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The Shut Up Kids Podcast Joins The Supernaughts Uh oh

The Shut Up Kids Podcast Joins The Supernaughts


The Shut Up Kids podcast will be moving to TheSupernaughts.com with a brand new episode launching on Sunday, November 30, 2014. The show will maintain its previous format, focusing on geek/entertainment news, celebrity guest appearances, and tons of vulgarity. Plus now you can comment on their shows with as many expletives, pictures and YouTube videos as you please!


Co-host and producer of the SUK podcast, Dan M., noted, “Well fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. We’re thrilled to join the Supernaught family and look forward to building our show with the backing of like-minded people like Scott, Slate, Dio and Dee.”


Supernaught Slate Fistcrunch stated, “The SUK crew puts out amazing content and we’re excited that they accepted our invite to team up. Adding them, and Breakfast on Planet X, is only the beginning of the great things to come on our site.”


SUK has featured some incredible interviews with Sam Rockwell, Stuart Gordon, Alexandre Rockwell, Michelle Maylene, and more. You can look forward to even more interviews and exclusive content in future episodes.


About the SUK podcast: The Shut Up Kids are New Jersey natives Dan M. and Nick Nightly. Each week they talk about the best entertainment news and focus on a specific topic, typically a movie or a Top 3 list. They are regularly joined by guest hosts who share a passion for geekdom like they do.


About the Supernaughts: The Supernaughts are fandom’s top debate podcast and website. Starring Scott Colbert, Slate Fistcrunch, RJD, and guests, the Supernaughts debate the important (and unimportant) geek topics that are in the news.