  • The f bomb to other word ratio was quite high…

  • I’ve been saying that for months.

  • That Puck is “special?”

  • I think so long as I don’t go into pussy flaps territory it’s OK.

  • Somehow I tend to get most of the f-bombs in our show

  • All that ruminating needs a release.

  • Tim something


  • Tim something

    The answer to Homer’s question is, of course, Willard’s Wonderful Webzone

  • We should be burning HER on her front lawn.

  • Are images allowed back on PE comments? I think I heard YouTube links were allowed again after we left.

    Seriously, though. I had an email back and forth with Finn and he’s explained his actions to me and I didn’t feel he was obligated to do so. Comments aren’t important to him. Understood. They are to us. They were the lifeblood of AICN and a reason TB thrived (IMHO). Are they the only indicator of success? No. And Slate and I have had numerous discussions about important metrics to determine show/site success.

    But comments / community mean something to me. Its not the end-all, be-all, but it brings joy to me to chat with you all.

  • Ooooh, even better.

  • Tim something

    He wanted to drive us out, and he succeeded. And I just want to say that his content is shitty and not worth the click.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Fun ep guys. See u soon. Off to a Christmas sciency thing tonight with Brian Cox and The Cure. Fun.

    LOL Dan not Nick!

  • Brian Cox? Loved him in “Alien”

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    haha This one if a professor

  • Ha! Nice. Drop by Sunday if you can. We have John Ary to do our Top/Bottom films of 2014.

  • You said it best when you said ” without our listeners were nothing”

    Your right

  • You have something against one paragraph articles ?

  • Links are fine again, links to images too, just not direct embeds. Not as cool as allowing everything, but it’s acceptable.

    Yeah I had a big back and forth with Finn after the whole fiasco that led to Dee/IAB/Sloth leaving PE. He’s very steadfast in his ideas and his plans, his “vision” I guess you could say, buuuuut I have been getting the sense of more leeway recently and coming around on a few things. He’s asked for my thoughts more lately as well and there are some cool things in the works still.

    Still a big problem is just overall speed of getting things done. Constant delays was another reason for some departures and maybe I’m a bit more lenient in that regard because I work very slowly on things myself outside of my day job, so it’s understandable.

  • He left the leaky boat

  • Oh, that Brian Cox! Fuck him but don’t tell Rose I said that!

  • (usually she shows up about now, lol)

  • Thor 2 was great on my scale, but a 7/10 is great on my scale.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy is awesome. I don’t get the hate, honestly. Yes it’s goofy at times but I don’t think it ever gets toooooo goofy like some people *coughnickcough* say.

  • Ppl left.

    Let’s not forget they left of their own volition

  • I think my bill Cosby quote should have won this thing

  • I resemble that remark

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Too stupid and bland.

  • Its as good as out could have been honestly. Couple great casting choices and two. Horrible choices

  • I was there until you said zombies

  • And yeah, I agree with you on comments. I think they’re very important, but based on Finn’s metrics or whatever he’s using there are other things he considers more important. That’s fine, it’s his decision, and I have no problem with it from a business decision perspective and that’s kinda the road PE is going down anyway, more business-y like. The reborn TB should be more like the old way once it’s fully operational (again, launched it too soon and backed up on other stuff to get it polished off).

    As for those other metrics, like visits and stuff, the whole Ming Na retweet of John’s video yesterday spiked traffic massively and actually brought the site down momentarily, yet there are still very few comments on that article. So yes, there is a massive potential audience out there that doesn’t comment and if that’s more of the target then the community guys like us, well I understand it. May not agree, but I understand it anyway.

  • You’re too stupid and bland.

  • Whoever said they hate pod cast is a real SOB

  • I thought Finn held a gun to their head.

  • I thought it was cheesy fun and for the first time in a long time I could see kids imagining being in a comic book cinematic universe.

  • When it’s on vibrate next to your junk that doesn’t count

  • Friendly reminder once again that Nick is without joy. Joyless. Etc.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    You’re a towel.

  • It doesn’t fucking matter if it’s a kids film, some of the best films are kids films.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I agree. If I was 10 I would have loved it.

  • Scott will invite you back but you have to job to him

  • ???

  • It wasn’t just sitting there, it was on some fucked up middle of nowhere planet and guards got there like immediately.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    If only GOTG lived up to those greats.

  • You’re a paper towel!

  • That prob got him the win

    He was on fire

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I’m a minge.

  • Pacific rim?

  • I had to google that.

  • I agree with that, it’s certainly no The Little Mermaid.

  • Great saying

  • I’m Team DC. Fuck Marvel.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I agree with that.

  • Honestly idk. I do know they left. The we looked at each other and said ” those guys are talented! “

  • BOATLOADS of people will see Batman v Superman. TITANIC BOATLOADS

  • My only problem with Man of Steel is the opening. It’s way too long and a bit of a massive CGI mess, IMO. Still a great film though, another solid 7/10.

  • It will be different this time

  • Really? I thought the opening was it’s strength.

  • Avatar ish ?

  • We missed you

  • It was very reminiscent of Avatar, but much worse.

  • It doesn’t really add anything to the film at all. It probably would have worked better as a standalone mini-film like that one from Avengers or whatever.

  • Maybe, maybe not. No biggy to me, I just roll with it.

  • “Dio, shut up for a minute”

  • Iron Man 2 is better than 3 at least.

  • Nope, lies. I don’t watch them and haven’t in YEARS.

  • IM2 had Rockwell and Mickey over acting. Plus plus. RDJ as Stark. PLUS. Bad ending. Bad middle. Bad black widow. Mixed bag

  • Boat loads of ppl see transformers

  • ScarJo is never bad.

  • Not sure what your point is.

  • Talkbacker is underrated because it led me to all of you.

  • I feel a hug coming on! Bring it in Puck.

  • And Adam Sandler movies…

  • (don’t ask explanation – it just IS)

  • Honestly, I am going to refrain from commenting anymore publicly about this. But I will say this. Finn thought that he “got it” and that I “didn’t get it” when it comes to metrics. But he’s wrong. He just never tried to have the conversation with me. Slate and I have the conversation daily. I have faith SN will do well if those conversations keep happening.

  • That’s cool and I support and wish nothing but the best for all of you. Well, maybe not RJD. m/ tr00 [email protected] m/

  • Like I’ve told Slate, I don’t plan for things. They just happen.

  • Sometimes it has to be said lol

  • Puckgrinder!

  • Don’t worry you’ll be 10 someday. 😛

  • they both might stink

  • her acting is

  • She can act though. Probably a little miscast for this part, but I think they’re also just mishandling her in the typical “she’s just here as eye candy” sort of way.

  • Maybe, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Tim something

    You misspelled laid

  • Tim something

    Thanks to the wonders of Disqus I didn’t see the images for three hours. Just dots …

  • Tim something

    A million generic sites do that. Use headlines to generate clicks, reap large click rate to sell ads. Content? Once they’ve clicked who gives a fu..k?

  • Tim something

    Any halfway intelligent fan could’ve pulled a better ending out of their ass. What a waste.

  • Tim something

    Titanic? Unsinkable!

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I’m feeling lonely and Dan’s being mean to me.

  • Tim something

    Another piece of his shiny soul just turned black. Good work.

  • How am I being mean to you? I channeled you for this episode and said Slate should stop calling me Nick because it was insulting to you!

  • Tim something

    Iron Man
    Iron Man 3
    Cap 2
    Iron Man 2
    Thor 2
    Hulk, hulk
    Daredevil spinoff ninja chick

  • Tim something

    She does pouty face great. She has no other expression.

  • Tim something

    Coming in 2017 Seth Rogen and James Franco in Marvels’ “Infinity Stoned” saga.

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    I always thought a line of dots was the international sign for refresh Disqus

  • Tim something

    I see a book : ” The Science of Santa Claus”.

  • The middle isnt great but the end is just bad.

  • Your insulting the writing.staff over there. They think a one paragraph review is good enough

  • If he’d been right, there wouldn’t be the need for PE/TB/BB and whatever the fuck else he decides.

  • Just don’t make me have to hit you again.

  • Nah my bible and fuck Lea Dunham had it wrapped up. 😛

  • Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Excellent use of English coloquialisms there. A+

  • Learned it from the best.

  • Do we have to get Nick on our show sometime to balance the books?

  • Revisionist history w the bible was really good. But abe said give her candy. Made me bust out

  • But he loves me. I had it coming

  • There was no tension or suspense in that whole scene. It just seemed like he walked in, grabbed the most powerful thing in the universe and yeah, a few guards showed up. Ronin could have gotten it himself. And a few guards? For something that could destroy galaxies? The premise just seems watered down and no one cared.

  • All I can say to that really is that they weren’t going for tension or suspense there, so it doesn’t really matter. I agree with you on some of the plot hole stuff but I tend to let that slide when it’s obviously not a serious film. You can find plot holes and illogical shit in Star Wars too, hell most movies, but that doesn’t ruin the fun.

  • Tim something

    DIO on podcasts- LMAO
    (incredulously) “I go to the thread and the guy doing the podcast is insulting everybody”

  • Tim something

    Dan wins. You know one day your guest won’t win and I hope she or he turns on you in fury for being the first guest not allowed to rant.

  • Gee, I wonder who that was…? Lol.

  • Tim something

    Dio that thing shoulda ended with the Government showing up to take Stark’s armor just like they were threatening to at the beginning. It would have been an immense fight and Stark could be standing in the ruins at the end, victorious and JARVIS would say “Congratulations on your victory sir, now what do we do?” Roll credits.
    But that would not have segued into Avengers at all.

  • Tim something

    Of course we know that Stark is building flying aircraft carriers for SHIELD now. Bullshit.

  • Me too! I really look forward to that.

  • if you go back in time to that site – we had tons of podcast pop up and very few folks commenting and supporting the web site, and its not different now. the SUK themselves in the community and did as much to support the site as the site did to support them.

  • FF films and half the Xmen films, even though they are not really MCU films.

  • Tim something

    and the next FF film too!

  • Tim something


  • Tim something

    I recall a whole crop of podcasts, almost all uniformly bad. I was like: “What tha fuck”?

  • Neuromancer

    Really strong debate.

  • Neuromancer

    Iron Man 3 is a good movie. The only good Iron Man movie in my opinion.

  • Neuromancer

    Comparing DC and Marvel is kind of misleading. DC makes films with A list directors and A list actors. Marvel is not really that kind of company. Apples and oranges in my opinion. With Cap 2 and GotG Marvel proved that they can spend less money on above the fold talent and still make top quality entertainment. DC movies SHOULD BE better every time out. But they’re not. Added to the fact that DC has Batman and Superman which are the biggest characters of all time. I gotta say Marvel is destroying DC.

  • The comment posted above is really strong point . Maybe good enough to win one of these things

  • Thanks.. and the thing was it happened all at once. We didn’t get time to meet them and find the ones that deserved to be noticed

  • Neuromancer
  • Wait, what? The guest always wins? I didn’t win on merit alone? Then I declare, I’ll never do this bogus show ever again. You fooled me, Slate!

  • I was hoping it would be me, honestly. I storm off the call in a tirade. Would have been good. Add it to the list, ha.

  • Listening now. Sitting in an airport. Plane delayed .

  • I gave up in the last weeks of TB. I was censored. Nude Jennifer Lawrence reference …….. Never commented on the other one. I did consider being the first person banned from there, but that would mean nasty commenting , and I don’t do that…….. much

  • The girl forgave Polanski , and so did I.

  • These Cosby “victims” did not just appear. The accusations have been around for some time.

  • Celebs getting a pass is all over. One of our sports stars drove drunk, crashed , left an injured person behind, lied to the police about it and only got sentenced to 50 days in jail.

    I’ve commented on this in local and national websites. If ANYONE who is caught doing any of these things get more than 50 days, fire your lawyer because he don´t know shit.

  • Some celebs here don´t even get named in the news. We see all the time : ” music artist beats his wife” “former footballer drives drunk” etc. Why they get protected by the press is beyond me. They have no problems naming , and shaming foreign celebs. Even when its just a rumor.

  • Sony cancelling the Interview causes more of an uproar than the torture report. Go figure. And why Stephen Collins decides to do a fucking interview when all this is going on is beyond me. He should fire his PR team.

  • I’m a comic book fan. Im gonna see them all. Multiple times. Maybe not Aquaman……. , but hey, it could be great.

  • Most people are stupid.

  • Got to board the plane. If i die in a plane crash then this will be my last comment.

    Marvel owns. DC is pretty good too . Seth Rogen sucks.

    Razzle Razzle

  • Word.

  • But he didn’t mean it. And who was the loser he ran over? Surely no sports star!

  • Best last words ever.

  • I liked Man of Steel. And i liked GOTG. Im not tied to one side or the other. I might favour Marvel because thats the comics i read. That actually turns into my biggest gripes with the films. Ant-Man and Wasp not being founding members of the Avengers ( but Widow and Hawkeye are ? )

    Drax being used as a floor mop by The Accuser? How is he gonna fight Thanos then ?? Drax is supposed to be able to hold his own against The Hulk…. Made no sense.

    Also the fact that The Collector seems to know the deal with the Infinity Gems. Nobody but Thanos is supposed to know. I could go on, but i have resigned to the fact that the movies won’t follow the comics.

    This whole Marvel camp v DC camp is also a mute point. The overwhelming majority of the moviegoers won´t even have a clue that these films are based on comics. And they don’t really care if you tell them either.

  • Neuromancer

    A mute point? Did you even listen to this podcast?

  • Neuromancer

    Don’t you mean “street smart”?

  • Neuromancer

    What are you gonna do?

  • Neuromancer

    No. Just. No.

  • Neuromancer

    Did her dad?

  • Neuromancer

    We will debate this.

  • Neuromancer

    Boo urns. Bill Cosby baaaad. Roman Polanski goooood.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Bill Cosby hasn’t had anyone forgive him, nor has he ever put out any quality content.

  • watch tv-

  • no

  • Yes- Should have been MOOT POINT. Excuse my poor English

  • Need to listen to this too.

  • They know it’s based on comics, but for most the difference between Marvel and DC is non-existent or utterly unimportant.

  • She has no dad, just her mother, who did forgive him, yes.

  • Disqus is being a real bitch today!

  • Neuromancer

    Bull corn.

  • ill be honest im pissed about the antman wasp thingy

  • id pay to see a movie where seth rogan is waterboarded sue me

  • i still watch his films. he is a great director.

    WWRPD ?

  • Wrong

    Marvel has loads of A list guys. Bridges Howard and Paltrow were coming off oscar noms when they were hired for ironman, and ironman 2 demon in a bottle was in script form if RDJ went sideways. Cap get Tommy Lee Fucking Jones, then follows it up with Robert Redford. Samuel L Jackson ? Marvel cast cheaper ppl when they sign 9 year deals like the gossip girl guy. who btw was bad ass as TWS . Your point about Marvel winning is right on though. THOR 2 whatever you think about it, was more fun and made more money than MOS

  • Ignoring the facts that don’t suit your own preconceptions, hem?

  • Tim something

    Hey RJD! I had my second viewing of Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend and suddenly I realized that Yondu (Michael Rooker) has your voice.

  • Stalkeye

    First things first.

    The success of SUK was a joint effort not only from Dan, Nick and Col/Mike, but avid supporters who offered suggestions, feedback and ideas. Some eventually became guests such as Asimov, who was indeed the very first.
    Dan is one of the easiest guys to work with and is a great team player.

    Finn dropped the ball and to have him discard SUK that way, is not a good look.
    I’m very disappointed in him for that alone.

    Talkbacker (the original) was never overrated. it started off as a revolution until Finn decided to go “corporate” thus leading to many individuals (myself included.) questioning his decisions. It was a beautiful thing and all good things come to an end.

    As for the one who commented on “News”, news went hand in hand with the user comments in order to compete against the other sites. its a good way to stay informed instead of moving to other places to get the latest scoop. The constant praise Tikk is proof of this! Tikkanen held it down! And should anyone would complain about not getting enough comments from their articles because of the constant newsfeed, shows a sign of insecurity.

    Most if not all of us got our fair share of feedback ergo I don’t have a problem with Podcasts or news competing against our then content.


    (No pun intended.)

  • Yeah, I need to reiterate something you said:

    “The success of SUK was a joint effort not only from Dan, Nick and Col/Mike, but avid supporters who offered suggestions, feedback and ideas.”

    That is still the case and we are just two guys talking on the phone if it isn’t for our audience – so we will ALWAYS appreciate them.

  • Stalkeye

    I know that you do Dan, and you even mentioned it during a previous podcast. At the end of the day, Teamwork opens the path to success. That’s what made Talkbacker so effin great. From SUK Podcasts, Tikk’s bringing the news and of course my fellow contributors.

    Even though the site is not the same, we made history in our own way.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I only like pre-rape Polanski films so I’ve never felt guilty.

  • 9th gate is worth the guilt

  • Yes, we did. I’ll have fond memories of what was, and will try my hardest to forget what it’s become.

  • Stalkeye

    Well, I can’t fault you for your sentiments as you did stand by Finn/TB until you guys had a falling out.
    (TBH, I can’t recall what was the last straw. Was it Creepy’s Manifesto that was removed?)

    I think Finn posting the Alexia rankings was unnecessary and needless to say, how it pissed you off entirely.

    What will happen to the “New” talkbacker is uncertain and if no one contributes, it may die a sudden death. personally, if anyone submits an interesting article there, I shall read it and comment.

    As for PE, like I have said before, Finn gotta eat. (0:’

  • It was a combination of things, but certainly the Alexa posting was the last straw. The lack of communication over the change, the outright lies I was told, being relegated to the now non existent Re/Public certainly didn’t help.

    And if there’s an interesting article on TB more than a paragraph long, I’ll be surprised. Where others choose to spend their time is none of my business-but I’ll be damned if I’ll support a site where I was stabbed in the back.

  • Stalkeye

    Yeah, I can’t blame you for your feelings toward Finn.
    I’m more neutral but I always said he was a bad communicator but I’m grateful for him having us put our stuff out there.
    And to be honest, Frankie Smalles ain’t bringing down the House.
    But I respect his intentions.

  • Reading your post makes me believe i missed out a lot of things happening right in front of my face.

  • the last five minutes of the podcast is to cry laughing. The whole show was great, but those last minutes were pure comedy gold.

    And guys, thanks a lot for your references about me.

  • Guest