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This podcast has Jamill and Kyle having a debate about the popularity of RPGs. Final Fantasy 7 is being re-released on the PS4 with... Random Come Out and Play Podcast

This podcast has Jamill and Kyle having a debate about the popularity of RPGs, while Jack finds great amusement in the confrontation. “The Game Awards” have come and gone, and our arch-enemies Konami are up to their usual tricks. Of course, we’re on top of it! Final Fantasy 7 is being re-released on the PS4 with next gen graphics, and we talk about the worst games we’ve ever played.

This week’s Random Review is Walter Hill’s The Warriors!

The boys Randomly Recommend a series of movies, an N-64 game, and the greatest parody movie ever!

Oh, and Star Wars is coming.

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Jack Random

From Detroit, Jack Random is former video game reviewer, current DJ, production assistant, and lifelong nerd with 40 years of comic reading under his belt.

  • Tarmac492.1

    Got to catch up. Will download this for later. I approve of the concept of these Random reviews. Excellent idea!!!

  • Boxedo


  • Boxedo

    can Dinosaurs be the New Zombies? more games need raptors.

  • Jack Randomm

    Dinos as the new “go-to” monster? I second your motion!

  • Stalkeye

    It didn’t work for Dino Crisis nor Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. )0:

  • Current gen remake immediately please.

  • Stalkeye

    Yeah, right? of all the Blackest songs, Jamil picks TV themes?? I would go with “Movin on up” or “Good Times” but Fresh Prince of Bell Aire??? I’ll have to get back to you on that one.
    Shaq Fu? More like Fuq u! What a dismal lame game that’s why Stalks chose Eternal Champions instead! My WiiU is collecting dust and its a Jailbroken system at that!!!
    One thing i dislike about MGS V is the open world sandbox. Not a fan of that Shit and it works better with Batman: The Arkham Knight or [PROTOTYPE] but Metal Gear Solid? No, I prefer to have a more linear experience. The beginning Hospital scne was brilliant and had me pumped only to do repetitive missions in “Gofuckyoselfastan”. didnt bother to finish it.
    Oh wells, there’s always Snake Eater.

    Agreed Jamil! Turn based RPGs are played out! Action RPGs is the new normal and a very welcomed phase.Mass Effect 2 is my favorite so far. Bloodborne has RPG elements but its mostly an action game in the vein of Chakan The Forever man and Nightmare Creatures. I love the game but its too fucking hard and I lost all patience.

    Ive been playing Guilty Gear since the first game and while the fighting mechanics pale comapre to street fighter and mk, its still a solid effort. I personally cant stand the SNK stuff because of the shameless street fighter ripoffs and the costly console at the time NEO GEO which retailed for $1000.00 and the games were $200 a pop!
    Yes Jack, I also worked at Toys r Us back in the day.

  • Stalkeye

    What’s this? Kyle is naming some RE games as the worst he has played??


    I can’t get to this right now since I’m at work but i’m curious to hear which ones.
    It better not be RE5 or i’m flying my way to Detroit to administer an Ass whuppin! (0:<

  • Stalkeye

    Konami snubbing Kojima? Capcom broke? And SEGA is practically nonexistent? The highly anticipated (well, to me anyways!) Devil’s Third getting Shitty reviews????
    Face it, the Japanese gaming revolution sadly, is as dead as Scott Weiland!
    Can Nintendo make a difference with NX?

  • Kyle Fulton

    Yep, RE5 sucks. I will admit that the latter quarter or so of the game, where it’s just you chasing after Wesker, was pretty cool. The rest is shit, and the exact opposite of what an RE game should be.

  • Kyle Fulton

    That’s because they tried to put dinosaurs into a gameplay scheme designed to fight zombies. Remake Dino Crisis with RE5 controls, that’s what I say.

  • Kyle Fulton

    They’re not the new normal, or welcome to the fans of turn based. Just because you like them better doesn’t mean that everyone does. I have no problem with action-RPGs. I love them. My problem is that one has completely eclipsed the other, to the point where franchises that used to be one are now taken over by the other, and that’s just stupid. FPSs kick ass, but if Devil May Cry was suddenly an FPS, people would be pissed. Sure, both are cool action games, but they just aren’t the same.

    Hell, the entire reason that Devil May Cry exists is that Capcom recognized that it isn’t right to turn one game into another – at least they did once. DMC was originally a build of RE4. They realized that it betrayed everything about what RE was, rebranded it with a new story, and went back to the drawing board on RE4. Final Fantasy should be turn-based because that’s what Final Fantasy IS. Not every series has to appeal to everyone, and now my favorite turn based RPG series of all time is yet another action-rpg in a sea of action-rpg games. They aren’t even the best ones. Far from it. If Square had let them stay what they were and refined it while making a new action RPG title, or even just actually devoting their time and money to Kingdom Hearts instead of pumping out sidestories like there was no tomorrow, we’d all be better off.

  • Kyle Fulton

    Okay, so something I said to Jack before, and wanted to say in the show but forgot:

    Say that one of your favorite games of all time is Street Fighter. Say that Capcom has been ignoring making Street Fighter style games for years, instead making Ace Attorney games out the ass, and that they had even made some Ace Attorney style Street Fighter games. Say that for YEARS, your fighting game loving fanbase had been begging Capcom to make a remake of Street Fighter 2, but with new graphics. Say that Capcom put out a press release saying that they realized they had strayed from the path, and now understood what their fans wanted. Say that within a couple months of this, they triumphantly announce that you will get that remake, and show gorgeous graphics, with the music swelling, and the audience erupts into cheers.

    Now imagine that two weeks later they casually mention that it’s an Ace Attorney style game and will be episodic.

    That’s why I’m upset.

  • Stalkeye

    Sowwies, but that Ship has sailed a long time ago. DC 3 was the nail in the coffin. It would have worked during the Jurassic Park era, but the franchise is dead, dead, fucking dead!

  • Stalkeye

    Wrong, Kyle! RE was akin to RE4 just a different setting and while I agree that the Coop sucks, (I played the game offline anyway so it didnt effect me one way or the other.) there was a solid plot arc involving Jill’s “Death” as well as my favorite RE protagonist Chris Redfield questioning why he continues to fight Bio terrorism. The Boulder punching was a bit too, too much and had no reason to be implemented in the game’s QTE.

    The Game itself was inspired by Blackhawk down which is of an accomplishment in itself and I fucking loved Wesker in all his glory!
    (Love his theme; “Winds of Madness” and that very score is on my smartphone’s playlist!)
    To be honest, I was shocked and dismayed that they killed him off but it had to happen sooner or later. I had written an article years ago praising this game and I endorse RE5 to this very day. There were as much Monsters if not more than RE6 shit, the Manji even had their own Chainsaw guy and mercenaries Reunion was a shit ton of fun.
    You don’t like it, too bad for you. Your loss and not to mention that the game destroys anything PWSA has done with his lackluster adaptations.

    RE6 was a piece of Shit for so many reasons-Bullshit Hollywood set pieces and orchestra music, $ uninspired campaigns, the “Ada” mystery and not to mention the lamest villain of the entire franchise-SImmons! it destroyed everything RE4 had accomplished and dont get me started on “Wesker Jr”!!

    Fuck that Shit!

    Revelations is at least on the right track for the most part and is waaay better than RE6.

  • Stalkeye

    I guess the purists still dig turn based combat but you do realize with the emergence of next generation console technology, there has to be more innovative gameplay, right? It’s not all about aesthetics either but something more intuitive. TBC is better off on smaller platforms like smartphones and 3DS.
    Yes, I’m aware of DMC’s origins. You’re talking to a huge fan of Capcom, yanno. FF looks like it should be more immersive but not to the extent where they would put out crap like that 3rd person Vincent shooter.

    If DMC deviated by having a FPS segment, I might be cool with that. its still shooting up shit. Just not throughout the entire game.

  • Stalkeye

    Jack, you’re afraid of playing Horror games?!!? You look like a 6ft brotha (like myself) who would knock a nugga out in a second, yet you can barely get through RE4? WTF! Gimmie your Bro card, ya wimp!!! 😛

  • Stalkeye

    Sorry again Kyle, but Thor was a letdown!

    Jack was right about how him losing his powers should have been for a very short duration and that Hero’s journey of him learning humility was a weak ass trope for this kind of premise. Thor is supposed to be about kicking ass, not making Fucking breakfast as if he was in a Denny’s commercial! And that “fight” with the Destroyer was a joke. 3 minutes??? Boo!! I liked the comedy relief scenes at least.
    Marvel dropped the ball when it came to the Thor films.

  • I_am_better
  • I_am_better

    And just for the record, the Rockstar “the Warriors”-game is one, if not THE best movie-licensed video game ever.

  • Kyle Fulton

    Does the fact that a game that’s meant to be part of a long standing horror franchise was inspired by Black Hawk Down not throw up a red flag to you? It’s a HORROR series. That means that setting matters. ATMOSPHERE matters. The setting of 4 was still frightening. It was claustrophobic, dark, and eerie. The monsters were still monsters – for the most part, anyway. Until the tail end, where they were suddenly replaced with guys with guns and the game got notably weaker. 5 took place in a sunny, open town. There was no feeling of fear or desperation at any time. It wasn’t a horror game. It was a boring, run of the mill third person shooter where the enemies happened to look gross sometimes.

    I love Wesker and the tail end of that game as much as the next guy, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that in the rest of the game, the only enemy that EVER scared me was a regular crocodile. They couldn’t even be bothered to make it a MONSTER croc. It was just a normal animal. This is the same series that game us Lord Saddler and William Birkin, and the only memorable monsters from the entirety of RE5 were a big bat thing – which was admittedly pretty cool – and a regular animal.

    I agree that 6 sucked, but at least it remembered that you’re supposed to be fighting monsters.

  • Kyle Fulton

    You of all people should know that just because the technology changes doesn’t mean you should change how things are done. Or have you suddenly embraced the Star Wars prequels and special editions?

    It’s not a purist thing. It’s about the fact that that kind of game is still fun. Making turn-based combat into action combat is not inherently an upgrade. It’s an entirely different style. There’s this misconception in a lot of gamers and game reviewers and devs that just because you CAN make something prettier or more action packed means you should. That’s just plain wrong. When polygonal gaming first became a thing, side-scrollers all but vanished. Everyone made the foolish assumption that 3D was automatically better. Every platformer was suddenly 3D, to the detriment of many games. Rayman, Castlevania, Mega Man, even Mario itself all went 3D, because people ASSUMED that people would prefer those to side-scrolling games. Guess what? They didn’t.

    In recent years, all of those franchises – and their spiritual successors – have successfully returned to their side-scrolling roots, because fans of side-scrollers never actually went away. They were just waiting for new side-scrollers to be made. The same exact thing is happening right now with turn based games. It was assumed – incorrectly, just like before – that people only played turn based because other combat styles couldn’t be done with that level of complexity. The successes of western RPGs, Kingdom Hearts, and WoW made them feel like they could make more money by abandoning turn-based, and most other rpg devs followed suit. The games aren’t gone because no one would buy them. They’re gone because Square Enix misunderstood the market, something that they’ve done nearly a dozen times in the past few years, as indicated by their belief that Tomb Raider was a failure despite selling into the millions. They simply don’t understand the industry they helped found anymore.

  • Kyle Fulton

    Dude, it’s the Jurassic Park era again right now, or did you miss the part where Jurassic World is the third best selling film of all time?

  • Kyle Fulton

    I’ll seek it out.

  • Kyle Fulton

    Nice! I love James Remar.

  • I_am_better
  • Stalkeye

    “Does the fact that a game that’s meant to be part of a long standing horror franchise was inspired by Black Hawk Down not throw up a red flag to you? It’s a HORROR series. That means that setting matters. ATMOSPHERE matters. The setting of 4 was still frightening. It was claustrophobic, dark, and eerie.”

    Let me tell you something, plenty of RE games were influenced by various Films and not just DOTD or Zombi.
    Mr X’s and Nemesis’ arc was loosely based on Terminator, RE3 had elements of EFNY so the Blackhawk down backdrop was/is just a contrast compared to the usual “nighttime” scenario. At least you admit liking the Crocodile segment which took place in Daylight. However, there were enough monsters to satisfy me such as that QTE with Uroboros Execella ?!? HELLO??

    Its not the game for you but I like it almost as much as RE4 so when it all comes down to it, you say Tomato, I say POTATO!

    Fucking RE6 had dark atmosphere but was still a piss poor executed sequel and ORC was even worse so we agree on one thing at least.:P

  • Stalkeye

    Unless you’re heavily invested into strategic play, TBC is not as fun as many make it out to be. There’s no sense of true immersion. Pressing a button for some automated response is not my idea of fun Boyo.

    On a side note,there’s room for both 2D and 3D games BTW. (Waiting on Mifune’s Mighty No.9) As for embracing the SW Prequels, GTFFO! They suck with the noted exception of ROTS.

  • Stalkeye

    I did miss the part because I never cared for JP.
    Dino Crisis had great potential but it just didn’t gel with me as much as I had hoped.

  • Kyle Fulton

    Right. It’s not YOUR idea of fun. So stop playing RPGs. It is absolutely as fun as people make it out to be TO OUR TASTES. You play the games you like, and leave the ones I like alone.

  • Kyle Fulton

    Interesting that you push for allowing for differing opinion in one post while insisting that turn based battling is inherently worse than action in another. *raises eyebrow*

  • Stalkeye

    I never said it was worse I just dont see the fun factor in it. M’kay?

  • Stalkeye

    Oh, I left the games you like “alone” a long, long time ago. 😛

  • lolz episodic final fantasy vii hahahahahaha

  • lolz new combat final fantasy vii hahahahahaha

  • Can’t even think of the worst game I’ve played. There was some really fucking bad Double Dragon sequel I played once. That’s about it.

  • I liked Thor more than most of the Marvel films, lol.

  • FUCK YEAH N64!!!!!!!!

  • Those N64 THQ wrestling games were the fucking bomb.

  • Jack Randomm

    Punching monsters seems like an exercise in futility.

  • Jack Randomm

    Leave my game alone!

  • Stalkeye

    There’s also hanguns, shotguns and …you get wut I’m sayin..!

    http://thesupernaughts.com/new-and-naughtworthy/resident-evil-5-a-retrospective/ (0=

    The fun factor is getting the shit scarred out of you, that’s why a few RE purists have abandoned the franchise altogether. Kyle is right about ORC, its really a piece o’ shite!