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Joe Adams is a writer, playwright, director, radio personality and graphic designer

Joes’s  social links and artistic endeavors. Check him out!


Climbing the Spiral Mountain by Joseph Adams 

The Song of Orphans by Joseph Adams

Joe the Geek’s Graphic Art – For Hire!

Scott Colbert is a co-founder of the Supernaughts, the author of the acclaimed novella Barbed Wire Kisses, as well as a popular contributor and editor to the now defunct

RJD is co founder of the Supernaughts, Lover of comic books, Movies, Books, Video Games, D & D. He brings a southern fried view to fandom.

Slate Fistcrunch is co founder of the Supernaughts and lives in Costa Rica due to some income tax misunderstandings

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Interview: Meet Joe Adams

Joe discusses his extensive history as an author, playwright, director and radio personality, which artistic medium gives him the most fulfillment, and his influences.

Topic One: Separate the Art From the Statuette

The World Fantasy Organization has been debating changing the statue for its awards from the likeness of H.P. Lovecraft to something else, due to his racist views. Is that the right thing to do, or is it merely another sign of political correctness run amok?

Topic Two: “I’ll see you again in 25 years.”

David Lynch announced over twitter that Twin Peaks will be returning as a 9 episode limited series on Showtime in 2016. After 25 years is it too late? Will anyone care?

Topic Three: Enough is Enough?

With the advent of movies, TV, and now streaming media, is the availability of all this entertainment hindering imagination or nurturing it?


Trick or Treating
David Lynch
Apple (The company not the fruit)

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Agree or disagree with us? Think you have what it takes to go up against Scott and RDJ?

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  • Oingo Boingo rules!

  • Times have sure been-a-changing. I read the original “Airport”-novel by Arthur Hailey last year and was surprised by the amount of n-words in it. Released in 1968.

  • Twin Peaks certainly has gas in it’s tank.

  • I’m selecting my TV-shows mostly in seasonal box-sets.

  • True Detective-binge for me is imminent

  • Trick-or-treating does not exist here, so no opinion

  • R J D

    its a dead mans party
    Elfman is a genuis though

  • R J D


  • R J D

    you will not be disapointed.

    i suggest ( if it is still there ) check out Demagodd Dogs article and read each episode breakdown after you watch it. the comments / arguments below between him and ASI ARE ALONE WORTH THE PRICE OF THE TICKET, BUT NO ONE BREAKS THE SERIES DOWN AS WELL AS DOGG DID. It was one of the best articles on the old TalkBacker site. right up there with Scotts and Ernests series work.

  • cool. Will do. I remember those Dog vs. Asi-fights spreading to other threads as well lol

  • Is Lynch even rate-able…? He just IS.

  • Good point on that Apple slowly overrating itself

  • Religion? Honestly, I think it can go f*** itself

  • I guess you can call that my “finnish directness”

  • Great show and Joe was a very good guest

  • Joe is a lot of fun with an endless supply of stories.

  • Will listen to this tomorrow!

  • R J D


  • R J D

    Joe and I talked about Buffy the vampire slayer for a while of topic and off record. I cant think of a subject it wouldnt he fun to talk to him about. Hes a wealth of knowledge on so many subjects but also a great guy

  • ooohhhhh Robert Anton Wilson. My eyes lit up when he was mentioned !! My all time favourite author right there!! I push The Illuminatus Trilogy on everyone !!

  • Should they censor the bible on its stance on slavery, and sex slaves ?? Well, they should ban it for many reasons, but hey….

  • Tim something

    It’s always bad news to pluck some character out of history and judge him by a contemporary standard.

  • Tim something

    Atheists, like believers come in all stripes. The Bible has some confusing content ( some due to many translations) but really the life of Christ is the heart of the matter. I’d love to discuss it but as you point out it has to be a willing process.

  • Orcus

    For whatever reasons, the 4 pics of everyone above remind Orcus of of that “Man on the street” section of The Onion