The Supernaughts Debate Show 4: <br> White People Love Idris The Supernaughts Debate Show 4: <br> White People Love Idris
In Episode Four the SuperNaughts welcome in Shareef McIntosh and debate the blackwashing of characters The Supernaughts Debate Show 4: <br> White People Love Idris
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Our very special guest Shareef McIntosh is an independent  film maker and massive comic book aficionado.

Shareef’s social media links. Check him out!




Scott Colbert is a co-founder of the Supernaughts, the author of the acclaimed novella Barbed Wire Kisses, as well as a popular contributor and editor to the now defunct

RJD is co founder of the Supernaughts, Lover of comic books, Movies, Books, Video Games, D & D. He brings a southern fried view to fandom.

Slate Fistcrunch is co founder of the Supernaughts and lives in Costa Rica due to some income tax misunderstandings

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Topic One: Blackwash

The SuperNaughts discus the blackwashing of of super heroes like Captain America, Robin and of course the Human Torch in the upcoming Fantastic Four film.

Topic Two: RIP Saturday morning cartoons

Saturday morning cartoons are dead. Is this a bad thing? Is there someone to blame?

Topic Three: Man of Steel

Enough time has passed to take a hard look at the ever polarizing Man of Steel and talk about it’s place in the history of film.

Topic Four: How important is Blade?

SuperNaught’s own RJD recent wrote an article claiming Blade as the most important super hero film ever made. Is that hyperbole or truth?

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Agree or disagree with us? Think you have what it takes to go up against Scott and RDJ?

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  • Never seen a Tyler Perry movie. I guess I’m not in the demographic audience either

  • Superman Returns had some good scenes, but as a whole it doesn’t work, because the first mistake Singer did, was making it a sequel to Donners film. Man of Steel has kinda grown on me, largely because Snyder abandoned his usual fetishes in it(he probably exorcised them all out with Sucker Punch).

  • Hahah – the debate get’s tougher

  • Baywatch: not over/underrated. It’s just bullshit

  • We really never had Halloween in Finland when I was a kid. It’s really kinda arrived here only in the last 10 years or so. I don’t have an opinion on the subject.

  • I agree. The smell and feel of a book is the best

  • I enjoyed GotG. It’s solid popcorn

  • Nah, not a fan of the “learn to be Superman” idea. It’s like “Smallville”.

  • oh you just said it.

  • Did like “Man of Steel” against all expectations as well.

  • They could not have gone the positive approach with “Man of Steel” again, as Singer already botched that.

  • But it makes sense that Superman is still anti-government- they still have to warm up to him.

  • “on a site that isn’t ours”

  • Nope, Matrix did not steal from Blade. Matrix was already in production when Blade came around.

  • Blade was 1998, X-Men was 2000.

  • oh man, you are so right with the Batman party scene. In Batman & Robin that happened THREE times in one movie.

  • Halloween costumes are great. Some people just don’t have imagination, that’s the only problem.

  • Reboot Blade and set it in the 1970s.

  • That would be awesome!

  • sent you a mail

  • R J D

    booo sir booo on you

  • R J D

    i guess if you can still ahve snipes

  • R J D


  • R J D


  • R J D

    maybe you should start making films. maybe Pete films. you could be the finnish tyler perry

  • not kidding!

  • I will comment more later on.

  • With a kindle i can pick up all my books and carry them to bed with one hand.

  • Really great show guys. Shareef has brought some points to the table I had never really thought of. The “blackwashing” of superheros is a typical case of “good intentions gone wrong”. Shareef is right, why did they never adapt “Black Panther” instead of making Torch a black guy? There is no more excuse as even lesser known characters like Iron Man and Ant-Man got their movies.

  • That must put some real strong pressure on your subconsciousness. Can you enjoy a book knowing that a whole library is waiting “behind” it, waiting to be read? Hell, you better don’t think about it too much. Stop thinking about it.

  • Thanks, these are the kinds of things I hope we get to do more of. I like tackling topics like these.

  • you and me dee. haha

  • The only thing, I think, they botched in Returns is the the kid. Well, maybe making him a super stalker was weird too, but I think Returns gets too bad a rap.

  • 😉

  • Shareef McIntosh

    thanks man. I agree, Luke Cage needs a movie too.

  • Shareef McIntosh

    lol. I agree. i wanna know what the target audience is.

  • Shareef McIntosh

    exactly, and I dont know if he is 100% anti-government, he just doesn’t want to let them know where his fortress of solitude is. I dont know him to give draw maps for people of where it is.

  • Shareef McIntosh

    lol. i agree. it gets better and better to me.

  • Shareef McIntosh

    superman returns is pure trash. it had like a couple of cool scenes, but lex luthor the real estate mogul, thats his plan krytonian land, i mean people really wanna live on black rocks? horrible and the dead beat dad thing was bad. I would have rather the abomination and death and rebirth.

  • Shareef McIntosh

    lmao, no more tyler perry’s we need to let it die with him. we need more kubrick’s, spike lee’s, Spielbergs, woody allens and linklaters. and by the way I am not the demographic either, I assume its for black people that don’t have college education.

  • To elaborate my demographic a little more: I’m from Finland – The back north-east corner of europe. I think only a handful of people here even know who Tyler Perry is…

  • R J D

    Cage should be on the netflix TV show soon. If those characters take off i expect them to be worked into the films pretty quick. esp with marquee names dropping of due to retirement and age.

  • R J D

    boys who like boobs. Rock fans. the whole crew @ NERDBONG.COM

  • R J D

    i cant get over the dead beat dad thing. i just cant. i thought routh deserved better.

  • R J D

    i hated lex in that film too. i feel the same way. Singer could have made a great film but the lex story was … bad. WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO QUIT PUTTING PARKER POSEY IN SUPERHERO FILMS! SHES AWFUL !

  • R J D

    I have never watched a ” tyler perry ” film. i watched half of Alex Cross. Ok maybe a third.

  • R J D

    maybe they should promote his movies there at xmas time

  • I sure as hell won’t lol

  • Antoine R Hicks

    1) I agree with your sentiment with Blade, but I disagree with your guest opinion on Black superheroes. When I pick up a comic, I’m not worried about whether the black character is from the hood or going through the black experience. For characters like Storm, it’s hard enough being a mutant.

    2) I don’t mind change of race, they did to Terry from Spawn by turning him Black to White and Alicia from White to Black, but they were minor characters. Samuel
    L. Jackson I want his Nick Fury to be a codename as me and a couple of friends on a messageboard discussed. So you could still have the White Nick Fury and Black Nick Fury.
    It would be a name that you could pass down.

    3) I like the Southern Avengers idea. This also made me realize that there are few southern superheroes

    4) Man of Steel suck because it was missing that hope part. Also you guys were wrong, Superman didn’t start out as a boy scout. He actually started out as rebel who fought for social justice. He was later change to pro-government type of guy during the 1950s during the cold war. It would have been better if Superman would have just walk the Earth learning to become Superman in Man of Steel.

    5) Marvel does a better job at putting minorities on the front cover compared to DC. How many DC fans can name all the active minority members? Not members who joined, but members currently in every issue of JL? I can only name Cyborg as an active member. Marvel has always made the minority members active and try to give them the attention they deserve like they did with Storm having her own comic or Falcon become the new Captain America…though Joshua should have gotten it.

  • R J D

    wow great insight into superman! i agree me need a southern AVANGERS team, There has to be a Bubba with superpowers somewhere. I am also not opssoed to them using the nick fury name, but nick fury prime has the serum and he was around in ww2. i loe the original but i also love my boy SLJ heres from my neck of the woods.

  • R J D

    Thank Dee .

    Hate that Antman is coming. with companies making ” origin ” story films they could have done a 2 1/2 origin story film with luke cage and iron fist that would sell tickets.

  • R J D

    i got hammered on that and prob lost on that. but i dont see how the diner scene or the oil rig scene was like smallville at all. they could had him wandering the country saving ppl for 2 hrs and i would have been fine with it

  • No villain? Not for me then!

  • They think they can still ride the nostalgia train, like the M:I, Starsky & Hutch and Charlie’s Angels movies did, but I am afraid those times are over.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    The funny thing is that it’s suppose to be for black people but it’s periphery demographic is southern white folks.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Ooooh, Cosby is name-dropped here…………

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Man of Steel is good.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Saturday Morning cartoons…………………

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    But Toonami was mah shit.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    I like Blade RJD, mang.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    I’ll admit, I didn’t know Blade was based on comic book before.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    When it came out, I mean. I know now.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Baywatch is overrate it. Sorry Rock but I’d rather see ya crack skulls.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Halloween costumes are underrated.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Kindle is overrated.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    GotG isn’t underrated but it’s definitely not overrated.

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Idris Alba. Lets see………………………………The Wire, Luther, Thor, Pacific Rim……………

  • Godzilla Fanboy

    Yeah, the whole tokenism thing is annoying.