The Supernaughts Debate Show 3:<br> Earnal The Supernaughts Debate Show 3:<br> Earnal
Brave soul Wade Radford becomes the Supernaught's first guest... The Supernaughts Debate Show 3:<br> Earnal
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Our very special guest Wade Radford is a film maker, actor, writer, poet, and the voice behind Fuck it, Why Bother’s podcast.

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  • Am at work right now, will listen later.

  • I like these “previously on…”-bits

  • I agree that there are a lot of tools now to express your artistic side, but will other people see it, that depends on your ability to promote the stuff. And of course on the fact that it’s good.

  • Sometimes you need escapist cinema, sometimes moral and/or educational. It all depends on the occasion

  • “food for thought” is actually a better term than “moral/educational”

  • R J D

    Sometimes you need. Trasformers

  • R J D

    Thanks. Abe is a star

  • Well, T2 is much more quality

  • R J D

    Much thanks

  • Smartphones, Bacon, Scorsese. All underrated

  • I agree with you IAB. Sometimes all a movie is striving for is mindless fun and I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with that.

  • Are you doxing me?

  • Yeah, fuck Zombie films.

  • Transformers sucks.

  • I hate the idea of supporting a certain genre or even artist. If the film does not deliver, there is no need to watch it out of obligation.

  • Tusk: Only because an idea is original it does not mean it is good.

  • haha, Wade sure has an eclectic style

  • hate hooligans. damn sports fans

  • If you say sex is underrated, you’re doing it wrong…

  • R J D

    That’s awesome

  • R J D

    Not the cartoon

  • R J D

    I think every artist deserves a mulligan. Kevin Smith has run out of them. Imho

  • yep. If I like an artist I usually watch the clunkers as well, just out of curiosity/for completion. Smith does not deserve another chance. Too many clunkers.

  • solely talking about the movies. The toys rocked as well.

  • R J D

    A good partner is imprudent

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Scorcese can never be overrated. BACON. And I really do think you can make an entertaining movie that makes people think. It’s just really hard to strike that balance. Sex is a bit overrated for me.

  • With most popcorn flicks they don’t even make the attempt.

  • Just watched Goodfellas again tonight, you’re right.

  • R J D

    To me I give them a lot of credit just for trying now adays

  • R J D

    I remember when it schooled GF3 at the Oscars. Poor sophia copallas acting coach. They hymie rothed him.

  • R J D

    Thanks for listening. And I agree . But you know what’s not over rated ? LOVE

  • R J D

    Yes. You just have so many great one liners dee !

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Dude, sex is sex. Love can never be overrated for me IMHO.

  • R J D

    sex keeps you busy on saturday night. Love is the kind of thing that causes war

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    You have no idea how much I would go on a killing spree for the one I love, mang.

  • R J D

    Sometimes you gotta prove your worth to your friends. And sometimes that means killing allot of people.