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Long live the Supernaughts! and May the Force be with all of us! Give JJ a Chance

Puny listeners, your host Zod brings you the latest and greatest  SW information and a plea not usually spoken by his tongue. It’s the Supernaughts’ dedicated Star Wars podcast! His worthy guests, English Rose and Ronnie James Dio ask for some pity on the human Director JJ Abrams…. It’s a sufficient discussion with plenty of kneel-before-me moments. Grab your wigs and keys and give it a listen…. DON’T MAKE US DESTROY YOU!

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A geek from the Midwest. I am about as corn fed American as you get and I love it. The 19 70s is still THE best decade of film- ever. If anyone, like me is inspired by that, you will do fine. Star Wars, Trek, Apes, Buffy, Avengers are on my geek radar among others...

  • Let me think…. uhm, no.

  • 🙂

  • Wait…. the Star Trek movies are not enough evidence?

  • JJ is a very good Craftsman. A term I’ve learned lately.

  • zing!

  • I think Slate won a point there. Now it’s your chance to rant…

  • “bridge looking like an IKEA store…”, hah

  • I’m happy all the time. I never have any rants.

  • Yeah, but he brings his own ideas into the script!

  • But he hasn’t got his Three Stooges with him now

  • Didn’t Super 8 grow on his ideas?

  • I don’t get the Super 8 hate. I know it’s VERY Spielberg, but I think I like it most of his films

  • Oh, come on. One day we’ll get a rant out of you

  • The fourth Mission; Impossible IS the best one – but I’ll place major credit of that on Brad Bird

  • I agree with Star Trek Nemesis, Rose – it’s a gut-punch on the fans

  • It is the best one, but JJ’s was a very solid entry that righted that franchise.

  • I say the 2nd best after the 1st one. The 4th one is a like a good Roger Moore Bond.

  • I hate the second one with a vengeance. As a John Woo-fan, I felt violated

  • I meant the 2nd best. The 2nd one is awful.

  • Yeah, dyslexia attack again. I see it now…;)

  • Federation dune buggies.

  • Miami Vice & Knight Rider FOR LIFE, Dio!!!!!!

  • Raise the shields!

  • Tom Hardy as a Picard clone that doesn’t look or sound anything like Picard

  • They always say trek tech blows star wars away. But landspeeder > Dune buggy

  • No. This is Star Trek. I can do better.

    There is an magnetic ionic build up of metatronic ions on the ventral starboard emitter

  • Yea it’s a homage to early 80s berg

  • That’s more like it

  • CreepyThinMan


  • That’s because Shinzon was born in the darkness, molded by it. He didn’t see the light until he was already a man; by then, it was nothing to him but blinding!

  • But the thing about prequels is, that the C-3PO-schtick was played WAY too broad, so they have to watch out for that too

  • LOL

  • CreepyThinMan


  • A missed opportunity of a Mini-Picard clone being there too

  • “Finn on the run”, after Republic has fallen, lol

  • That mess of a film is the best?

  • You know what movie is also good? “Starcrash”

  • Yes!

  • Poe Dameron – then there’s the thing about Cameron Poe:

  • Sith wanna-be – “you wanna wanga?”

  • One of us! One of us! One of us!

  • CreepyThinMan

    Here’s the problem. There isn’t some sort of masterplan when it comes to this new series. They’re just going to churn these out like so many rubber cocks from the dildo factory! Hiring Abrams was completely expected because this cocknosed asswipe actually thinks he’s this generations Lucas/Spielberg. But I could imagine a much better film being made if episode 7 was in the hands of someone who had actual talent beyond self-promotion. Am I looking forward to seeing Episode 7? Not really. Sure, it will be nice to see the original cast again but I doubt they’ll be featured in any future films.

    After the prequels, Star Wars can only go up and all Jar Jar has to do is deliver something slick and fast paced. Dawson’s Trek 90210 1&2 proved he could do that but the second you actually stopped to think about those movies, they fell right the fuck apart. I’ve said many times that Abrams is a competent Director but my one hope is that he’s got a decent script. Luckily his retarded little buddies are no where near the keyboard this time!!!FACT!!!

  • CreepyThinMan

    THIS ONE’S FOR YOU ScottColbert!!!FACT!!! 🙂

  • I fear seeing the old cast. I can see them doing well with Luke. I mean Christopher Lee was badass as count Dooku. I really liked him. Not much else in those films.

    Its like Blade Runner 2 ?? Its too late i think.

    I hope these new cast members will be watchable.

  • And if Luke gets killed while saving the new guys, I hope they use Sir Alec Guinness voice.
    ” Let go Luke !! ”

    And he can come back as a force ghost.

  • I don’t want or need to see R2D2 and C3PO anymore.

  • Has it been confirmed that the stand alone Star Wars by Gareth Edwards is gonna be about Han Solo?? They need to get going on that. Shooting set top begin sometime this year. It would be cool to see a teaser for that in front of Episode 7

  • Space Balls!!

  • Dr Ball MD !!!

  • “Give JJ a chance”

    No. Like Micxhael Bay, he has been given too many chances already and he has blow it. Chances are given to those who deserve it though talent, honesty and hard work. Abrams does neither, just self-promotion.

  • Give JJ a chance ??

    What choice do we have ??

  • The 70s is indeed the best decade of american cinema, qualitywise.

  • The choice? Two: 1) Mock him/calling him out; 2) Not watch his movies/not pay to watch his movies.

  • He is a descendent of Charlesmagne, after all. It’s in the genes.

  • You know me too well Creepy! Glad to see you back!

  • Zod, i wish you good luck and lots of good things and much fun at The Supernaughts.

  • yeah, we could choose not to watch episode 7. Don´t think i will though.

  • ” Luckily his retarded little buddies are no where near the keyboard this time”

    I wouldn’t be too sure. He must have a direct hotline with Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof, and the later has confessed that they all work on each other’s scripts, uncredited. I wouldn’t be too suprised if Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof had done ghostwriting on Abrams’s contributions to Ep7’s script.

  • Finn? Finn??

  • That part has no business being in the movie. Ir does leave and aftertaste in the mouth of the viewer that never leaved through the duration of the rest of the movie.
    Still better then the Abrams Treks. In fact, the two Abrams Treks can be considered to be partially a remake of Nemesis, specially the first.

  • Picard might hide in the shadows, but Shizon IS the shadows.

  • No, De Palma’s still is.

  • FACT!!!

  • I heard the original title was “Leave JJ alone”

  • What mess?

  • Not a bad comparison.

  • Still better then the extended Alias/Felicity episode that was the Abrams’s MI3.

  • By righted you mean he turned it into a juveline melodrama with banal forgetable action?

  • That’s Voyager, where they went orgastic with the technobabble. In TNG they did made a biit of an effort to have some scientific base on the technobabble, by Voyager they couldn’t cared less. In the Abrams Trek, they just use magic.

  • lens flares and breweries do not good craftmanship make.

  • I wish he hadn’t.

  • It did, and it was stupid because of it. As usual per Abrams.

  • It’s very hard at trying to be spielbergian, but only superficially. In the end, the effort is a major failure.

  • I’ll not rush to watch it in the theaters. I’d rather wait a week or two. Witnessing the reactions will probably be more fun to watch then the movie proper. And one can always watch the movie by other means.

  • You mean “Give Me A Chance… Again”, perhaps?

  • Rose is from Manchester, North West England, England, The United Kingdom.

  • As hard it is for for Rose to understand the hate on Abrams is me hard to understand why a woman would find the hydrocephalic mutant brat child voiced Chris Pine attractive. But i’m not a girl, so there’s that.

  • I still think Mission Impossible 1 is the best one

  • It is.

  • Most people have actually compared it with an IPod store.

  • She’s one of millions of women who like pine …

  • I’m pretty certain that if Ep7 is an artistic failure and the movie ends up disliked by the fans, JJ will run a very sucessful campagin to avoid taking responsability for share of the failure, as he has done it in the past. He always tries to escape having to assume responsabilities for his own failures and he has always been able to have others take the blame for him, he is a master of finding escape goats for his own faults and failings. Ep7 will be no different case if the movie is less then liked by the fans and critics and audiences alike. And give his skills at mass audiences manipulation and self-promotion, many will fall for it.

  • The concept was hatched amidst several angry jj articles as well as sentiment that star wars will Never be good again. We recorded a version of this last year way before the trailer but it was lost. This one was better on several accounts

  • As slick as he is. If the film fails , there’s no way he avoids blame. No way

  • Millions of flies who eat shit can’t be wrong, right?
    Millions of lemmings who fall from a cliff to their death can’t be wrong, right?

  • Bay made a good movie last year

  • One more.time its enough for me

  • Believe me, he will do his darn best to avoid getting the blame, and he will be sucessful in convincing many of just that.

  • It never gets old

  • You couldn’t write this stuff

  • Always

  • By last year you mean the year before he was born? Or were you refering to God’s Years = 1000 human years?

    Bay is incapable of making a good movie. He is incapable of making a mere garden variety bad movie. He is only capable of making terrible movies, and their differences is just between scale of terribleness, from godawful shit to “a human was even responsible for this shit?” shit.

  • When the federation is in ashes you have my permission to die

  • Sad, but true fact

  • we gave George 3 chances.

    JJ is not a name. Unless a pornstar uses it.

    He aint no Spielberg.

    I never saw Super 8.

    Michael Knight is not horrible !!

  • have you anything against mobile dustbins and effette robots?

  • Let’s party like it was May 1977!

  • The fact he gets cruise to actually act proves hEs greatness

  • I think the discussion about Dios sanity can be further explored

  • They call this serendipity.

  • It was avg. PSH was a great villain

  • Too many voices. Im sure there are 368 articles written today on the subject. I won´t read any of them.

  • I will watch all the Star Wars films. I don´t care if Adam Sandler directs. I will watch a Star Wars movie. Its in my blood.

  • Can can’t say he is ugly unless you swing that way

  • Good answer

  • I accept that

  • thats exactly what an insane person would say !!

  • PSH was always great in everything he was in no matter the movie’s quality, that was his thing, so that doesn’t particulary makes for a praise of the movie. And even calling the movie average is to give it too much credit. Milquetoast of the most bland risible kind would be a more appropriate description.

    At the time i put most of the blame for MI3’s faults on Tom Cruise, because back then JJ Abrams was a total nobody for me. In hindsight, i can already see the begining of the elements of his usual cinematic shittiness. It’s still much superior to his Abrams Treks, but that is a backhanded compliment for being damned with faint praise.

  • ooohh those scenes with R2 in the prequels. Him flying around and setting droids on fire. Soooo fun…..

  • Lucas had 4 chances

    JJ it’s a brand

    SUPER 8 def worth it on free tv

    Knight rider ( I loved it ) But the loved died. Nice members only jacket though

  • True. Not every director can convince Cruise to act.

  • You could read like one a day, you would be near finish by the time the movie is released.

  • But he sure is an hydrocephalic mutant.

  • Yay spam ! Mmmmm

  • That’s top shelf spam!

  • I think JJ’s inicial refusal to accept directing SW Ep7 was a diversion tactic. I now have this idea that JJ was involved with the negotiations between Disney and Lucas for the selling of Lucasfilm, and JJ was the go-between, the man who brought both parties to the table, that Lucas called him to serve as mediator.
    And i also believe that his pay for being a silent partner in the negotiations was to be the Ep7’s director.
    I believe that Disney later shopping for a director was just a pro-forma, a mere formality but the director’s seat was Abrams’s to begin with.

  • I wish Art Bell was still on the air.

  • Who’s he?

  • the hilt makes so much sense that its not worth discussing

  • Edgar Allen Night Toilet ??

  • that girl is the bastard child of Han Solo and Jenny. That whore from the cantina that Lucas cut out- Will drive a WEDGE between Han and Leia.

  • I really don’t understand why people think the first 8 mins of Abrams Trek are some sort of fantastic. They were my first groaning moments and my first suspicion nthe movie was going to suck. This feeling was made more then obvious with the stupid kid Kirk driving the corvette’s useless sequence.
    Those 8 mins are pure audience grab easy manipulation. How to make one care for a character who dies just 5 mins into the movie? Wh, make him be a dad of a new born child and pull the audience’s easy strings! And people bitch that Interstellar is corny melodramatic? At least that movie earned it’s drama throughout the whole duration of the movie, not through easy to pull audience strings!
    Why people let themselves fall for this easy heartstring pullings?

  • the give the devil his due, the laserhilt was actually not Abrams’s idea but the art department.

  • Finn Carlrissian…. BECAUSE HES BLACK !!! Thats profiling Rose !!!

  • Sorry, RDJ, but making the pseudo-camera spin around the spaceship and making space look yellow is not good special effects making in the begining of Abrams Trek. It’s flashy looking, but not good special effects design. If you mean they were competent on a technical elvel, well, at a 160 million dollars budget, that just comes with the territory.

  • 3 hours after first published, there already is 134 posts. Zod’s first podcast is a sucess. Well done.

  • Dio, no dead franchise would ever invest 160 million dollars to create their next movie. That was just Bad Robot’s propaganda to self-promote them, it’s just bullshit.

    Dead franchises wouldn’t merit the investment of even a low budget movie, much less the most expensive Star Trek movie of all times, including adjusted to inflaction.

  • “The Return of a Man Called Horse” is not a bad movie!

  • My nephew is a sith. Im sure of it. Hes only 5 years old, but I sense the dark side in him.

  • No, that’s just him being 5 years old. All 5 years old are evil.

  • Let me know what you think of LOCKE when you get a chance to see it.

  • The Tom Hardy movie?

  • yeah. Seen it ??

  • No, i haven’t. Heard very good things about it, though. And i’m quite a fan of Hardy, since i saw him in BRONSON.

  • Its in my top films of the year. I really liked it.

  • Cool. Thanks for the recomendation.

    Is it true that you are from Norway? I kinda compare Norway to my own country, you are the scadinavian Portugal to Sweden’s Spain… except your country actually works and is organized and well administrated.

  • It is true. Born and raised Norwegian.

  • Which town/city?

  • Want to write me under There is maybe something that could be interesting for you.

  • Bergen . The city between the seven mountains.

  • Bergen is very well known, fishing city and dates back to the vikings and even before. Looks like a cool city to live in.

  • I love the place. Rains a lot though…..

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    You are worthy

  • I really don’t understand this notion of giving JJ a chance.
    Really, he has made 4 subpar movies and yet people claim to give him a chance.
    Meanwhile Ridley Scott, who has directed quite a few classics of cinema, fouls up on his latest movies and he’s now been given as a lost cause!
    Abrams doesn’t even have a body of work with a single classic movie to earn a redemption and yet this is the guy who should be given a chance?
    Why? Because of his baby blue eyes?

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    And the beat goes on….

  • Sweden is Spain? Are we ze french then, lol

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Kershner made zero before and after Empire that’s why..

  • No, Andorra.
    OK, probably Cataluña, the scadinavian cataluña.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    And it’s called, wait and see.

  • But you have the golf current to warm up the region. your city is warmer then London and Paris, which are futher in the south.

  • midichlodians?

  • there’s also something called precedence.

  • After, i give you that his output was weak. Before, he made The Return Of A Man Called Horse, which is by no means a bad movie.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    And it’s a personal thing. What you dislike is not what everyone shares so…

  • In Abrams case i count myself lucky for not sharing the majority opinion.

  • well, at any given time that may change. We had the warmest year for over a hundred years in 2014. Kind of fucked up really.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Ridley is not a lost cause.

  • I understand the logic beyind the midichlodians, what Lucas was atempting with that, but it was just a bad idea. SW is a space magic fantasy saga, there is no place in it for any kind of science, even pseudoscience.

  • Well done Zod.

  • We also had that in my country, so it’s a general thing in Western Europe, really.
    Thing is, i don’t complain about warmer weather, i quite like it. And made the wine better.

  • Not the concensus among the geekdom, however.

  • indeed. Everything he tried was half thought out at best, and poorly executed .I know that kid gets a lot of hate. Jake Lloyd. I don’t hate him. Just his character. George wrote that shit, and he did his 10 year old best.

    What i hated most i think was the UTTER STUPIDITY and hypocritical ways of the Jedi. Yoda especially went from wise, to utter idiot and coward.

  • Funny enough, the character that is intriguing me the most about Ep7 is the one played by Max Von Sydow, and i have an idea who he might be playing. Specially considering there is supposed to be a big reveal about him in the 3rd act of the film.

    If he plays who i think he does, it’s going to be the thing everybody will be talking about and what will divide the fandom and make or break the movie.

    It also makes it obvious to me, due to that and other things, that Abrams is going to pull a mystery box again on Ep7. THe movie will be mostly a set up of things to come in the next two movies.

  • Why can’t we just wait and see? Because we are not unconcerned consumers but interested movie fans, that’s why.

  • i hate clones already……

    I have a bad feeling about this…….

  • I guess we are all just are afraid its gonna be Phantom Menace 2.0

    Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering

    And that line is so stupid it leads to HATE !!!!

  • so the next cast will be about Gareth Edwards stand alone yes. They are really hiding their cards on that one.

  • There are ideas in Ep7 that i actually like and they would be close to what i would do if i was making an SW Ep7 movie.

    Thing is, i think they are heading for a realpolitk direction (the thing i would do) which i don’t think is what SW is about. SW is a manicheist Good Vs Evil story, and to try to put shades of grey and realpolitik into it sounds lie it goes against the spirit of the franchise, in my view.

  • It’s actually from Buddhism.

  • yeah. Trade disputes are of no interests to me. In Star Wars or in life.

  • which also leads to hate……..

  • You could argue that Yoda learned from his mistakes in the prequels and become wise from the lessons learned.

    I think the prequels are far more thoughout then the fans give it credit, it’s just that that prequel trilogy went on a direction the fans didn’t want. SW fans are of a conservative nature and they don’t want changes. Lucas changed. Small wonder that Abrams and Disney are now going for recognition and references for sequel trilogy.

  • The trade dispute was a weak plot motivator. Funny enough, i liked the Coscurant and senate/political stuff. But i loath the Jar Jar Binks antics in the Phantom Menace. Which is why i enjoyed the other two prequels much more.

  • but… it’s the religion of lurve!!!!

  • Which isn’t the Jedi…

  • The Force is strong on that one… too strong.

  • yeah, but i hate religion. All of them.

  • Actually, it is. Lucas based the Jedi spiritualism on Buddhism and Shintoism.

  • Oh well, that’s another matter. That’s one of the things i love about the Scadinavian countries, you are so atheistic. Brillant!

  • Ridley would get more live if not for working on exodus prometeous 2. Bladerunner 2 …

  • and Jar Jar “giving” Palpatine his executive powers….. Really, those senators got what they deserved. I mean, if a really good senator is away, and some retarded rabbit then steps in and talks for that person, I would hold my vote…….. I wouldn’t just go with the rabbit

  • But by the logic as aplied to Sir JJ Of Abramsville, we have to give Ridley a chance.

  • Blade runner 2 ? ?

  • That’s recon. They were originally Samuri

  • Sadly, that sequence is actually based on a real historical occurence, in Germany at the rise of Hitler power.

    Anakin’s personality is also based on Hitler as well. That anoying brat shit that anoys the fans so much about Anakin? That’s Hitler’s personality traits right there. Lucas based Anakin on Hitler and how he was so petty, emotionally stunted, vidictive and a brat in his youth.

  • Anakin had some good ideas …………

  • The bushido code is based on shintoism, with some traces of buddhism. So as you can see, yeah, the Jedi spiritualism, samurai in nature, is based on buddhism and shintoism.

  • Give him a chance. If you are going to give one for Abrams, give to Scott too. At least Scott has earned it with some classics.

  • Anybody who is critical of Abrams due to jealousy is doing it wrong.

  • Even Sith Lords Wannabes like to play.

  • I just ranted about the “world’s most sold fairy-tale book called the bible” on supernaughts, so thanks 😀

  • The problem of Abrams is not that he is inspired by Spielberg, it’s because he openly rip-offs Spielberg and does his darnest to be apointed his spiritual sucesssor. How about him trying to be his own man? But he can’t, because he has no voice of his own. He kinda admits that himself, to give his due.

  • love it!!

  • im gonna listen to
    The Supernaughts Debate Show 18:
    Exodus on Planet X now.

  • It was good fun. I’m biased though

  • Flash Gordon is just a crazy movie, period. When people talk about movies that were made on drugs, that is one of the most glorious examples.

    They were trying to go for the original comics’s crazy aestetics and simplistic plotting, mixed with late 70s penchant for highly sexualised cinema, and the result is there for all to see. It’s just a crazy movie that today would never get made as a large budget wide distribution blockbuster. A movie of it’s times.

  • No, it really was good fun. And i’m not biased.

  • Save it brother

  • thats awesome-.

  • Yay

  • Hum?

  • At least he rips off “good berg”

  • I almost wish that was in the movie.

  • It was a mistake

  • and then he becomes a ghostbuster so he can get Obi Wan !! It writes itself

  • It was a great line

  • Not improvised though. That’s one I actually wrote

  • I don’t think that’s a good idea. Spielberg himself tried to rip himself off from his “good period” and what we got was Crystal Skullfuck.

    The thing people need to understand is that you just can’t sucessfully ripp off the “good berg”. The Good Berg was made by Spielberg at a certain time in his career and even he himself can’t do it anymore. What Abrams did was just a major geekasm misfire and also a cynical atempt to easily ingratiate himself with the geekdom and critics and audiences the laziest way, instead of developing his own style or building his own vision.

  • Ghostbusting dead Jedi masters.

  • yeah. Thats a stand alone Star Wars movie right there. TRADEMARKED!!!

    And Sith ghosts !! Make some third party villain that goes a completely different route.

  • You can understand the rational, though. Vader becomes the galaxy’s greatest mass murdered at the service of the emperor and Lucas must have though on how to find inspiration to the kind of mind that would turn a child into such a monster. Obvious answer, Hitler himself. I have a biography of Hitler, and it’s downright scary to read because of how he progressed from a child to who he become. The scariest part is just how human he was, all his monstruosity came from very recognizable and common human frailties.

    So, in that regard, i got what Lucas was going for. Contrary to popular belief among the geeks, Lucas did though things through. He might have even OVER-though things, more then what the fans would be acostumed for a SW film. The former simplicity was no longer there.

  • Flash Gordon show approaching …

  • Filmed in your country, the movie is going to be set in Hoth.

  • Hoth has been done;) Lets go for originality .

  • nevermind…

  • Fine, we film it in the caribbeans.

  • This podcast is too much fun. Dio and Rose are just too interesting, they could be reading a phone directory and it would still make for a fun listen. And Zod proves to be a very efficient moderator who is able to both inject his own opinions while moderating the other guests.

    And then there’s the subject matter, which is like apples to an horse for me.

  • Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!
    Speaking of Flash Gordon, did you watched the cartoons from the late 70s/early 80s?

  • I have found Return Of The King to be pretty much the weak movie of the LOTR trilogy and the bone i visit the least. But in FOTR, that scene where Gandalf falls still hits me emotionally like a tonne of bricks as much as i did the first time i watched the movie. And i had read the book in the late 80s the first time and again previously to the release of the movie and i knew what was coming and still the emotional impact was strong and moving. And even knowing Gandalf’s fate from the second movie (and my previous read of the books), it’s still a very emotional impaxtful scene.

    And i’m sorry to the SW fans, but i do find Gandalf’s fall to be more emotional then Solo’s carbonitiation. Sorry, but that’s how it is for me. And no, i don’t go into SW Vs LOTR disputes, i couldn’t care less for that.

  • Christ, you guys talking about the reaction you got from listening to John Williams’s theme in the trailer is like you are describing a pavlovian reaction.

    I wonder if Scott makes Blade Runner 2 and in the trailer they use Vangelis’s music from the first movie would do something like that for me.

  • Abrams will give those call back moments for his SW movie alright. And i’m critical of that kind of strategy. It’s making the movie to manipulate by basking on nostalgia instead of making a movie on the it’s own strenghs. I’d respect more the later approach.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    The rabbit is still smarter than the shit heaps we have

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Watch the clone wars series… he is very likeable .

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    And they are nearly always wrong

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude


  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Thats what haopens with things u like… emotions are a kooky thing

  • Rey is king in spanish.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    If a piece of slime and filth named Roman Polanski can be given a “second” chance, than its a no brainer to wait and see what jj does. He didn’t rape a 13 year old minor female high on pills and booze in jack Nicholsons house and then fled to France like an unmitigated coward and sleaze he is. Geez.

  • Kyloren is a place in Sweden……

  • Lets not go there on a SW discussion, shall we?

  • And what about Ass?

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Good idea. It might

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Bake a cake

  • JJ might be raping unedraged boys behind the scenes along with Bryan Singer and James Cameron. Its the work that is being discussed

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    But it’s apt.

  • — SPOILERS ——

    Dio, in ROTJ Luke proves that the light side is the right one and the dark side the wrong one. In ROTJ, the dark side is utterly defeated and the light side wins and is justified. The movie is about the absolute victory of the forces of good over evil.

    Which is why i have a bit of a coontention about the divided galaxy as presented in the next trilogy, as it looks to me that goes contrary to the spirit of the SW saga of the victory of good against evil. ROTJ is the absolute victory of god against evil, personified, if you will, with the death of the Emperor and the redemption of Darth Vader.

    The presentation of a divided galaxy between a new republic and the remnants of the Empire reads to be like a unnecessary realpolitik element to the SW universe. Mind you, that would be something i would do if i did a SW story due to my type of story preferences, but it would be wrong way to do, in my opinion. Against my own preferences, SW has to be a story about pure good and pure evil, no shades of grey. It’s the nature of the thing.

  • No, it is not.

  • he was a up and coming young director high on pills and booze in jack Nicholson’s house………. I can´t judge…..

  • Let’s not go there, shall we? Please?

  • But not bad, and that’s the point. Kershner was a competent director and a very highly regarded and respected cinema teacher who taught Lucas and Scorsese.

  • so was Vader pure good or pure evil in the original trilogy ?? Or Han Solo or Lando for that matter. I think there were loads of shades of grey. At least 50.

  • Vader was pure evil in the original trilogy who got redeemed. His ghost in the end of ROTJ proves his redemption made him pure good again.

    Han Solo was a pure good guy, and the fact he helped out so much the heroes and never solded them out proves his goodness. His leaving the heroes before the Yavin Battle only to return to save the day is not a moment of grey characteriation but a plot device to pull a last minute rescue à lá arrival of the cavalry in the old westerns. If people think that Han Solo was a shady character or had shades of grey they are seeing more to it then what’s in the movie, the character is good from the get go.
    Lando too is a good guy. His motivations was good, he wanted to protect his city, he didn’t sold out solo for a mere personal gain like money or a seat in Palpatine’s court, the empire strongarmed him. Lando quick turn to the heroes so far after Solo’s imprisionment just proves the was no bad guy, and then he becomes a strong man in the Rebel forces in the next movie.

    There are no shades in SW, it’s just good vs evil. Don’t mistake plot mechanics with characterization.

  • Vader didn’t turned good because Luke beat him up and showed him mercy, Vader turned good because the emperor was killing his son, simple as that. The movie makes that clear. Vader turned because of love for his son, not because he was spared. Getting your ass kicked into goodness, what a weird concept!


    WWRPD ?

  • Yeah, Greedo shot first then.

  • well he was full of light side in ESB and he got his ass handed to him by big daddy vader. in Jedi its a close match but vader is fully toying with him. until he does the leia reveal … and then Luke uses emotion and rage and ends up chopping the hand off vader. Luke uses teh dark side to beat vader in a light saber duel, then uses the light side showing mercy, and ultimatley saving his father, while his father saves him.

  • James Cameron too !!! nooooooo

  • i would mark out if they used it in blade runner 2 …

    i marked for it in superman returns

    and i wish they would use the Original Conan score for the next Conan too

  • perhaps thats why the battle of pelanor fields is so disjointed and the helmns deep battle, while flawed is excellent save the bowling ball cgi in the final scene

    Gandalf’s fall is still remarkable and emotional yes even when you know the resolution

    i felt his return in the next one was a little botched … imho

  • Zod and you disagree alot but there is more ground you agree on than either will admit. He really had a good show and i am greatful he lets me come on once in a while and even more greatful he chose our site to post it.

  • watched the full first series i was impressed . i think teh same guy did samuri jack, which i also love. never cared for the computer graphic versions …

  • Im not sure i understand the question ?

  • Luke got kicved because he was barely trained and as Yoda predicted, the good guys would get out of their troubles without Luke’s help. In fact, Luke’s arrival gave the other good guys another problem to deal with, by having to rescue him when they were already on their merry way out of Dodge.

    The point of ESB was Luke’s RASH decision to go rescue his pals, that his feelings for the better of him instead of being gived by wisdom and intelligence. Luke is castigated by the story for his rashness and too quick to make decisions based on pure emotions.

    Luke showed mercy to Vader because that’s the light side way of doing things. Better to die while being morally right then to fall for the dark side of revenging and falling for decisions made of anger. But that is not why Vader turns, not because of Luke example, but for his love of his son. That was it.

    The point of the fight in ROTJ between Vader and Luke is not that the dark side is great to make you win a fight. You make it look like Luke weaponised the dark side to win the brawl agasint Vader. That didn’t happened. Luke just had a momentary lapse of reason. His winning on Vader is just to make Luke aware that he could fall for the dark side, not to use it as a convinience of expediency. This is why Luke throws away his lightsable, even if he had already won. He throws his lightsable which might had give him some sort of ghelpto fight the emperor next. He does no such thing, for he knows that would make him turn. He stays on the light side by not offering resistance he will remain in the ligth side to his death. Besides, there was already a replacement for him with Leia, so Luke sacrificed for a future with a new hope besides him. that’s the thing about the light side, sacrifice and trust.

  • Dude, you never saw a good guy shooting a bad guy before? Audiences are not stupid to not accpt a good guy shooting a bad guy first if he needs that to survive. That’s not an evil act at all in an universe of pure good and bad sides. The other guy being bad is more then justification for a manicheistic morality.

  • There’s a town in Norway or Sweden called As, right?

  • i so agree with you about the differences between the pelanor battle vs helm’s deep battle, the later being much better. Even despite the fucking surfboarding Legolas.

  • You said it.
    I always admit to common grounds. In fact, i’m a sucker for them and i’m always eager to find them.

  • the legolas scenes were …. needless. but i guess for the kids …

  • aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, he’ll save everyone of us !!!

  • King Conan is actually going to get made? I though that Milius was still very ill.

  • just trying to say, there are shades of grey.

  • Rose

    Greetings one and all. I just watched Desolation of Smaug which I thought was much better than the first film.

  • wheres vaders love when he finds out luke is his son ?
    Luke doesnt use the light side to chop vaders hand off. watch the scene again. he is filled with rage and vader is toast. It is Luke’s belief in his father that turns him. Also it doesnt hurt that the Emperor is an asshole.
    Luke uses them both, one cannot survive without both.

    ” Solve et coagula ”

    like the trailer says
    ” the dark side … and the light “

  • I agree i guess. The films are still way to long. I have yet to watch the final one. I bet its very long also….

  • Rose

    Probably but I really did enjoy this one so much more.

  • thats what she said

  • AHNULD makes it without him


  • just a man
    with a mans courage

  • Yeah, the first one is just a lot of walking. It was very forgettable. Not that being a long movie is bad either. I watch The Good The Bad and The Ugly and just wonder where those 4 hours went. Its the content that matters.

  • Rose

    Yeah, way too much filler in the first one.

  • Vader always knew that Luke was his son. He doesn’t find out thart Luke is his son, he reveals that to Luke. Vader and Emperor talk about “The Son Of Skywalker”. They know who Luke is very well indeed. Vader doesn’t discover, he already knew.

    The way you said in the podcast sounds like Luke weaponied the dark side to win over Vader. He did no such thing. He got possed by rage and for a moment went dark side. He didn’t decided to go dark, his felings overwhelmed him and he got lost for a moment. That’s different.

    Luke then recuperates and yes he has belief in his father, he has belief that there is still in him a rememberance of the good man he once was. But it was not because Vader was spared that turned him on, but the suffering of his son, his fatherly love outwon his loyalty to the emperor.

    It’s no good argument to invoke the Ep7 first trailer because i’m not found of it much at all, i find it to be banal to the extreme. I could had made the worst movie in the history of cinema that would feature in it the scenes in that trailer. The trailer says nothing at all, it’s another mystery box of whose i’m imune to.

  • Heh!!!! That just all kinds of wrong!!!

  • Rose

    I weep for Haldir! What a hottie!

  • no i think he used both not use the dark side. ive explained it a few times before so i didnt elaborate and take up too much time.

  • MINX !

  • Rose

    Love it!

  • Rose

    You know me and blondes lol!

  • Rose

    I could be right though!! 😛

  • Rose

    NO, NO, NO.

  • dwarves fiona ? really ? accck

  • I could be right though

  • Rose

    I didn’t like it.

  • yeah, Billy Dee got around.

  • Rose

    I liked it. It had rugged Dougray and the Duke from Moulin Rouge in it!

  • Rose

    I know. Sigh. But I refuse to believe it!

  • we are looking for hot starwars talk here

  • Rose

    Stop outing me lmfao! He’s an elf anyway!!

  • Rose

    Well excuse me! Hmph!

  • i cant keep them apart anymore. after the dwarf introduction scene i think i forgot a few names to make room for them

  • Rose put her name in a jedi/sith name generator and it came out Strdshd dark lady of the sith

  • Rose

    He died at the battle of Helm’s Deep. *sob* How could Peter Jackson kill such a hottie? Unforgivable.

  • Rose

    Over 300 comments. Wow.

  • I put the name Luke Skywalker in one of those and got : Dyeing Lectronflight A rebel pilot from Yinchor

  • well, we have to subtract the Hobbit comments…….. including this one…..

  • seems legit.

    and the spam

  • well in the books he was never there

    so take heart !

  • not star wars related spam !!!

  • Rose

    That’s true, I guess. JRRT didn’t get the whole ‘blonde eye candy for the ladies’ idea.

  • Best saturday ever

  • Rose


  • Rose

    I think that would be overly harsh. My elf comments are on topic.

  • if only he was …nevermind

  • its true

  • This is just the beginning

  • acctually

    its a new hope

    ( check the episode # )

  • Have to disagree there. FOTR was easily the best of all LOTR films, but Gandalf’s fall has no such impact as Solo’s freezing. Jackson has to sugarcoat every emotional moment with slo-mo crying. The moment at the end of TESB was brilliantly understated in comparison.

  • Ban Lightningdown. A spacestation owner from Kethor.

    (From my real name)

  • Sorry, i just buy into the weaponization of the dark side by Luke in his confrontation with Vader in ROTJ. Nothing in the movie suports that, as i see it. He didn’t chose it, he fell into it because he let himself be dominated by anger, something which Yoda had warned him against. Luke wins because he was strong enough to reject it afterwards, not because he used it. Yeah.

  • See what you did?


  • Rose

    I want to see Lee Pace in one of the Star Wars films. He’s great.

  • Rose


  • My Star Wars name is: Danesan Sen, a smuggler from Skor II

  • Oui, tue, mon cher mademoiselle.
    *damn rusty french*

  • agreed. and i also want to see more RONIN THE ACCUSER


    ITS RAGE – dark side rage

  • He was pretty good in THE FALL and PUSHING DAISIES.

  • as always your right.

    except when your wrong.

    but your rightt about Solo

  • yes, precisely, rage, he’s not doing it deliberatly consciously, he’s possed by rage, he’s having a momentary loss of reason, the dark side domain over him. he’s not weaponizing the dark side, he’s being dominated by it.

  • Rose

    Loooooooooooooooooooooooooove Pushing Daisies.

  • Rose

    SPOILER ALERT. Isn’t he *whispers* dead?

  • The slow motion crying in FOTR is, for once, earned and justified. He tries to pull that trick later in other movies and failed. But in that movie, it suceed admirably. And sorry to be the party pooper, bit for me that moment is far more emotial for me then Solo’s carboniation. Never once i felt that Solo was going to die, not once, while in FOTR it does fell like Gandlaf dies, even when i already knew he had because i already had read the books twice.

    I think Jackson is a director who once was brillant and fell from grace. He was brillant when he did that scene, at the top of his game.

  • Pushing Daisies might have been a rare occasion where the whimsicallness of the show actually worked in it’s favour and was not anoying or diabetic. They really managed to pull an Amelie there.

    Hard to believe that show is from the same guy who later created HANNIBAL. But both have the common theme of death.

  • The Hobbits had greater hair, I cannot deny that.

  • is he right about Darren Aronofsky?

  • is that why you would care for a character, because of his looks??

  • the beyonder will back all the dead villains for the Secret Wars

  • Fuck the kids!!

  • Rose

    The fact he is brave and noble is enough for me!

  • In summation, my point about JJ is that chances have to be earned, and as far i’m concerned, he hasn’t done anything to earned it at all, quite the contrary.

  • You didn’t said that, you said he was a hottie, that was the first thing that came to your mind. Right?

  • Well, could be named after the Goddess Hell, who despite the name, she was actually one of the good guys.

  • Orcus

    Orcus approves of this thread.

    Carry on humans

  • He lives!!

  • Orcus

    Comes to question whether demons really live, but yes, Orcus understands the sentiment and thanks you for it.

    So what did Orcus miss??

  • Something good.
    And stay tuned for Monday.

  • Orcus

    Such as?

  • Cool podcasts.

  • Orcus

    Orcus has been listening to some of them when time permits. Good schtuff.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    “Come out to the coast, we’ll get together…have a few laughs..”

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    THe CG version has some outstanding visuals.. Anakin’s character has way more time to develop instead of four hours… he’s a likeable and a true hero, at least up to season 5 then he starts getting…. interesting… the CG show is one of the best things from SW in decades. One of the best form Cartoon network, an Emmy winner too! .. better than the films in some ways.. my god, the arc with yoda in season 6 explains a lot of things.. even those pesky Midichlorians- that are NOT the force. give it a chance…

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    He would drug it, rape it and flee! then deny it every happened then ask, “Whats the big deal?”

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    I know all that, no one is disputing that.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Haha. No one is raping anyone… I’m saying if idiots can give Roman a pass, let’s give JJ a shot for something far less consequential.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    thank you, sir!

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude


  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Dio is correct, Anakin had been trained to not use emotions, but Vader was told to embrace the hate… all that stuff in between- Luke used… Luke’s love for his friends and his father helped him beat Vader… there’s a difference between anger and hate. Anakin was hateful, fearful too, but mostly hate; he hated everything and that hate was used in one fell swoop. Uncontrollable, mindless massive hate. Luke used his anger, but he stayed on target and didn’t let other emotions take over… ego and fear especially. Luke never showed ego and very little fear ,even when he throws his lightsaber away, he stands up to Palpatine and Anakin’s humanity is awakened due to no longer being fearful of the old prick. Vader could have easily have taken Luke down at the moment, but he stands there and watches, in fascination perhaps at this kid standing up to evil. Fear is the worst, it can cripple people for the most illogical reasons… that was Anakin’s hamartia- fear.
    Anakin was constantly told how great and powerful he was and then when the time comes to be rewarded for his power and accomplishments, he’s shit on by the council, hence why he began his campaign of hate. Luke had a quiet, happy life, no one blowing smoke up his ass saying he’s powerful …

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Luke used anger, not hate, big difference

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Vader was not pure evil, he was overcome with it. LIke any good warrior of the war machine he did what was expected of him and as stated before, he was fearful of the repercussions. Palpatine had the best seat in town with VAder’s mechanical suit, one flick of his finger and he brings Vader down… and there was nothing Vader could do about it.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    haha… similar experiences?

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Of course there are shades of grey… Lando sold his friend out and then he’s redeemed in JEDI, Han wants to leave and then comes back for one last fight in ANH… Yoda and Ben tell Luke to abandon his friends when he clearly saw them in trouble… Anakin in the clone wars series is a swashbuckler and noble hero one moment and militaristic war hawk the next… we all do it, everyday

  • A stand-alone film pitch: R2-D2 travels on a boat, deep into the jungles of Endor, searching for threepio who is still worshipped as a god by the Ewoks and has gone full Kurtz.

    The thing practically writes itself.

  • The horror.

  • phantomcreeps

    What up Asi?

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    I want my Dewback! lol

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    I trust Disney’s judgement over some raging nerds any day of the week… precedence and all.

  • Sooooo conflicted. Dislike the movies, but like the people on the podcast. If only it were about star trek.

  • Thanks orcus

  • Stay tuned . …

  • CreepyThinMan

    No doubt, I said as much in my recent article. Fuckers were probably on Skype every night!!!FACT!!!

  • Not much, just chilling out, and you?

  • Indeed they are.

  • Like John Carter of Mars??
    Yeah, sure, put your trust in the studios, who constantly make dumbed down crappy movies, sure.
    What planet have you been living in the last decades? That attitude will only help the studios make snake oil movies to the public because they haven’t one single reason or motivation to make a good movie unless the public and fans call them out an demand quality. Really, man, c’mon!

  • one who leads to the other, same difference.

  • For fans of this movies sometimes you guys take some exotic interpretations of the same movies which are just simple tales told unambiguously. Peculiar.

  • There isn’t a single shade of grey in SW in the original trilogy and that is the whole point.
    You want to find shades of grey, find some other franchise. SW is deliberatly manicheist, Good Vs Evil and that’s the whole point.

    Perhaps you will find the shads of grey in the sequel trilogy. Or whatever passes as grey in JJ’s mind.

  • That’s not shades of grey, thsat’s jumping around the moral scale from good to evil, with nothing inbetwen. And Lando has pure intentions when he collaborates with the empire, to protect his city, and then when the deal goes bad he uickly sides with the heores and saves their bacon. that’s no shade of grey, he was good fuy from the begining strongarmed into a bad situation which he got out of it as soon as possible. There is a difference between a shady character and one who is good but forced into a bad situation. Lando would had been a shady character if only he had been willing into the situation for personal gain despite his honest friendship with Solo, which was not the case in the movie.

  • If it was about Star Trek, someone would be singing the praises of the newest movies… so there is no escape! It’s inevitable. People just have different opinions,and some of us are passionate about them too. *ahem*

  • I’d pay to watch that. But make that Luke with R2D2, people relate with human leads. R2D2 plays the surfer dude.

  • Showing each others their genitals?

  • Vader was most certaily pure evil. Killing off all the Jedis, including children, being active participant in the death of milions in the civil war.. if those actions are not of a pure evil man, what is? What is?
    He’s pure evil who redeems. There’s a difference. It’s the whole point of the saga.

  • No, no. R2D2 and Ewoks. With no subtitles. Going full “Apocalypto”.

  • CreepyThinMan

    Call it EWOK HOLOCAUST!!!FACT!!!

  • CreepyThinMan


  • Intriguing proposition.

  • That’s … a great idea

  • R2d2. Was the best character in the prequels. Sry sam

  • Back from the underworld

  • The creeper! Hell yea

  • Lots of ppl liked JC

    Hey I just noticed John Carter has the same initials as someone else …

    Jamie Curtis

  • Noooooooooooo!

  • Hell yea. They just need spidey and the ff !

  • Balance = never bad

  • Yea. He stood up to the emperor the way anakin/vader never did.

  • It’s a fine line. I think we have to remember even the worst nazi were human. Vader was certainly that

  • Yup seems legit

  • Point zod

  • He would make a few well.shot films in between

  • Sure. Blame it on Jack


  • Stay tuned

  • Union Jack

    jim carrey didnt know what the fuck to do with her

  • Mace Windu’s big purple Dicksa

    It is ok to have opinions. It is also ok to be wrong.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude


  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Exactly. Afraid of him

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    He was a warrior for the state. Even the worst Nazis had moments of humanity. Besides, vader like all warriors felt he was just.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Grey. No one is ever fully good or fully bad.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    They do but luke knew the difference

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    I like John carter…fun and pulpy. Frozen is one of their best movies in decades. Hating Disney is irrelevant and self-centered

  • Rose

    Have you seen John Carter? I found it a surprising delight. Well worth checking out.

  • Mr Nick Nightly

    But what if you genuinely dislike the vast majority of their output?

  • I watched the movie, for my sins. Through the pain of watching it there was some c«moment sof pure involuntary comedy. And as an adaptation of the book, its beyond shameful.

  • The later phrase made no sense.

  • That’s reality, not SW.

  • But only if you learn from it.

  • Actually, no. In reality, even that is an absolute that is not true. In SW, there is only one good, the light side of the force.

  • And John Carpenter.

  • ” Even the worst Nazis had moments of humanity.”
    You do not know much of what they did, did you? Especially in Russia, not to mention the concentration camps.

  • Brillant idea! My contribution would probably be laughing at the movie from start to finish.

  • CreepyThinMan

    When I saw The Adventures of Ford Fairlane in 1990, when I was 12, I had a few ideas about what I’d like to do with her!!!FACT!!!

  • CreepyThinMan

    Does Skype have a microscope function?!?FACT!!!

  • Point it at the Trek!

  • they attatch a zoom lens with scottape. kinda like how nthey do for their scripts.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    I love star trek

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Get over it.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    You worship Satan? 🙂

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    It’s both.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    John carter was not dumb.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Not alwayz. A parent gets angry at their unruly child- they don’t hate them.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    I dig the movie…

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    The book is crap

  • OK, it was not dumb, it was bloody retard. Thanks you for allowing me to correct my first sentence.

  • No, it’s reality only. SW is much more morally simple, as it was intended. That’s the whole point.

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    Seriously though there is difference between just not liking something and garbage. Disney is not garbage. Theyve stuck around 75 years for a reason. Disney world alone— awesome

  • Not until is gets forgotten, as it should and where it belongs.

  • The hell it is. It’s a ripping yarn for the ages and SW owes everything to it, as Lucas has admited.

  • ErnestRister

    Small correction…the OT cast was always going to be in Episode VII, but Abrams wanted their roles expanded to give them — in his words — a “proper send-off”. That is (allegedly) the reason Abrams and Arndt took over the screenwriting duties.

  • ErnestRister

    Not superficially…JJ completely nailed Spielberg’s world view and values, particularly Spielberg’s recurring theme of humanizing the antagonists, which comes up again and again and again and again in his body of work.

  • No, i strongly disagree. It’s all surfaces, no heart. Which is befitting Abrams has he has no heart, it’s all superficiality and shallowness with him. A mere pastiche and a pretty clueless one at that.

  • ErnestRister

    Yeah, I thought JC was a lot of fun. Director Andrew Stainton seemed a little unsure of himself in the opening, but found his footing. I really don’t know what all the bitching was about. The Lone Ranger — with its strangeness and weird quirks — that I can understand, even if I warmed up to it eventually. But John Carter? Worst I can say about it is that we’ve seen the general plotline a million times, and a less-realistic take on the art direction would have served the film in a grand way. Still fun and not the disaster some claim it to be.

  • ErnestRister

    I think the point is that good and evil exist in us all. Luke renounces power and makes the choice his father couldn’t. Luke’s purpose is to remind Anakin of who he was, and what he could have been. Luke throws down his sword rather than kill to “save” his family and friends and his political cause. When the Emperor realizes Luke is not going to kill and has no lust for power, his only choice is to kill Luke. Anakin makes a choice to give up his own life and his power and end the festering evil, knowing it is a death sentence. He is not redeems, he atones with the only thing he has. His own life.

  • ErnestRister

    I’ve seen lots of movies that have attempted to ape Spielberg, but don’t understand Spielberg at all. Super 8 nailed it.

  • The only way Abrams nails it is in the sense of crucifixion. He has the talk but lacks the walk and Super 8 more then proves it. I just wish people would pay more attention and judge him on his execrable movies instead of his publicity machine.

  • I think you SW fans read to much into what is in effect a simple good vs evil story. This is why i actually count myself lucky for not being such a fan of the saga.

  • Roxx

    such a gentleman

  • RevengeofZodLovesMaude

    not likely.