The Supernaughts Debate Show 14: </br> The Mel Gibson Hanukkah Special The Supernaughts Debate Show 14: </br> The Mel Gibson Hanukkah Special
Sasha Perl-Raver rejoins the boys and they take on Mel Gibson, Christmas, James Gunn, Janice Joplin and of course Interstellar. The Supernaughts Debate Show 14: </br> The Mel Gibson Hanukkah Special
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Sasha Perl-Raver is an entertainment reporter, Miss San Francisco,  and host of FX Movie Download.

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Sasha Perl-Raver 

Sasha talks about the wonderful feedback she’s received about her views on Interstellar.

Topic One: Steven Soderbergh and Angelina Jolie walk into a bar…

Angelina Jolie is retiring from acting. How will history remember her? The Girl Interrupted, ​Lara Croft​,​ Mrs Smith or Mrs Pitt?

Topic Two: She called her shot and was right  

As Sasha predicted, Interstellar was not box office gold. Bloomberg Businessweek casually analyzed the data and found 115 minutes is the most common length of a blockbuster. If Hollywood is in the business of entertaining shouldn’t they be Moneyballing themselves and looking statistically what audiences want?
The Bloomberg Source

Topic Three: I’m getting too old for this shit

Mel Gibson is ​rumored to be  teaming up with hipster Spider man Andrew Garfield  to do Hacksaw Ridge, the true story of a World War 2 Christian pacifist who won the medal of honor. Mel’s seems to be counting on the Christian dollar again. Is this pandering or knowing your audience?


Janis Joplin
Jennifer Aniston
The Planet of the Apes Franchise
James Gunn called Cinematic Universes overrated. What say you?
Saying Happy Holidays

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Agree or disagree with us? Think you have what it takes to go up against Scott and RDJ?

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The Supernaughts

  • Sasha holding a kitten

    talking shit about Mel Gibson

    damn close to perfection.

  • If, by any small chance you might read this measly post, Miss Sasha, i must say that all those wishing for you to jump off a cliff are unkind, to put it midly. Far better would say, that’s going way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too far, and all merely for disagreeing with a movie? Nonsense!

    I’d rather say something differently, and hopefuly fare more polite: to open a science book and learn the science depicted in Interstellar and see what the movie got right. The universe is not just waht we wish ot wants to be, but what it is, as discevery quite costly by great effort. If a movie does that justice by being accurate, it deserves some praise and recognition, not quick dismissal because it doesn’t fit into one own’s personal opinion of the universe specially if one is admitely not very scientific knowledgable.

    What is the point i’m try into make in this overlenghty post? Well, that there is room for personal opinions in matters of art, society, religion, philisophy. But science, you really need to have some real knoweldge of the stuff.

    This might help, it’s much cooler guy who actually knows how to do the maths eplaining some of the things in the movie, astrophysic Dr Neil DeGrasse Tyson:

    I’m aware i might sound terribly critical of you, but i assure you, Miss Sasha, i do like you and think you are a cool and intelligent and an interesting person. I’m eager to see you more often in The Supernaughts. Honest.

  • Gonna start this up but will only listen to a little now and the rest a bit later.

  • How about her in one of your podcasts?

  • 15 seconds into listening and Abe makes me blush. We’re ready to kick some ass.

  • Jolie could become a director, you know? She already directed a movie, and i wouldn’t be suprised if she would remain in cinema as a director/filmmaker.

  • Interstellar flopped at 544 million dollars at the box office? That’s a flop? What insanity is this? There has been movies which have performed lesser at the box offcie, like the first Abrams Trek, and that thing was hailed as a huge sucess. It makes no sense!

    Seems more like to me that after putting him in the pedestal, now it’s time to pull Nolan from up there. Doesn’t matter if he’s an excelent director and his movies are far better then the average film that hits the theaters (this going triple for blockbusters), he has to be bring down, and any excuse is a good excuse. I have seen this done before with other filmmakers. Creating idols and breaking pedestals, the movie geeks’s favorite sport.

  • If a movie’s lenght is problem, then go to the bathroom before you go to the theater room.
    A movie lenght was never a problem to me, in fact i quite enjoy longer movies. Some stories just need a longer lenght to tell their story, that’s all. Can you imagine LAWRENCE OF ARABIA if it only lasted 100 minutes?

  • It’s funny, that a performance gets Oscar-buzz the minute the make-up comes off

  • But it only grossed $148,929,713 in the United States and Canada. Hollywood studios always consider movie a flop if it does not make it’s budget back in the homeland

  • “That’s not how the mayans should be portaited”

    How should the ancient mayans be portaited?

  • It’s raw and real IAB!

  • Well, she’s still overrated

  • Couldn’t agree more.

  • Apes – UNDERRATED all the way. Except the Tim Burton one

  • He’s an average director at BEST, with only one great movie. His work is not far better than most, that’s all smoke and mirrors. He’s the man behind the curtain, the emperor with no clothes.

  • I agree with you Asi. The bloomberg article and study was deeply flawed. I will update the show notes in a minute to link that article and you can decide for yourself.

  • With “Rise” and “Dawn”, Fox has probably the best franchise that currently exists

  • That’s a bold statement!

  • Well, those are bold movies

  • And this is FOX we’re talking about – they are well known for mostly fucking franchises up in the recent years

  • Very true. We are witnessing something unique here.

  • But for every Rise/Dawn of the Apes and X-Men DOFP, we do get the occasional “Good day to Die Hard” still

  • The mayans were not some sort of underdog civiliation of the pre-colombian americasn, they made other people the underdogs by hunting them down so they could had a flux of human sacrifices demanded by heir religion. And they were also the cause of the first enviromental apocalypse in the americas as well, due to over-extensive agriculture in spils that couldn’t sustain their population’s food demands. They made incredible achievements in architecture and urgan organiation for a civiliation that didn’t learn to smelt metals or invent the wheel, and their mathematics was more advanced then anything that existed in Europe at the time, but they did also create the same problems that all large civiliations in all other parts of the world did.

    What the movie got wrong, and Gibson himself admits as much and puts it to “artistic silence” (*sigh*) is that he depicted five different centuries of Mayan culture and architecture all at the same time.

    Otherwise, if the implication of depicting the mayans right is to portait them as some sort of amerindian utopia, that’s bullshit.

  • Aces. Thanks.

  • The day when Nolan becomes a mere average director is the day cinema enters a golden age of utopia and where every single director in existence can match talents with the best directorts in cinema history.
    Nolan gets called average and people give visionary awards to Abrams! *sigh*

  • Right you are.

  • As long to good outweights the bad, it’s still a good deal.

  • “he’s not the Moses you need, but the Moses you deserve…” LMAO

  • Not becomes, he is. 20 years from now, he’ll be little more than a footnote in cinema history, if that.

  • Well, the hopes for the upcoming “Fantastic Four”-reboot are not high. They better deliver something AMAZING after the dust has settled on that one

  • Sorry, I just gotta plug my dumbass Photoshop I did today….

  • Love it!

  • Like how the kids now know the name of Otto Preminger?
    No, Nolan will get his name in the halls if cinema history, he already has.
    It’s so weird to see when people can be so flipant and dismiss truly talented directors, as if there is a surplus of them we can have the luxely to trash them in the bin. While giving hossanas to hacks.

  • I can’t exactly pinpoint the why of my feelings for this, but i also don’t have much of a good feeling about the FF reboot movies.

  • They haven’t cast Blofeld yet but they already casted the cat. And that’s the most important past. Blofeld is nothing without the cat.

  • It will most likely suck, so the third Apes film and X-Men Apocalypse hopefully balance the scales again

  • The casting of Christoph Waltz as some character called “Oberhauser” is not fooling me. This smells of a Mystery Box-trick

  • Oh noes, Bond has gone Abrams!!

  • I might not always agree with Sasha, but man, is she one funny and entertaining lady! Cute too!

  • She definitely is

  • Well, now that they don’t have Star Wars.

  • Crap, we are forgetting Prometheus 2. I have no faith whatsoever on that one.

  • “From the writer of ‘Green Lantern'”

  • Get her and Lexi on the same show to show us male pigs what’s up!

  • I’d listen to that

  • Crazy Christ movie, LOL.

  • I bet that would be 3D IMAX nowadays. “Feel the whip lashes”

  • I enjoyed Cougar Town. Haven’t watched it in awhile, but I did like it when I watched it.

  • Now I would go see that.

  • In sensurround!

  • 4D experience, where guys dressed up as Romans lash the audience

  • *shrudders*

  • Lash-O-Rama

  • Me and my friends call it the “Skinned Rabbit Jesus Movie”

  • Yeah!!!!

  • “Y’know, when they made Braveheart, they said ‘That’s ridiculous, Mel Gibson, playing a Scottish guy. That’s not going to be convincing.’ Well, look at him now: An alcoholic racist.”
    — Frankie Boyle (who’s scotish)

  • Fun show guys (& gal).

  • I don’t agree about Nolan at all, but I know what you mean. There is another director I see as total charlatan, but everyone else sees as great artist.

  • Jolie- That’s a roller coaster career regarding the quality.

  • “Horrible Bosses”!

  • The runtime statistics are nonsense. I agree that some movies could be shorter nowadays.

  • The YA novel movies are far too long.

  • Agree with Sasha. Kill Bill Vol. 2 was a disappointment.

  • Mel sucks.

  • He is an asshole and he has not made a good movie in 20 years. You can separate the art from the artist for some time, but it DEFINITELY stops when he puts his ideology into his movies.

  • Google “Joe Esterhasz” + “Mel Gibson”

  • Polanski has not made a great movie since the 70s.

  • Mel is the full package of craziness.

  • He is not too crazy to make movies. Hence dangerous.

  • I had a great Mel rant in a BOPX episode, but I had to trash it because of tech difficulties.

  • Aniston is overrated, but “Horrible Bosses” made her immortal.

  • POTA: Haven’t seen the latest, but the Franco one was a bore.

  • The originals are great. No saga has such a great “Part IV”

  • Cinematic Universes: overrated
    James Gunn: overrated
    GotG: overrated

  • Elliot Gould will be “Too late for Hannukah” in 2016

  • Rose

    No, I want it to be dreadful so the rights can go back to Marvel. 🙂

  • Rose
  • That’s the Plan 🙂

  • Rose


  • Tim something

    Where’s the disclaimer about no kittens being hurt blah blah…?

  • Tim something

    Jolie? Meh. So long and thanks for all the fish.

  • Tim something

    TRANSLATION: Spilled a pint onto the server.

  • Tim something

  • Tim something

    You’re totally fine with an amoral absurdity like Batman but promote Jesus Christ and you get ALL CAPS?

  • I don’t know if that movie represents Jesus/Christianity and their values in a good light. It’s more Mad Mel’s crazy-ass interpretation.

  • There were times when he did not suck.

  • Tim something

    I played this on low volume during your Kill Bill discussion. Totally works.

  • Tim something

    20:19 Sasha Godwins the podcast.

  • Tim something

    Propaganda? Point taken, but it’s ALL propaganda. I have a feeling that Hollywood is stuffed with alcoholic, cultist weirdos, rapists and abusive partners, Who would be left? Tom Hanks?

  • Tim something

    You ever read up on Jackie Gleason or Jonathon Winters? Or Errol Flynn?

  • Tim something

    Planet of the Apes-right on. Do not judge by comparing to modern productions. Especially RODDY MCDOWALL. That guy deserves a shout out.

  • Tim something

    If he makes Iron Man 4 with RDJ, I will go to it.

  • That’s why I said I can separate the art from the artist- but only to a certain degree. If I would dismiss every artist that was/is an awful person, I would not have anything to watch or read.
    But it’s a different story if said artist has influence to shove his ideology down our throat via his art.

  • He is a talented film maker. But there are also others who could make IM4.

  • Tim something

    All Marvel’s success traces back to Iron Man- to Favreau and RDJ. If Cap or Thor came first, nothing would have happened, not Avengers, not sequels, not Guardians. None of it would have gotten made.
    So, Hell yes you need a good movie or the whole “universe” is dust in the wind.

  • We’ll see if DC agrees.

  • Tim something

    DC hasn’t made their Iron Man yet. That’s what’s riding on Bats vs Supes.

  • Tim something


  • Tim something

    Ten Commandments; Batman says unto you Let my people go!
    I’m not jewish and I resent that casting.

  • It’s a law for a reason

  • And now, that as said by the man himself on video.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I’m a pig who loves and respects women. I’m slightly sexist but I hate mysogyny. I am multitudes.

  • Tim something

    It’s an unsolicited suggestion but I bet you could get a pretty good hour’s debate out of the intersection of morality, speech, artistic freedom and Hollywood debauchery.

  • Tim something

    Is Mel a Nazi? Seriously if he is I want the link. If not, it’s just hyperbole.

  • I bet you’re right on the money.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Angelina Jolie is a terrible actress who doesn’t think American orphans deserve a nice life.

  • I don’t know if he’s a Nazi. He’s said some very antisemitic things.

  • Tim something

    I’m the kwisatz haderach of compulsive posters

  • Many have tried.

  • Tim something

    Nazi is not something she should throw around lightly.

  • Is she really that bad? I always kind of thought she’s right about average for an action actor.

  • Tim something

    “(S)he’s history’s greatest monster”

  • Tim something

    Mel Gibson’s an anti-Semitic pig but at least he didn’t cast an Exodus movie like it was still 1956.

  • Tim something

  • That is also quite an “accomplishment”, agree. Joel Edgerton as Pharao, my ass.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Joel Edgerton looks like Conan O’Brian.

  • omg, that’s true!

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    She has always grated on my nerves. And why she won’t do more for America’s poor and adopt American kids is just beyond me.

  • Tim something

    [spit take]

  • Tim something

    you can’t keep American kids in line by threatening to send them back to Africa.

  • Tim something

    So who’s the WHITEST, GOYEST Moses of all?
    I’m going with CHRISTIAN Bale.

  • Tim something

    It’s such a fucking travesty. An insult to all movie going people.

  • As much as I love her, Sigourney Weaver looks also completely out of place.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Kill Bill 2 is leaps and bounds better than the first. I believe that you truly can’t have one without the other, but Vol 2 is what I always go to.

  • Mr Nick Nightly


  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Why would anyone work with Mel Gibson? Because people have no standards in life. And I’m not making a “funny quip” or anything. I firmly believe that people have no morals or ethics – that is to say, they have the ones they choose at their convenience. Be racist, sexist, any negative “-ist” you can think of, and honestly, no one really fucking cares. Everyone has things that really push their buttons but it varies. Generally, people are fucking awful and simply do not care about anything but themselves. No one cares if anyone but themselves is hurt. They just don’t. We are a terrible race of social failures.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    This Janis Joplin performance doesn’t just get me emotional, it makes my molecules weep and shake.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    This performance not only makes me emotional, but it makes my molecules weep and shake.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I really have no opinion of Jennifer Aniston. She’s here, she’s fine.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    If “The Phantom Menace” was released in 1977, everyone would have lost their mind over it just like they did “Star Wars.” In 1999 “The Phantom Menace” was silly and crappy. In 1977 its groundbreaking, fresh, and exciting.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    People who are against “Happy Holidays” are shitty. It’s a nice sentiment and if anyone sees something wrong with that they can fuck off.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Cinematic universes get tiresome quick.

  • Tim something

    I figure everyone is entitled to my opinion. Merry Christmas!

  • Tim something

    Nope, ain’t buying that one, but it is interesting. Jar Jat would have been a muppet voiced by Frank Oz. Instead of Liam Neeson we would have had Burt Reynolds, or maybe Bill Bixby.

  • Tim something

    Homo homini lupus

  • Tim something

    Saints and sinners and everything in between Mr. Nightly

  • was it really that bad ? good cast cept for marky mark

  • ” thats a bold statment ”

    copyright Jack Randomm

  • how does Fox do so well with these and screw up so much other stuff ?

  • we have gotten two good/great x men films one solid one and the rest are grease fires. dont counting what they have done to other heros including the valueable FF franchise

  • i fear they will keep making bad movies just to keep the rights

  • FF can be epic sci fi fantasy on the level of avatar and star wars mixed with avengers style action. there is no reason not to be telling epic scale stories and adventures – but they just dont get it

  • 3rd films are usually the worst. hoping for the best !

  • alien bogalooo

  • they are out there

  • thsi is better than what we will get

  • i want waltz to be a spy version of dr king from the crappy django film. id rathe see someone in a cameo as blofield maybe in one scene at the end. then of course recast for next movie

  • well we shall see.

    if your comparing cavill ( who i like but he is no RDJ ) … good luck DC

  • love mcdowell

    he is missed

  • i am groot

  • shes one of a kind

  • at times i think there is more good than bad out there, esp with the recent news.

    but theres still some good in this world mr frodo. and its worth fighting for

  • hes not the Moses we deserve

    hes the

    aww never mind

  • dont blame her for liking the dark meat

  • shes gotten worse as she goes honestly

  • the disney witch movie made me cringe during the trailer. someone asked me to go to that i said ” no “

  • the seeker has awakened

  • hes the worst of them all

  • hes no roman polanski i tell ya

  • worst song on the soundtrack

  • we should have taken cuts from all the failed casts …

  • like season one with busy was playing a wanton slut. yea it was funny. then they made it into something …different. too girlish for me, and im the guy who watched 2 lifetime shows

  • they should be mixed up together like peanutbutter and chocalate

  • Douglas adams !

  • hes been on the run since then

  • Gleason was insane

  • thankee

  • nice post

  • dont agree with him

  • name one film in the last ten years your tryin to compare this to.





    those are really good films

    the rest are really not great. Inception has its moments though

  • She’ll be Back.


  • Tim something

    I had to go with wife and kid. trust me, you made the right decision.

  • Tim something

    how can you not like that?

  • Tim something

    Do you think that once superheroes have started to decline at the box Office we’ll get “Batman vs Iron Man” or “Hulk vs Superman”?

  • Tim something

    There is MUCH more good than bad. Bad has a better PR firm.

  • Frost and Pegg meet Dr. Doom.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I mean if it was released as is, since that’s the only way the argument is fair. Hell, without the technology of 1999 the film may have even been better in ’77. I, for one, do not like TPM, by the way.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I have zero faith in humanity. Individuals are capable of being decent, the masses are not. I truly believe the social issues of today will still be here in 1,000 years, just as they were 1,000 years ago.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    That doesn’t change the fact that everyone is shitty.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I’m dying to see “The Whole Bloody Affair.” Reviews of the 2011 screening were quite good.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I could more easily see your point if she was fucking them.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Also, we have black orphans in America.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I never cared for Sleeping Beauty in any form. Disney’s animated film looks great but is boring.

  • Tim something

    I’d love to discuss philosophy and offer you some comfort but then it gets into religion and I am not here to evangelize.

  • Tim something

    Everyone is NOT shitty.

  • Tim something

    The sin here was taking a story geared to toddlers and trying to inflate it into a serious drama.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I only speak from experience. Because of that I can accept a difference of opinion.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I’ve never seen a person who is not capable of, or has not done, something really shitty.

  • Tim something

    You should not judge a man by the worst thing he ever did, or the worst day of his life.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Oh, I don’t judge in that sense. I’ve done some pretty shitty things.

  • Tim something

    We all do. If we’re lucky we live long enough to recognize this and to grow in the other direction.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    And that’s all I mean by “everyone is shitty.” I just wish everyone (myself included) could make a larger point of thinking of others. Whenever we are about to be shitty, we consciously make the decision to do so.

  • Tim something

    Jar Jar would stink in 1977 BC.

  • Tim something

    You’re correct, but consider how is it that the default setting is “good”?

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Fair enough, but people seem to feel the same towards Ewoks (yeah ’83, but still counts).

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    That’s only because we’re not running around murdering and stealing all willy nilly. Lies, deceit, selfishness run rampant.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I don’t think the default setting is “good” or “bad.” I think it’s generally set to “me.”

  • ErnestRister

    Can anyone tell me what Mel Gibson actually said? So far, all I’ve ever seen or heard was drunk Mel going off like Cindy Sheehan and hard-left and hard-right figures blaming the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on the existence of Israel. Someone on another message board said Gibson thought Jews were sub-human and Gibson supported the Holocaust, and I’ve never seen anything like that. I think blaming Israel for the 9/11 wars was a kind of code for anti-semitism, and Mel was certainly frustrated by people in print media going after The Passion of the Christ as an anti-semitic screed. As for blaming Israel for 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan, I certainly have no such feelings myself (I don’t think the U.S. supports Israel enough, personally)…but I am logical to a fault, so every time the issues with Gibson come up, my response is, “What did he actually say?” and no one ever answers that question accurately.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Well, I know he did tell his wife that he hopes she gets “raped by a pack of niggers.”

  • ErnestRister

    Yeah, and his terminology for our neighbors to the South isn’t exactly nuanced.

    Please don’t misunderstand — having grown up raised by farmers in Central Texas, I know *real* racists. Political opinions and dismissive abusive terminology don’t always equate to actual hate (as in the guy accusing Gibson of supporting the Holocaust). Most times, it’s more a lack of intelligence and an abundance of reactionary paranoia.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I think he’s got some hate, but ignorance seems to be the larger issue.

  • ErnestRister

    Ignorance, emotion, and booze.

    The truth is, like Cosby, I just don’t want it to be true. Really sucks when people you admire turn out to be alcoholic jackasses.

  • ErnestRister

    One last thing — I grew up, no one in my tight circle of friends were racist or anti-Semitic, and anyone I met who was I parted ways with. I had a roommate in college who was part of the Texas Hellraisers — sports fans who painted their bodies burnt orange and got themselves piss drunk at Texas Longhorn football games. Well, there was an out of town game, so the Hellraisers came to our apartment to watch the game on TV, and I was shocked at the racial epitaphs thrown around — openly — and I moved out shortly after. The man and his friends were pigs.

    But hanging around with people in the arts for most of my life sort of sheltered me from running into these people, and I started to believe all that crap was dying out.

    Then Al Gore created the internet and today, I can’t go to any website discussing public policy and politics without seeing some jackass spewing racist garbage. It’s shocking, really, what people say anonymously on-line. I’m starting to think things are actually worse today in regards to racism than they were when I was a kid.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I believe 100% that Cosby is guilty. 1 or 2 accusations, OK, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. But over 20!?

  • ErnestRister

    Yeah, I hear you. It still sucks. Pretty sure the man had the money to pay for some hookers. Maybe knock-out drugs was a way for him to get off without anyone knowing about it to protect his image and his marriage.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I never got the impression that he was very genuine. He’s far too self-righteous for me.

  • Nothing that will stand the test of time, except maybe TDK and then only due to Heath Ledger, the rest of the movie is a bit of a mess. Insomnia was his best, mainly because neither he nor his brother wrote it. Everything else is good to pretty below par.

  • Tim something

    We all know the difference between right and wrong. Some people call this the moral compass.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Of course we do, it’s just not exercised fully. I don’t think most people set out to do bad things. I think they set out to appease their own interests and “good” or “bad” is just a consequence of that. The consequences are dealt with afterwards.

  • Tim something

    I think, I think we’d better stop. What was this thread about again?

  • Tim something

    I despise the Ewoks.

  • Dojo DNA

    He’s only intolerant of intolerance folks!

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    When it comes down to it, I wish I had your view of things. As I said earlier, personal experience.

  • This kind of crime is not about getting sex necessarily.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I’m sure it’s a power trip as well.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    And the Dutch!

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I like ’em!

  • Steal This Idea:

    Don’t you mean the Danish?

  • Yeah!! Great news!

  • Lawrence sure was fucked in Arabia!

    If Space Eco movie is Interstellar, i don’t see much of an eco thing about it. The movie doesn’t even focus on why the Earth is in such dire straights, and human intervention is never blamed on, more like it’s a natural global catastrophe, which is very plausible and has happened in the past before, major claima changes and crop failings which had little to do with human causes.

    Well, they don’t make movies like Lawrence Of Arabia (LOA) now, do they? And i’m not speakingin terms of quality, i’m talkign about, literally, they don’t allow movies like that to be made anymore.

    If you mean the emotonal impact of the sense of epic scale that LOA has, well, i’d say i have been impresse with quite a few movies for their scale and sense of epic. They don’t need to compare to LOA for me to be awed. The first time i watched HEAT i was gobsmaked by how huge the movie felt. Same thing with TDK and INCEPTION and also INTERSTELLAR. Even a smaller movie like EUROPA REPORT gave me that feeling. The first two LOTR movies too. Prometheus could had been one if the story was not so fucking stupid. But Kingdom Of Heaven did that for me. And the chinese movie Hero. And the australian western The Proposition.

    And this just from the tip of my mind. They are there.

  • Now that’s a great idea.

  • Yeah, you said it. FF stories sometimes did go for the epic.

  • the man gets around

  • the conversation was about … how long til we move on ? for different ppl it seems the public has different answers.

  • did he threaten to cut her head off too ?
    it was a bad run from Mel , theres no denying that

  • some ppl can marry their stepdaughter and no one bats an eye

    other ppl make insensitive jokes and get crucified

    Mel is a public figure and smarter than this. he brought it on himself.

  • i grew up in the deep south and I have seen it up close. When you spill the same blood in the same mud with different people from different back grounds you realize we all bleed the same.

  • we almost did when WB nearly got bought by disney. that would have been … a mess

  • hey dont give him an ideas


    dont give any away. for free.

  • Ernest

    we have a symposium coming out on MONDAY w some of our former guests to talk about the Black Panther film and other black heros they would like to see on screen, but it became something a little different. Id like to hear what you think about it.

  • him as a villain … i just …. green hornet wasnt that long ago

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    It’s not about what he wishes upon her, but how he relegated an entire race of people to wild, raping animals. I think that’s quite telling how he views black people.

  • They are few. sometimes more can be said with less. esp when considering time.

    someone recently mentioned robo cop ( iambetter) and how the scene where weller sees his picture before he ” died ” with his family and is seconds long. theres more emotion and character development in that scene than in the whole reboot. so my point is about quality scenes instead of quantity of scenes. I disagree with several you listed but thats ok. no one disagrees on there needing to be less hobbit dancing in jacksons last 3 films

  • i hear his views of jewish ppl are not very progressive either

  • No, nobody disagree with that indeed.
    There sure is an art in making long films, to be sure.

  • But he was a splendid villain in Inglorious Basterds. Writing is the key.

  • i wished they were wookies in ’83

  • i dont hate em but yea they are not the highlight of the trilogy

  • ErnestRister

    Especially right after the media firestorm regarding The Passion.

  • Hes role in IB is about as far away from bond.villian as you.can get.

    I still.wish.QT had done a his idea was great.

  • Still wanna know why he isnt max in the new films

  • Obama getting elected as president sure brough up a lot of repressed feelings of racism to the fore.

  • She looks very fine, she has great hair, and he is a pretty competent comedian. Her fame is overrated and it’s based more out of her personal life shennigans then her body of work (no pun intended), but she is OK.

  • The Pianist is a great movie. Bitter Moon is also damn good. And The 9thy Gate is all kinds of damn good fun.

  • There was a time when he shut up about his shit. That was one of those times. He hiself is in a video recorded in the early 90s (the mega-mullet years) where he admits that he has been kept quiet for too long about what he believes and he’s tired of keeping his piece.

    He always believed the stuff we now know he does, he just used to be quiet about it. But truth be told, with the father he has, it’s a wonder he’s not even worst.

  • “Forever Young”, writen by JJ Abrams.

  • I felt the same way.

  • Wot???

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    probably the ugliest woman ever. But damn she could sing anyone under the table…