The Supernaughts Debate Show 15: </br>Star Wars: The Ary Awakens The Supernaughts Debate Show 15: </br>Star Wars: The Ary Awakens
John Ary jumps into episode 15 and joins Scott, RJD, and Jack Random to discuss film critics, Star Wars, and what's left of 2014. The Supernaughts Debate Show 15: </br>Star Wars: The Ary Awakens
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John Ary is a film critic extraordinaire and creator of John at the movies.

John’s links:
John at the Movies

Jack Random is a former video game reviewer, current DJ & production assistant, and lifelong nerd.

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John Ary 

John talks about his getting his start at Ain’t It Cool, his video reviews, what happened with Photon City News.

Topic One: I’m getting very aggregated 

In age of aggregated sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, as well as entertainment sites with feedback sections, is film criticism necessary?

Topic Two: The Star Wars teaser  

We let the Shut Up Kids lead us off as we talk about the teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Topic Three: Farewell 2014 we barely knew thee

Of the big new films left to release this year, what are you most excited to see?

 Over/Under 2014 Edition

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Transformers 4
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
True Detective

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  • Boom!

  • [Didn’t bleep that] – FUCK THE WORLD!

  • That’s my motto cause I’m hardcore.

  • Agree about ratings in reviews. I won’t do them either

  • Starting an entertainment website is dumb. Who would do that?

  • I’ll rate whatever the fuck I want!

  • John is making some great points, there.

  • Hey, its my voice!

  • Jack calling out Nick… Not smart, friend. Not smart.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Ooooo! I can’t listen now. Fill me in!

  • Ha, nothing bad – just basically saying he got excited by seeing the Millennium Falcon in the Star Wars trailer unlike you.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I wish I felt it, man! I really do!

  • That was fantastic!

  • I ask myself that everyday as well.

  • Agree with Slate. Star Wars = selling toys. Always. They are the Kiss of the movie world. Great films, but toys, toys, toys.

  • Hear that everyone! Someone agrees with me. I’m going to call all my high school teachers.

  • Settle down, Slate. Its me that’s agreeing with you. Not like its Nick. His opinion carries weight. Mine, not so much.

  • You can’t contain Puck!

  • Inherent Vice! God, I want to see it. Might have to wait until January though. 🙁

  • We’re going to have to do an esteem building exercise Cool Runnings style.

  • Shameless plug for a past show here: In our Alex Rockwell/Sam Rockwell episode, Alex gives a few anecdotes about Peter Dinklage in “Death at a Funeral” for those interested. The episode is posted right here on this site. Just saying.

  • “That shit’s disrespectful.” Hahahahahaha!

  • I want to see it as well. Although I may just watch 2/3s of the movie as Anderson can’t finish a movie.

  • FUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK YOOOOOOOUUUUUUUU! Dude, drop the crack pipe. All due respect, of course.

  • I support the community with my crack habit thank you very much. Keep dollars local.

    Raining Frogs, some bullshit about a twin and milkshakes in a bowling alley, and I don’t even remember how The Master ended.

  • Who in their right mind would embark on such a thing? It baffles the mind…

  • They’d have to hopped up on paint fumes.

  • Good stuff. For a MORE aggressive beatdown on Spiderman 2, check our new show

  • Both The Master and There Will Be Blood are perfect films. Perfect. The ending to both films are amazing. You don’t remember the ending to The Master? I feel bad for you. Boogie Nights = amazing too. Magnolia, sure, its less than perfect but still, not a bad ending.

  • I am right now!

  • That was very good!

  • I should’ve used even more expletives, I feel

  • I think that’s always the right answer.

  • Boogie Nights is perfection I can’t argue that and Hard Eight was top shelf as well.

  • I think we should have a telethon here at the site to help Ary get HBO Go.

  • My language skills just don’t always agree with my rants

  • He can borrow mine.

  • I mean, HBO, noooooooo.

  • Awesome show, guys.

  • Thanks!

  • A demotivational speech by John, haha

  • He’s rant it’s spot on if slightly Vulcan ish. Still true

  • Aggregated Sites are good for two things: 1) Analyzing where the hype is at at the moment. 2) Recognizing really bad movies. A 90% rating at RT does not have to mean anything. Neither a 40% rating. A 0-20% rating: well, yeah.

  • I tried to get him to quick. But yeah. Wtf was that statement

  • Gotta defend amateur critics there a little.

  • Please do!

  • I’m going to recast.boogie.nights with the SNs

  • A background knowledge is naturally always desirable and an improvement, but I don’t think you have to be a walking encyclopedia. In the end -and that’s not meant as condescending- most people won’t get most references anyway. It may be interesting for a few film buffs that a certain film is inspired by Japanese director XY, but most people will check out.
    I also think an amateur can bring a unique perspective and is not bound to certain rules like a professional critic. I mean that was the initial appeal of AiCN as well.

  • Furthermore I doubt the film knowledge of some professional critics and they are not immune to hype as well, as had been proven before.

  • I agree with every point. You’ve certainly proven that your criticisms are on the level.

  • Oh of course they are! Professional critics have shown themselves numerous times to be caught up in the momentum of a film. Positive and negative momentum.

  • Thanks a lot! In the end I just enjoy writing them and hope they are of value for others as well. Hell, I don’t mind if some people disagree and hate my reviews, at least they are not bored.

  • I don’t do star ratings for my ratings. I have nothing against them at all, but I cannot do those.

  • The only exception is “Kenny G”-scale

  • That’s some sciency shit.

  • Always correct.

  • But it’s gotta only be used in conjunction with mediocre shit

  • A full review with a reviewer’s angle is always better than a star rating.

  • I think everybody should be aware of the fact that we don’t rate movies solely by their objective qualities like craftsmanship, acting, plot etc.
    The world view and the sensibility that are presented in a movie are also of importance.

  • Tim something

    Sound production is getting better every week.

  • Tim something

    Uh, what?

  • Never saw a movie that was well-made and well-acted but something about the message rubbed you the wrong way?

  • I will say a few things about the SW teaser in an upcoming episode of BOPX, to be published on 30th Dec.

  • This is going to be fun.

  • Thanks Tim. It’s been a learning experience and I hope to do better each time.

  • It’s time for new spaceships.

  • Change happens slowly in the Star Wars universe. It took them 20 some years to build a space station.

  • Tim something

    Getting all the permits was a bitch.

  • Agree with RJD about the SW teaser.

  • Tim something

    “I think of myself as a cheerleader” that conjured the wrong mental image John.

  • “JJ knows how to tell an interesting story”. hmmmmmmm

  • The Falcon shot is computer game aesthetic.

  • Lucas would not have been able to dream that up? Sorry, Mr. Ary, that’s BS.

  • Thunderdome 2: Dee vs. Ary

  • The “Exodus” trailer brought nothing new to the table.

  • Transformers can never be underrated. It deserves all the bashing it gets and more.

  • Orci: “Orsee”

  • Godzilla is underrated!

  • True Detective: tiny tiny tiny little overrated

  • Thank you!

  • Dee’s bringing it today!

  • The Oscars SUCK

  • I cannot let it stand like that.

  • Great episode again. I hope John Ary turns up so we can discuss why Lucas > Abrams.

  • Yes it does.

  • Tim something

    Lucas went mad with merchandising. All the fighter redesigns were but one example.

  • Tim something


  • Tim something

    Amazing 2 was all that and also a MASIVE DOWNER.

  • Tim something

    I’m just echoing points RJD’s made but I will hit it again: If you can fuck up Spiderman you can fuck up cheese pizza. Sell them rights back to Marvel.

  • Tim something


  • Tim something

    Uh, what?

  • Tim something

    I got hobbit fatigue, but the hobbit’s barely in it. Dwarf fatigue, pretentious Elf fatigue.

  • Right you are. People forget he’s mexican, so his name must be read in spanish.

  • This is my cue to laugh.

  • When the 3rd LOTR movie was about to open, i couldn’t wait to watch it.
    The 3rd Hobbit movie is about to open, and i can’t give a damn.

  • I don’t forget – I just enjoy making fun of it.

  • i love the lord of the rings

    i havent seen one hobbit film

  • ditto

  • damn i will use that quote again and again and never give you credit

  • this is old so ill say it again



    in a few weeks on the SUK




  • 80s lucas

  • different strokes for different folks

  • So that his name sounds like Orc. Which is appropriate.

  • Your post proves that the show is actually underrated.

  • I agree. I fear for this movie.

  • So you saying that when the first Death Star was operational, they were already building a second one for redundancy just in case the first would be destroyed?
    Wow, Palpatine sure did planned ahead!

  • Americans, man!

  • Very true. Shall i remind us all AGAIN about the Abrams Treks?

  • Hey, I agreed with you!

  • A taste of things to come regarding Ary.

  • Or my review of the film.

  • johnary

    I don’t think Lucas thinks in 3 dimensions. His ideas of a great spaceship shot come mostly from WWII dogfight archival footage. Plus, he would have added in a fleet of tie-fighters instead of the two or three that we see in that brief shot.

  • I built a website in 5 minutes!

  • Ary is too professional for you goons. =P

  • Michael Bay is EVERYONE proof.

  • I hear ya man, though I actually do watch a lot of movies with my wife. It’s how I watch so much crap. Plus I get to force her to watch good stuff, only for her to hate it and we’ll grow closer to divorce. =P

  • I think you have to go easier on comedies though. If it makes you laugh, that’s the main thing. I felt the same way about Bad Grandpa last year. Hilarious, but far from a good movie.

    Horror is kind of the same too. I watched The Babadook just the other day and it was quite scary, so I enjoyed it, but overall there was a lot of stupid shit that pissed me off about it too. Not a good film, but scary enough to be interesting and enjoyable.

  • Sometimes I’ll give a score, sometimes I won’t. Depends on context.

  • The Star Wars teaser was excellent, very exciting IMO. It’s just a teaser so those usually don’t have much to offer anyway.

  • 17 times in a row? lol now that’s overkill.

  • RotJ is awesome. Ewoks don’t deserve so much hate.

  • Yes you did! You’re on the winning team.

  • FUCK THE OSCARS!!!!!!!!!

  • Puck is out of control!

  • I’m with Ary, I HATE AWARD SEASON.

  • Well. Lucas was confined by the tech of his time so he set up the rules and pretty much stuck to them. #Tie fighter-fleet: I would not let today’s Lucas anywhere near a movie, but that does not make JJ a visionary. JJ flipped the camera, so what? He is just emulating shots we know from movies that came in the meantime and computer games. The camera on the loose is a trend that hes been going on for a while and it’s nothing special. JJ does it because he can, an attitude that is not that different from prequel-era Lucas.
    The old movies set the Falcon in some iconic shots and give it weight and elegant movements, fitting the character of the ship. The new Falcon from the teaser is a weightless frisbee, but now moves much too quickly, looks flatter and flips 8 times in the same time the old one did two flips.It’s a whimsical throwaway shot, tbh. The Falcon’s iconic silhouette is never really visible and I never got the feeling it is steered by a living person. I doubt JJ can create an iconic shot like the Falcon entering the asteroid or flying through the rebel fleet.
    But JJ also did not get a memorable shot out of the Enterprise, did not know how to capture its size and shape, so no surprise there.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I like the Ewoks! They’re fuzzy little badasses.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I loved The Babadook but as a psychological thriller. I thought the leading lady was a fucking powerhouse.

  • johnary

    Never said it was a visionary shot, just that Lucas wouldn’t have had the creativity to come up with it. They have two very different styles and philosophies when it comes to space combat.

  • Yeah she was awesome despite her character being written way too uncaring IMO.

  • Yeah I just don’t think it’s that creative to be honest. And it is at odds with what we seen of the Falcon so far. Well, we’ll see.

  • Tim something

    Rhymes with horsey

  • Tim something

    I love that dirty water

  • Jack Randomm


    …I can’t breathe…

  • Jack Randomm

    I’m going to download that right now! Dinklage is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Did anybody see Knights of Badassdom?

  • Jack Randomm

    It was like seeing a long lost relative.

    That has the money he owes you.

  • yea i agree with that

  • simmer down

  • imagine a critique hating awards shows !!!

    but what about the bruce awards ???

  • I have not. Was it worth a damn?

  • Jack Randomm

    Not nearly as funny as I expected it to be. Great cast. I understand there was conflict with the director and the studio’s final cut.

  • No I’m saying we saw the construction of Death Star 1.0 at the end of episode 3 and it was ready to go episode 4. How old was Luke in episode 4?

  • Oh that’s too bad. It looks like it could have been solid. Always a shame when the suits get involved.

  • I think we saw the plans in Ep2, but not it being conctructed in Ep3. I think.
    In Ep4 Luke might be like 21 though he speaks and has the maneirisms of a 14.

  • Well they’d be voted on by us, thus legit.

  • OK. So either they took 20 years to build the damn thing, and thus they were building two just in case, or the second one was build in a hurry while they languished a lot of time with the first. Which makes no sense.

  • Dint hold your breath

  • And they were gonna eat han solo

  • He really is. Let’s check him out next week ok.the.SUK

  • In the context of films … you can’t end with gwens death. The comic did but duck you getting another comic in a month! You have to wait years for another movie.

    And in the comic her didn’t quit fir 6 months or whatever. He fought the goblin till Osborne was dead

  • Oh indeed they do. They are the Jar Jar Abrams…. oh sorry, i mean to say they are the Jar Jar Binks (force of habit, you know!) of the OT. To think that originaly they were supposed to be Wookies, which made far more sense.

  • The Mad Max teaser was excelent. The Ep7 teaser was beyond trite and banal. A good teaser for Ep7 is still to come.

  • I know they’re calling the Mad Max one a teaser, but it’s more of a full trailer IMO. But yes, it’s fucking phenomenal.

  • I agree it might have been more awesome if they were the originally intended Wookies, but the Ewoks are still pretty cool. Little fury badasses, nothing wrong with that.

  • Badasses? Morasses more like it.

  • You’re right. And if you ask me, they shouldn’t do any more trailers for Mad Max, that one is it and is doing a great job at making people interested in the film.