Jack Random’s Steel Cage Spectacular Jack Random’s Steel Cage Spectacular
Jamill Payne joins the guys this week to talk Pro Wrestling! With the recent death of one legend and some people recently wishing death... Jack Random’s Steel Cage Spectacular

Jamill Payne joins the guys this week to talk Pro Wrestling! With the recent death of one legend and some people recently wishing death on another, what could be more appropriate?

How about what went wrong with Fantastic Four?
We talk about the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake, Hateful 8, Metal Gear and the carny-folk status of wrestlers.

Also, what’s up with rich guys getting shafted by their mistresses?
This one’s a slobberknocker!

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Jack Random

From Detroit, Jack Random is former video game reviewer, current DJ, production assistant, and lifelong nerd with 40 years of comic reading under his belt.

  • Abe


  • Joe Buchalter

    Nope, Cybermen are dumb. They’re the Borg but uninteresting, and in this particular case they have a more interesting Borg-like race in the Daleks.

  • KilliK


  • Illuminati Kämpfer

    I almost kept replying to the speakers, so I’ll let it go here.

    @Kyle Fulton If you’re really interested in REAL Star Wars dogfights, you should try Elite: Dangerous. It has other things to do of course. And if you can make a sacrifice and try to play on PC, there’s a better one called Star Citizen which is being made. The latter is on a whole different level. Not only there is a deep, complicated dogfighting system and a large array of ships to choose from, but the game has an FPS module where you can invade other ships and have CQC. The universe is persistent and there is an in-game economy system where you can work and stuff. They also plan on adding some stuff from the Alien mythos. Right now they are adding airshafts and prepare some ships to be what is an aftermath of a Xenomorph outbreak. Their last showcase on Gamescom showed a lot and I can’t tell you everything in just a comment.

    TL,DR: The game is very impressive, even if you’re not a “space fan”.

  • Illuminati Kämpfer

    @Jack Randomm There’s a docked cargo shit in GTA Vice City where I just stay hide, use the unlimited ammo cheat and f shit up until I get bored. Rinse and repeat everyday. I just didn’t like the horror of being chased in a large city.

  • Illuminati Kämpfer

    @Jamill Payne How rude, sir! At least some courtesy about Fallout. I’m sure you wouldn’t have said that if you could meet Bob!

  • Good, fuck FFVII up. Maybe then all the nerdo knuckle dragging Cloud and Tifa lovers will finally recognize FFVI as the true leader of the FF pack.

  • Kyle Fulton

    VI is an excellent game, one of my all-time favorites, but a game with a villain whose motivation is “because I’m evil, lol” will never top a game that’s deeply rooted in genuine psychology and character motivation. The stories may be about equal, the gameplay may be about equal, but when it comes to pure characterization and the establishment history and motivation for every single character, FFVII has never been matched by any game. Not just any FF. Any game ever. With the possible exception of The Last of Us.

  • Kyle might like that Lucha Underground show.

  • Sometimes characters should just be evil. I don’t like this trend of explaining why every bad guy is a bad guy nowadays. Sometimes it’s totally fine, but often it ruins the mystique. Kefka was perfect for that game.

    Anyway, I couldn’t connect to the characters in VII at all. I just didn’t like them. They were so boring. I know I’m in the minority on VII but I just don’t like it, regardless of how much work went into it. I guess maybe I like my video game characters to have more room for interpretation? I dunno.

  • Joe Buchalter

    Whelp “Real American” hit and now I’m def… LEVELS RANDOMM!! XD

  • I’m with Jamill on the subject of Dr.Who

  • Well, more than Tim Roth, how long has it been since Michael Madsen was in a movie that’s gonna be released in theaters and not DTV? “Kill Bill vol.2”?

  • Oh yeah – a “Star Wars” battle game without space battles. You have a point there – there will be a DLC for it; it’s the Disney money-making machine now

  • So now studio’s have realised they show too much stuff in the trailers, so thay cut all that out of the movie? LOL – “you already saw that in the trailer, we’ll just put a ‘one year later’-text there…”

  • Uh-oh – “phone on while doing a podcast”-alert!!!

  • Whoops. I misheard “Babe Ruth of Wrestling” as “Beirut of Wrestling” at first…

    My bad.

  • Stalkeye

  • Stalkeye

    Oh, As for people complaining about Johnny Storm being Black, well not all are Racists (Jamal!) a good Friend of mine is pro-black, dark as Stringer Bell but prefer that the Film protagonists match their comic counterpart while I suspect Jordan’s casting somewhat pandering. At the end of the day, the Movie sucked Balls regardless of race swapping.

  • Jose Tito Torres

    Carney folk