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The Shut Up Kids Podcast Joins The Supernaughts Uh oh

The Shut Up Kids Podcast Joins The Supernaughts


The Shut Up Kids podcast will be moving to TheSupernaughts.com with a brand new episode launching on Sunday, November 30, 2014. The show will maintain its previous format, focusing on geek/entertainment news, celebrity guest appearances, and tons of vulgarity. Plus now you can comment on their shows with as many expletives, pictures and YouTube videos as you please!


Co-host and producer of the SUK podcast, Dan M., noted, “Well fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. We’re thrilled to join the Supernaught family and look forward to building our show with the backing of like-minded people like Scott, Slate, Dio and Dee.”


Supernaught Slate Fistcrunch stated, “The SUK crew puts out amazing content and we’re excited that they accepted our invite to team up. Adding them, and Breakfast on Planet X, is only the beginning of the great things to come on our site.”


SUK has featured some incredible interviews with Sam Rockwell, Stuart Gordon, Alexandre Rockwell, Michelle Maylene, and more. You can look forward to even more interviews and exclusive content in future episodes.


About the SUK podcast: The Shut Up Kids are New Jersey natives Dan M. and Nick Nightly. Each week they talk about the best entertainment news and focus on a specific topic, typically a movie or a Top 3 list. They are regularly joined by guest hosts who share a passion for geekdom like they do.


About the Supernaughts: The Supernaughts are fandom’s top debate podcast and website. Starring Scott Colbert, Slate Fistcrunch, RJD, and guests, the Supernaughts debate the important (and unimportant) geek topics that are in the news.


  • Mr Nick Nightly


  • So thrilled to have you guys here Nick.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    As am I! Thank you for the warm welcome

  • Well, well, welcome

  • And say “fuck” whenever you please

  • The Willard

    Wow! How things change.

  • [email protected] [email protected]


    Word up.

  • If Nick posts pics of his balls though….

  • Hey GG!!

  • [email protected] [email protected]

    Hi Scott, how are you bro?

  • Tim something


  • Well that escalated quickly. Nick killed a guy with a trident.

  • Doing good, glad to see you around! You’ve been missed.

  • I have a Gun From The Future

  • It jumped up a notch, didn’t it?

  • If that happens rules will be amended blazingly fast.

  • Como estan, bitches?

  • [email protected] [email protected]

    Point at the doll where Finn touched you?


  • [email protected] [email protected]

    Good glad to hear it. Well here I am, thanks man.

    So is this the new social hub?

  • [email protected] [email protected]

    This is the B B C news service. Huuzzaah!

  • If you like free speech it is.

  • This AND Willard’s place I guess

  • The streets will flow with burgundys blood

  • No commercials. No mercy!

  • Hey yo

    We got another black t shirt here …

  • [email protected] [email protected]

    I see, well I think I gather what went down. You’re talented podcasters, highly entertaining and with a humor that suits mine.

    While I haven’t heard them (yet) I’ve been mightily impressed with your guests of late. Keep them coming.

    PS. I like swearing. I couldn’t live in a world without it.


  • The history channel is just news that happened a long time ago

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Dude, I’m dying…

  • PE is going for a PG-13 vibe now. We stick out like erect cocks at a peep show.

  • All kidding aside, I’m actually very happy about SUK coming on board. They gave me my start in podcastig, and having them here is an honor. Plus, they swallow.

  • Don’t you die on me now you sob

  • I am El Trousias! Hear my siren song!

  • But let’s not downplay the fact that that’s the ghost of Stonewall Jackson!

  • [email protected] [email protected]

    That had me in hysterics when I first saw that.

  • binky tyremonkey

    in a world of PG13 geek sites, you guys are like the glory hole, right?

  • Best part of the film

  • binky tyremonkey

    that would make for a very popular live pod-casting tour of the truck stops along the eastern seaboard…

  • Tim something

    Last one out of PE please turn off the lights.

  • That would be Smales I think

  • Tim something

    Meanwhile at RJD’s Tavern

  • Tim something

    [coughs] Puck

  • I dunno about that….

  • Tim something

  • ponyboy_360

    I knew this was gonna happen.
    I wish I could’ve got the point spread from Slate, I would’ve made some cash!
    SUK joins with SN!
    Great news gents!
    I’m an avid listener to you all, have been for awhile.
    Best of luck!

  • Tim something

    Supernaughts is spreading like wild fire!

  • Or syphillis.

  • Tim something


  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I don’t know why, but I feel for that guy. Everytime I read one of his submissions I just want to hug him and let him know that dreams can come true.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Mama was a lot lizard.

  • I made a little sitrep to Col.Tigh on Facebook of the current goings on. He sends his best. He will return when he’s NOT working 7 days a week

  • Thnx

  • Jose Garcia

  • Is his dream to do an article on something someone else did an article on less than a year ago only with One tenth the size ?

    Yrs I guess they do come true

    He’s a nice guy though

  • binky tyremonkey

    true or false…this should be the SUK’s theme song…when they are podcasting from senior centers?

  • which one? I see no link.

  • Talked to him via email and gave him the rundown. Looking to have him on the show early next year.

  • He just seemed a bit out of the loop so I gave him the Cliff’s notes

  • binky tyremonkey

    fixed…thanks for the catch. jt

  • Mr Nick Nightly


  • binky tyremonkey

    end of a Friday but nothing cool to look forward to on my Saturday…unlike the olde days…

  • I thought it would be this:

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    I’m a big fan of The Evolution Revolution.

  • binky tyremonkey


  • Mr Nick Nightly

    Helloooooooo nippies!

  • Mr Nick Nightly


  • binky tyremonkey

    classic but it just don’t have the funk…

  • You said if SUK were old men… the lyrics hit the mark.

  • Tim something


  • Tim something

    Is there a mouse under there ?

  • Orcus

    ““Well fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck”

    Now Waitaminute! 🙂

  • Orcus

    Hey, weren’t you at “The Cantina” sw site during the week? Orcus was checking up on some stuff there and saw your name

  • Orcus

    Orcus hears the sitename Wanderingjews.com might be up for grabs

  • I’ll stick with thelazycunts.com



  • BUT if you say fuck someone will say it on the main page 3 hrs later

  • binky tyremonkey

    no, I implied that they would be hanging out at old folks homes, up to no good…their age when doing so was never mentioned.

  • Ah! I thought they are supposed to be the inmates!

  • binky tyremonkey

    nah, just visiting the inmates, trolling for a little aged strange, playing the part of pod-casting stars looking for groupies…

  • binky tyremonkey
  • Donald points to where Finn touched him.

  • I think i’ll be visiting this site more often now, thanks to this.

  • But was it consensual?

  • Is that what they call it now?

  • Me?

  • Hey Gabe, long time no chat with you.
    So, did you liked Interstellar? Did it matched your expectations?
    Anyway, great to see you around again. I have missed our chats for when you were setting up the sadly not realised mega-podcast. You’re aces.

  • Can you imagine his tombstone?

    “Here lies fucking Nick Knightly, he lived his fucking live to the hilt. He fucking died like a fucking boss”

  • Not anymore, now that the show is dedicated to EXTREME RUMAGE SALES!

  • Are you tempting fate?

  • THE PAIN!!!

  • ≡√ïLØ♌D