The Supernaughts Debate Show 13:</br> Everyone Tweets Something Dumb With El Anderson The Supernaughts Debate Show 13:</br> Everyone Tweets Something Dumb With El Anderson
El Anderson brings her feminist perspective into Episode 13 to talk about Wonder Woman, The Fappening, Young Justice, and Female Thor. The Supernaughts Debate Show 13:</br> Everyone Tweets Something Dumb With El Anderson
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El Anderson is the president and founder of Femmes in the Fridge and you can see more of her work at Pop Culture Uncovered.

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El Anderson 

El talks about what drover her to create  Femmes in the Fridge and the meaning behind the behind the name.

Topic One: I wonder about that woman.

The casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman caused a stir over her body type and weight. When an actor agrees to become part of a piece of art is it fair to critique their physical appearance? Is that off limits?

Topic Two: Yeah, but what’s the serving size?  

Films with a strong female character set to be given a special new ‘F’ rating at upcoming Bath Film Festival. Is it a good idea? Should art have ingredients or warning labels listed on it?

Topic Three: The Fappening

Now that furor over “The Fappening” has died down how should we view it? A hacking crime or as some have declared it sexual assault?

Female Thor
American Remakes of BBC Shows
Kim Kardashian
Young Justice

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Agree or disagree with us? Think you have what it takes to go up against Scott and RDJ?

Give The Supernaught’s Hotline a call and leave a voicemail!

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  • Tim something

    Your critiquing character casting, not women’s appearance. A skinny she hulk wouldn’t make a lot of sense either. Wonder Woman has very physical attributes- dealing out punches and taking them as opposed to say, a character like Storm who is just sort of waving her arms, gesturing and rolling her eyes up to fight.

  • Tim something

    Theft of the images was wrong. Viewing them is participating in that theft.

  • Tim something

    Thor is over rated period.

  • Tim something

    Guest wins! I did not see that one coming.

  • Will listen later!

  • Same.

  • She looks like the misses from Mad Men.

  • same

  • Next week’s show has a twist!

  • Rose

    AMEN!!! I don’t know how some people don’t get that. Thank you, Tim, you have renewed my faith.

  • Tim something

    No guest?

  • Tim something

    Thanks Rose, the guys are gonna beat me up at recess now.

  • Good one again. I’m just floored by the variety of guests.

  • Tim something

    No that’s the paint fumes that have you floored.

  • As far as Gal Gadot is concerned, she may surprise all in the end, but as it stands now, it kinda seems like a “well she WAS in a billion dollar frachise so we gotta get those fans’ money to us…”. But, like I said – wait and see.

  • I just don’t get some of those americanized shows – like why the hell “Boadchurch” had to be made into “Gracepoint”? I really don’t see the point.

  • Ohhh, shout out! Thanks!!!

  • Perhaps. Either way, I’ll take it

  • Well, I agree about the body image in movies in general. But I don’t know if you can apply this to every role, especially superheros. Would people accept a scrawny Batman or Superman? The appearance is part of the role.
    That said, I don’t have a problem with Gadot as Wonder Woman. I think it’s a mistake to estimate the fighting ability solely by size and body mass. Gadot was awful in the FF movies, but everyone was awful in them (you just cannot shine in those), so we will see if she can sell it.

  • I never look at labels.

  • That stance gave me a few food poisonings though.

  • Lol

  • “The Fappening” is a hacking crime.

  • I got your pictures, Scott.

  • I don´t know Gal Gadot. I do know Seth Rogen was a shit Green Hornet, and that Jonah Hill will never play Superman

  • I googled some nude scenes from movies I did not want to watch, I confess. I never looked up the Fappening images though, I’d feel bad about that, honestly. I don’t want to look at stuff people don’t want you show. It’s mostly better that way, believe me.

  • But I giggled at a few unfortunate paparazzi photos in the past, so there is that.

  • If Sue was played by a black actress also, I would have no problem with Johnny being black, But I think its pc casting garbage and i don´t like it. Fuck the FFF movies, and hacker Doom

  • -“Lets make a superhero movie with a female lead ”
    – “Yeah, and lets get a female director ! ”
    -” Yeah, and lets get a female DP ”
    – “What you say ? “

  • Gal will do fine. She will have the power. I threw out Emily Blunts name when Captain Marvel was announced, and she aint no Xena either.

  • Fuck F-ratings. What the hell is that shit about?

  • Warning : Female lead

  • Should women get director jobs because they are female ??? Hell no.

  • Kim Kardashian: overrated. In any case.

  • Who is Captain Marvel?

  • I don´t care about the fappening. Didn’t get me off at all

  • Female Thor : Useless

  • American remakes…… Overrated. They tried that with Fawlty Towers once. Fuck that.

  • What does Kim Kardashian do ?? Other than Kanye West

  • Kardashianing.

  • I don’t know Young Justice……

  • Rogue ( X-Men ) got her powers by sucking the life out of Captain Marvel.

  • Captain Marvel will be on screen before her solo movie . Also, Sif is a great female character. Janet van Dyne …. fucking travesty . Looking forward to Medusa in the Inhumans.

  • Yeah I thought it was severely overrated.

  • same

  • A new gut reaction at the bottom of the post. More and more celebs are tuning in.

  • Rose

    Emily is my dream casting for Ms Marvel. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Rose

    Cos we talk funny in En-ger-land lol.

  • Rose


  • Rose

    Lol! Great to hear him!

  • Subtitles? 😉

  • Rose

    I believe they have been known to be used!

  • Lmao

  • You should get Morgan as a guest

  • Antoine R Hicks

    RJD pretty much covered everything I was goign to say.

  • PeachontheBeach

    I’ll be transcribing my show with Wade, though most of it is swearing. You Brits do like your naughty words. 😛

  • lol

  • i have mixed feelings about that

  • fake morgan freeman isnt returning our calls

  • inhumans is going to be the next GOTG

  • we didnt want to go down the road f crap marvel did to danvers. it would have been a 2 hr shows

  • its the cartoon they did after justice leauge unlimited. lots of young characters. its very good.

  • lucy made bank. hunger games too

  • shes many ppls dream casting

    for everything

  • I just threw it out there. To bad Fox fucked that character also.

  • peach and wade i match made in

    boys behind bars – indiana edition

  • I couldn’t finish Lucy. I was pretty drunk, and i couldn’t get into it.

  • everyone has done a fine job at drafting guest. and i got lucky a few times. got a few great ones coming too

  • no

    the return of sasha perl raver

  • thanks for showing up and hanging out

  • fake rouge ? oh absolutley

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Just stopping in to check out the new place. Lots of closet space!

  • If Gal Gadot fails as Wonder Woman, they can always recast her.

    It does help that if you are casting Wonder Woman, you go for an actress that’s like 5’10 or so or even taller. And there’s quite some actress today who are that tall and can actually act very well, like Rachel Nichols or Yvonne Strahvosky, who are both that tall, are very beautyful, can act very well and have already extensive experience in action roles.
    And who knows how many other tall talented pretty actress are out there who could also swing the lasso.

    As for Lucy Lawless, she proved in SPARTACUS that she can be a damn really good actress.

  • Best of luck.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Thank you, sir!

  • I say, stop trying to turn WW movie into some political statement and just make a damn good movie. In the end, who cares if a male or female director did it? It’s if the movie is good or not that matters. And for making statements about gender, a male director is as good as a female, it’s what you believe that matters, not the cromossomes found in the nuclenous of your cells. This is such a no-issue turned into such a big thing. Why shoudl this be even contorvertial escapes me. This is the 21th century, it’s about time people start act like it.

  • Feel free to comment anywhere. We like feedback esp through a marshal stack

  • Check out jmls show asi. Thanks fir the comments

  • OK, help me out here: what’s JMLS? I’m not good with acronymuns.

  • I listened that episode, it was quite fun. But i’m still a bit at a loss for the meaning of JMLS.

  • JML is his name. I believe what Dio meant was JML’s episode

  • I believe it got cut out from her episode, but she defended JJ a bit. Sorry Asi.

  • Não há bela sem senão, as we say here.
    But to know she blasted Interstellar and defended Jeffrey is disapointing.

  • I see.

  • Wuackaroonie

  • I meant quackaroonie

  • Ah, OK.

  • stalk much ?

  • Nichols is good at not showing her boobs. her stunt double in conan , while beautiful, is disapointing. and really her looks are all she has. shes also got a track record of starrign in filsm that make no money. maybe her and gemma atherton can be in film together because they both are so underwhelming it hurts my head

  • plus you posted a pic of sasha in els thread …

  • I’m… confused!

  • However, she is in a sucessful canadian SF Tv show, continuum, and she is damn good in it. And as a statuesque beauty, she is very convincing in her action roles.

  • What does Stalkeye have to do with this?

  • Posting pics of sasha in someone else’s episode comments is weird. It seems like stalking. STALK ING

  • Yea sure. She’s failed at the other action films she’s been in give her.another chase

  • I don’t think she failed, those movies were just not good. She might had a poor choice in movies she’s in, but she hit jackpot with Continuum. That show is better then most SF and action movies made this days.

  • Yeah, it was probably unkind to her. But the point was for me to crack another joke at Abrams’s expences, not to stalk the poor girl. If you are speaking for her, tell her i profusely appologise. No, i’m really not stalking her, at all. Christ, you are making me feel terrible and sad for her!

  • shell never know. just edit your above comment

  • your prob want to give colon farrel another chance too

  • Another good actor with very poor choice of films. Some agents are really not doing their jobs right.

  • OK.