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Benjamin Kissell is a native of Fredericksburg, VA and considers himself an accomplished writer – having appeared in literary, scholastic and national magazines, various e-books, anthologies and contributed to a myriad of websites [whether they wanted him to or not].





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Benjamin Kissell 

Ben currently resides in a geek-infused apartment with his boyfriend, their expansive and extensive collection of 80’s cartoon toys … action figures … um, collectables? and their demonic [oops, wonderful] cat who answers to the names Bridget and ‘Bitch Pudding’ [when she deigns to answer anything, that is].

Topic One: But will it play in Peoria?

With some of the recent changes being made, a female Thor, black Captain America, is it time for a major superhero to come out, or are audiences not ready for it?

Topic Two: Cellacious images  

Cartoons are gone from the Saturday mornings. Are children’s animated shows on broadcast TV dead? Also,  last year Disney cancelled Tron Uprising because allegedly they didn’t want a Brony situation on their hands. Is that something creators need to be aware of?

Topic Three: Let’s all F*** at the drive-in

Johnny Rockets, a restaurant chain throughout the country is bringing back drive-ins, by building 200 of them across the U.S. Good idea or merely a play on nostalgia to make a buck from another corporation?

Black Friday
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
The Lord of the Rings movies
Benedict Cumberbatch

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Agree or disagree with us? Think you have what it takes to go up against Scott and RDJ?

Give The Supernaught’s Hotline a call and leave a voicemail!

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The Supernaughts

  • Is this “The Supernaughties: Femdom’s only debate show”? Is this the site I was looking for?

  • But Aquaman coming out would be the most realistic option.

  • Poor Officer Gordon.

  • They should just let it go- people who can fetishize ponies can fetishize anything.

  • I’d like to visit a drive-in nevertheless.

  • Isn’t Thanksgiving already victim to the Superbowl?

  • Masters of the Universe: UNDERRATED!!!

  • Well, the toys have always been better than the series or the movie…

  • But Langella is the shit as Skeletor.

  • Turkey is maybe my favourite meat.

  • The LOTR movies: Overrated as hell.

  • Read them three times as well.

  • Agreed, Jackson has no idea about the essence of LOTR.

  • Cumberbatch: Overrated.

  • Sherlock: Overrated.

  • Downloading now, but might not get the listening in until tomorrow.

  • Good show guys. A He-Man fan as guest is always a plus in my book.

  • You’ve got to tell me why! I really enjoy Sherlock.

  • What did it overthrow?

  • Beef is a close second.

  • Well, I cannot say I don’t enjoy it, it’s entertaining. But it’s overrated in the sense of the word. For me, they changed the character a bit too much. I always thought of Sherlock as the more stuffy kind of nerd, not the volatile type. The acting is a bit OTT from all parties, which takes me out sometimes. A few episodes are outright stupid, like “The Hounds of Baskerville”

  • I can’t argue that the Baskerville episode wasn’t stupid and your point is well taken. I thought last season was a little weak and they’re stretching the character a bit too far.

  • I have barely watched the last season, they hid it in the late night program. Is that Moriarty guy finally way? He was my biggest beef with the series. Do you also think sometimes that many of today’s crime show heroes revel too much into shaming the suspects?

  • I can’t say that I’ve watched any crime shows beside Sherlock lately. I know I’m going to sound like the most typical white person imaginable, but after The Wire crime shows really have nowhere to go but down.

  • Moriarty would equal spoilers Dee. No can do!

  • I’ll wait for the rerun.

  • Yeah I was just thinking of The Mentalist and Bones and CSI. They are a little too judgemental for my taste.

  • Out. Get out. 😛

  • I’ve pitched Supernaughty a few times!

  • The American.version is unwatchable. And I’m a fan of both actors

  • Next week. “FEMMESINTHEFRIDGE.COM” creator. Feminists geek site Mixes it up w the boys

  • “Elementary”? Yes, the only thing he does is staring vacuously.

  • Im 28 min into it.

    Gay superhero? Whatever. Is the point that he/she is gay or is it the hero part? I really wouldnt care.

    He-Man, GI Joe, Thundercatz, Transformers , etc etc. Staples of my childhood. I also buy all sorts of figures now . Shit I had, or did not have growing up. I can´t explain it. I just WANT it.

    Drive Inns….. Never been to one. I don´t think they ever existed in my part of the globe. Could it work again? I doubt it. The tech that has been put into theatres over the decades is to make the movie going experience better. I think drive inns now would be a step back. Also i don´t drive, so there is that. As soon as videos of people fucking shows up online , the shit would hit the fan(dom)

    Did i miss something??

    Now time to listen to the over under bit.

  • Black friday : I-don’t-care-to-rate it. Its an american thing. I liked the South Park take on it.

  • He-Man : Underrated. And im with Scott on the movie. Its a guilty pleasure. I wanted it to be better for sure. Still do. They never should have gone to earth.

  • I get shills everytime Adam draws the sword. Still

  • Turkey , cooked right, is underrated.

  • LOTR …… I have no clue. Overrated i guess. The books are underrated .

  • Most people can’t read.

  • or won´t . Its a shame. I push The Illuminatus Trilogy on everyone !! Christ thats a fun read. Only book that has scared me, made me laugh , and given me a hard on

  • Cumberbatch is a great actor. And he is funny as hell. Hes not underrated…… not overrated either. He is who he is. I do not want him to play Dr Strange. And i don´t think he does either. Cast Clive Owen !!!

  • TMI

  • really looking forward to the imitation game

  • The guest always wins……..

  • Rigged!

  • i never go back to double check the scoring….. also i don’t know how that works

  • They just make it up!

  • Are you questioning my integrity?

  • I demand transparency!

  • It’s not my fault Scott and RJD are wrong all the god damn time!

  • The Supernaughts may have just had a brush with fame. There’s a reaction at the bottom of the page.

  • You hit the nail on the head. They took a fantastic universe and decided to do a fish out of water storyline? Seriously?

  • You are nailing the points left and right

  • Tim something

    $$$ less fantastic sets to be built. Filmed 90% in a subdivision.

  • I’m not saying it didn’t make sense fiscally, but creatively what a waste.

  • i like lucy and johnny … its just not good

  • Yeah I also like the actors. The writing is poor.

  • Holy Shit! If you only knew how many copies I’ve bought of the Illuminarus Trilogy and never got back! Joe from episode 6 introduced me to them, and he has a load of stories about Robert Anton Wilson. So glad others have read it.

  • That’s fucking great.

  • I have transparent boxers, will that do?

  • pics or GTFO

  • Just RJD. I’m never wrong. I simply have a different set of facts.

  • Well next episode we talk about my making a sex tape, so you’ll have to wait.

  • Tim something

    Sort of like shooting most of Thor in a one stop light desert town.

  • Tim something

    Don’t see it.

  • Bottom of the post above the comments. I’m sorry.

  • ten episodes to make that accusation ?

  • id go or owen.

    batch is unny as hell though honestly

    his owen wilson impression spot on

  • this razz guy … hes good

  • thankee sai

  • i a few ahem “ladies’ get back to me supernaughty could happen sooner rather than later

  • its madhogs right

  • observation. I wait until a clear picture appears .

  • Well it’s clearly subjective but in fact the guest does not always win.

  • Next you’ll call wrestling fake

  • Thing is you can create epic landscapes without costing you.millions. oh well. Let’s shot it in the suburbs

  • Considering yourself to be an accomplished writer is gay. =P

  • Aquaman is awesome!

  • Well I mean who doesn’t want a piece of Wolverine’s ass?

  • And it cures right up.

    (ok that was gross)

  • Something about the sound levels, guys. I have my speakers up to eleven and can barely hear everything

  • Yeah, one of them called in this time, so everyone is a bit varied.

  • I used to love getting up early on weekdays before school just to watch anime stuff like Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. It always aired here in like a 6-8am time block. I miss that more than Saturday mornings (I loved sleeping in on weekends).

  • I mean that the show has been on low decibel levels before, but now it’s even more quiet

  • This was a problem. I apologize .

  • If the sound quality is poor from the recording I do my best to repair it. The unfortunate side effect is the audio distorts very easily. I am aware of it and I am working to make sure it doesn’t happen.

  • Just a constructive note 😉

  • You’re the man! Thanks 🙂

  • What?!

  • The Brony thing is fucking retarded.


  • It’s more than a little unsettling.

  • You win this round, but I’ll be back

  • I DO know that the Skype audio levels change constantly. That program is really shitty

  • God yes.

  • Even worse is the humanoid spinoff Equestria Girls.

  • Oh, for fuck’s sake. The Mayans were right.

  • I wish we still had a drive-in.

  • Really no drive-in culture here in europe. It’s a damn shame…

  • I dunno, I pay attention well enough at a drive-in the few times I’ve went.

  • Black Friday is overrated. Boxing Day sales are always better and I laugh at the idiots who waste money fighting for shit before Christmas.

  • I do have a giant field right there next to the house. Maybe I should build one

  • They’re only now starting to introduce the trend here…

  • “DIE SHOPPING!!!” 😀
    Gotta love the RJD

  • Build it and they will come.

  • Turkey is definitely underrated.

  • LOTR is accurately rated.

  • OMG. That’s horrific.

  • Was just gonna say. Rated just right

  • OK, gonna pause here so I can read that email and stuff.

  • What is the public perception?

  • what is the re/public perception ?

  • I dunno, generally they’re loved and they should be.

  • LOL. Scott went speechless there for a while

  • Scott loves his Cumberbatch.

  • wtf is dick waffles

  • Call Graph error? Oh, we know those just all too well

  • If only it would happen more often!

  • I have no idea. You’re free to google.

  • It’s not an error! He doesn’t turn it on!!

  • Good show as always, now back to killing the Fest that will not die.

  • Oh nice! Have fun storming the castle!

  • Ah. We ditched the Call Graph and everybody records on Audacity. Although as a backup for a backup, I guess those old tape-recorders would be best

  • It happens once in awhile. But just for Slate I’ll make sure I pick it up some.

  • Yes, yes I do!

  • I’ve got the syrup!

  • razz always on target

  • love the IAB

  • is that why madhog is gone from re/prublican pulp rpic ?

  • whatever

    let them like that stuff

  • we learned a valueable lesson with that one

  • we were talking about gay aquaman

  • it was kinda funny but not really

  • hmmmmm

  • in the deep south its deep fried

  • Nah, they have their own site now and he still posts occasionally.

  • If we find anyone there, we’ll let you know.

  • Tim something

    I got that reference. Clever.

  • Tim something

    Marvel should team up female Thor with original Thor, that horseman Thor and a “flaming” gay Thor to create FANTASTIC THOR.

  • Tim something

    Irony is overdone these days, Irony is great but it should be the salt on the pretzel, not the pretzel.

  • Tim something

    I’ve always wanted to ask a gay guy if spongebob is too gay. Is it so gay that it makes gay people wince?

  • Tim something

    Drive ins are great. Movie quality varies with weather conditions.

  • Tim something

    Dislike black Friday, would rather work.

  • Tim something

    As good as turkey is, ( I once raised my own)
    Turkey shit smells exactly like turkey gravy. Shudder.

  • Tim something

    This Benjamin Kissel sounds like my kind of scum.

  • Tim something

    I like LOTR, a thing I thought I would never see on film- despite truly awful gags like dwarf tossing.
    That said there’s room for another version and I hope someone makes it in the next decade. All these classics DESERVE multiple interpretations.

  • Tim something


  • Tim something

    I got nothing.

  • check out next weeks show

    and new additions are on the way

  • i love this more that jesus

  • Tim something

    I’d love to draw the cover. If I could draw.