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This week Jack and Kyle sit in with Random Show London Corespondent, the Viscount El Van Lon and perma-guest Jamill Payne to talk Activision’s... Jack Random’s Epic Flood Podcast

This week Jack and Kyle sit in with Random Show London Corespondent, the Viscount El Van Lon and perma-guest Jamill Payne to talk Activision’s unusual marketing campaign for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and other odd advertising choices. Like, what was McDonald’s thinking with that new Hamburglar?

The guys discuss Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, starring Russel Crowe! Click and marvel at the guys reaching an actual consensus! Good episode, great talk!

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Jack Random

From Detroit, Jack Random is former video game reviewer, current DJ, production assistant, and lifelong nerd with 40 years of comic reading under his belt.

  • Tarmac492.1

    Downloading this Randomly perfectly titled podcast as a hurricane may slam the east coast. Will listen later.

  • Joe Buchalter

    Recently had to remake some things that featured a cartoon characters shadow falling over the new world trade center … because of some significant event resemblance issues XD

  • Aronofsky’s Noah! Well now I am curious.

  • Consensus better be it sucks balls.

  • Afraid not so far…

  • Kyle Fulton

    Considering that it didn’t, it’s not.

  • Kyle Fulton

    Nah, it wasn’t bad.

  • So wrong only a spammer would upvote it.

  • Morons flipping out about dumb shit. More at 11.

  • Gotta get me some AIDS.

  • Noah is stupid as shit. It’s pro-vegan propaganda that doesn’t even make sense!

  • Humans are not worth saving because they eat animals! (most of the animals on the ark eat other animals)

    Human mothers are evil because they would do anything to save their kids! (the fucking animal mothers would do the same)

    Saves animals, but not plants. (I guess plants can survive anything)

    Logging is bad. (uses logs to build the ark)

    Noah is essentially just a fucking crazy man.

  • Stalkeye

    LMMFAO@Jamil wondering “Where the brothas at” during Noah.
    I pt this film off for so long maybe, just maybe I’ll give it a watch if its on my Amazon prime subscription. That way I can watch on the go.

  • Stalkeye

    I remember seeing those AYDS commercials back in the day.

  • Stalkeye

    WTF!! LOL

  • Jack Randomm

    Hahaha! What the fuck?!?

  • Jack Randomm

    Wow! That’s crazy!

  • Kyle Fulton

    Did you somehow not catch that the entire point of the movie is that Noah is severely misunderstanding the creator, his motivations, and why he wants what he wants? Because that’s just magical.

  • Kyle Fulton

    I do not know why I chose the word magical. I just woke up. Lemme’lone.

  • Yeah I get that but he still does everything illogically. Even getting on the boat with his own family made no sense if he originally thought all humans must perish. Just ship the boat off with the animals, it would have been fine.

  • Kyle Fulton

    Right, I agree. My point was just that Noah’s insane and illogical choices and beliefs were intentional, and the main point of the movie. The movie wasn’t vegan propaganda or supporting Noah’s beliefs, or saying that his choices were logical. That’s why they put those beliefs in the head of a guy who was SO confused about them that he almost murdered two babies based on them. The whole point was that it’s not our place to interpret any god’s will or intentions – just to do what they say if they should actually part the clouds and say “You might want to build a bigass boat.”The why, the how, and the intention is their business, not ours. In other words don’t go around espousing your beliefs as the will of god, because you’re probably wrong, no matter how righteous they may feel to you.

  • Tarmac492.1

    Todd Margaret is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!