The Supernaughts Debate Show 10:</br> Batman Ruins Lives The Supernaughts Debate Show 10:</br> Batman Ruins Lives
In this classless episode ten A.R. Hicks joins The Supernaughts to talk about his comic book kickstarter project and then the boys debate comic... The Supernaughts Debate Show 10:</br> Batman Ruins Lives
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A.R. Hicks is a first time comic book writer his project A.R.Hicks’ Dark Souls is a fantasy based genre with some urban themes. Think Boondocks meets Final Fantasy and Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

Hick’s Kickstarter!
The AR Hick’s Dark Souls Wiki
Hicks’ Deviant Art


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A.R. Hicks’ Dark Souls

Hicks tells us about his comic book that he’s been been spending years on: A.R. Hicks’ Dark Souls and his Kickstarter.

Topic One: Let Us Read From the Gospel of Stan Lee

Comic books were historically created to sell ads to children. Now it could be argued comics exist primarily to sell merchandise. With such questionable artistic merit, why do comic book fans take stories as gospel?

Topic Two: Are MMOs Respawning?

With CCP canceling their World of Darkness project, EVE Online no longer the cash cow it once was, Blizzard cancelling their Titan MMO, and the major blog Terra Nova shutting down. Are we seeing the death
of MMOs?

Topic Three: I’m Not Dead Yet

With the death of Wolverine story line, along with multiple resurrections by dozens of other characters other franchises in tv, comics, and movies has death lost its impact ? Is it a viable plot device anymore?

The New 52
Graphic novels
Autumn (The season not RJD’s favorite exotic dancer)
Pumpkin Pie

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Agree or disagree with us? Think you have what it takes to go up against Scott and RDJ?

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The Supernaughts

  • Did this just go up? Will listen later or tomorrow.

  • I can’t say I agree with must of what Hicks says. But I will say it’s damn entertaining

  • MMOs…. I zoned out, I have no idea of that, sorry.

  • Graphic Novels are rated just right.

  • Miller is overrated.

  • Too much of his world views is displayed in his works.

  • Autumn is underrated- but there is no real autumn anymore.

  • omg, AR is right about Batman!

  • effing good rant, never thought about it that way

  • Did I hear that correctly: Ayn Rand and Anne Frank?

  • Comics and MMOs… I was completely out of my depth there. Otherwise, great show as always!

  • Tim something

    You’re MMOphobic

  • Yes you did

  • Public opinion is certainly against him right now.

  • Every comic book character EVER (almost) have changed countless times. I would never compare it to religion. And why would Marvel kill Spider-man, or DC kill Batman just so Fiberglass-man or Lawnmower-Boy written by “Joe Nobody” can have a chance?? If Fiberglass-man is good, then it will sell. Don’t blame Spider-man if it doesnt ……

  • Hey, Xena died on Agents of SHIELD. She gone……

  • FYI Marvel will kill The Fantastic Four in next years Civil War series. They want them gone. And they will stay gone ( until Marvel gets the movie rights back )

  • lol, oh my

  • I hope America does not go away. . . . Then the rest of us would lose our democracies . . . . yeah

  • Can i be a rabbit in WoW ?? A little white one ??

  • I agree with Scott: He did some great stuff, but also awful stuff. And I don’t think he is that good as a graphic artist.

  • Thanks for saying that

  • Tune week for justin …

    Same supernaught time
    Same supernaught station

  • Turrible

  • No no he’s not.

    Batman should not hire the riddler to work fir him

  • Your not the only one

  • Fire it up to all the kids

  • Thanks for noticing

  • will do!

  • One pill makes you smaller

  • Damn good point.

  • ofcourse …… Its me.

  • Green Lantern movie DIDN’T kill Green Latern-religion…?

  • I’m not that well-versed(at all well-versed) in comics, but A.R. has a good point. Cages should be rattled, and new stuff brought out.

  • Good point about GoT deaths

  • About death as a plot point. Joyce Summers’ death in “Buffy” comes to mind. Jeez that episode is hard. Especially now, after burying 5 family members in 6 years…

  • I have absolutely no knowledge of RPG’s after Fallout 1-2, but this debate is entertaining

  • Frank Miller has turned overrated, I agree

  • Now THAT was a Batman rant. Damn.

  • Great stuff as always. “I think Hicks just got a nosebleed” lol…

  • Tim something

    Black people aren’t allowed in fantasy! Heresy!

  • Tim something

    Personally Morgan freeman would make a great Gandalf.

  • Tim something

    Comics hard to change? Now that Disney owns Marvel the characters are practically frozen in amber- PG 13 amber.

  • Tim something

    Game of Thrones- YES!

  • Tim something

    Comics were never intended to be tracked over decades. Face it every generation comes in, reads for a few years and moves on.
    The rise of generation nerd has challenged this, and I don’t think it cam be reconciled.

  • Tim something

    Martin knows what he is doing. But the most unexpected death of all will be his own.

  • Tim something

    What? You don’t like reading the medieval menu items at every meal and feast?

  • Tim something

    I do think you guys do a good job with staying together overall on tone and volume- by which I mean some podcasts have one dude talking while another is shouting and yet another is mumbling or sounds like he’s five hundred feet from the mike. Also none of you sounds like his head is in a garbage can.

  • Tim something

    Hicks you moron, Florida never gets cold. I go down there in the dead of winter and jump in the ocean- people like you look at me like I’m one of those polar bears. If you ever felt real winter (-40 degrees) you’d pee your pants.

  • Tim something

    Batman is a republican? That’s a new one. Maybe one day you will get to write some Batman, that would be fun to read.

  • Tim something

    Hicks nobody wants to read about a bleeding heart rich guy who fixes up his city and gives drug money to muggers.
    Or do they?

  • Tim something

    I may skip episode eleven.

  • the rant is for the winner of the debate, but i assure you Scot and I were holding our tounges during it. our own , not each others.

    its mostly great editing scotts proffessionalism and our great garbage can

  • thats just cold man

  • winter is coming. look for more thrones talk soon. maybe in Dec when Sasha returns

  • one i dont agree with. i think superman is a R and Batman is a D but i might be wrong

  • Tim something

    You want to bet against me?

  • the show is all over the place and it is a great cast and writing that makes the ridiculasness work. they go from serious to slap stick to action to comedy to singing to Joyce dying. it was a brutal episode and effected the character from then on.

  • Tim something

    The ribbed cans sound best.

  • i did not say that. he is very slow at writing.

    i did see a special where the show runners for HBA said they had the end laid out and that GRRM gave them hes blessing if the show out paches the books, which they should do no matter what

  • Tim something

    Important clarification. Thanks.

  • Tim something

    Aquaman is a monarchist.

  • Tim something

    The blue pill makes you tall…

  • Tim something

    I suppose the first thing they teach authors/celebrities is never post online. Too bad,

  • he is a Tyrant , he and Namor

  • feed your head

  • yea when he said batman should let the guy rob someone for $ 60 because he has a drug habit … im thinking batman should knock the guys teeth out. but thats just me. he had energy and was entertaining but we didnt agree alot. spoiler alert … we speak during the next rant fyi

  • I think Scott and Dio have their heads somewhere else sometimes.

  • OK, I’m gonna officially start adding this to the rotation beginning with episode 11. Also, I’ll call in like Nick has done, that’s a cool feature man.

  • Thanks Puck! You can also test out a new feature if you don’t want to call. We have an audio recorder directly on the site.

  • Mic on my laptop sucks balls, I even have to use my iPhone to do my videos, so likely be better off calling. It’s my cell I got through work anyway, so they foot the bill. =)

  • Nice! I really appreciate the kind words and support btw

  • jsmith0552

    Death in comics isn’t viable because these franchises are worth millions to a corporation. Somebody would have to come up with a new paradigm for making money off these characters (or a continually rotating roster of characters) before you could just let characters go.

    Also some titles are meant to run for impertuity. People don’t want another Barbarian, they want Conan stories. They don’t want another smart detective, they want Sherlock Holmes, they don’t want any spy they want James Bond. Some comic characters are the same way with their fans.

  • Thanks. That means allot from you

  • Why

  • Why ?

  • Agree..that’s why every “death” gets retconned. The reign of the super men, ben Reilly, azriel, and more. They sale.

  • But where ?

  • Tim something

    Your guests never post. But the why is that one stray comment or joke can be used to end their career.

  • jsmith0552

    Yes, which proves that it isn’t impossible for new characters to make it. In fact I’d propose a new character that makes it is going to be a better character because they have these established icons to measure up to. I can remember a time before Deadpool, Rulk, and a lot of other popular characters.

  • jsmith0552


  • Emailed you just now.