Shut Up Kids #55: Top 3 Movies We Love That People Crap On Shut Up Kids #55: Top 3 Movies We Love That People Crap On
Airdate: 1-September-2014 In this episode, the guys are joined once again by Jeff Myers as they discuss the Top 3 Movies They Love That... Shut Up Kids #55: Top 3 Movies We Love That People Crap On

Airdate: 1-September-2014

In this episode, the guys are joined once again by Jeff Myers as they discuss the Top 3 Movies They Love That People Crap On. In their Best of the Week segment, they chat about the spy images of Dr. Doom, a history of sex in video games, the trailer for Jon Stewart’s “Rosewater,” Wesley Snipes in Blade 4, Joaquin Phoenix as Dr. Strange, honorary Oscars, and more!

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  • John Connor

    – I haven’t gotten any copyright notices ever until recently. Now I’ll get one every couple of weeks for some random porn that has the most explicit title as if it was chosen as a weapon to embarrass. Doesn’t work on me. I find the word “cums” and “pussy” is often in the title that they choose to monitor. And like mentioned in the podcast, its just a friendly letter from the ISP saying that they’re just passing the message along. It’s not like I continue seeding those things anyway. I always notify the community that the particular torrent file is being monitored as I see it swiftly taken down shortly thereafter.

    – Sucker Punch is not dumb. It’s my favorite film ever. You people just don’t get it at all.

    – Iron Man 2 and 3, I totally agree that they are so underrated. It’s absolutely batshit insane that anyone would hate these films.

    And the point of Iron Man 3 with Tony Stark not needing the suit, was the fact that HE is what is special, not the suit. He is the brain, the inventor, the hero. NOT the suits. Without Tony, they wouldn’t exist. He was having an identity crisis being surrounded by all these gods and superheroes while he felt like he was just a man in a suit. The suit was taken away and he was all alone, on a vision quest, to make him realize that he is what is important and not the suit. The kid was him, his innocence, his youth. He was getting back in touch with himself.
    These are character driven films and those that bitch and complain are dumbasses that only care about violence and “oooh he wasn’t in his suit enough, wahhhhh”.

    – Freddy Got Fingered is one that I hated when it first came out but I fucking love it now. I get it totally and its a comedy classic. It’s very relevant and people don’t even realize it. Its about living in a society where you are expected to follow and devote your life to riches, working, getting rich, impressing your parents, eating at fancy restaurants, being “proper”, what’s appropriate in relationships as “boyfriend and girlfriend”, etc. It’s about not taking life so seriously and saying “WAKE THE FUCK UP!”. It’s like The Matrix of comedies. I love Tom Green and I love the whole message of this film. It’s fucking hilarious on top of all that. It grows on you (me) big time.

    – Holy shit!!! HULK is extremely underrated. One of the absolute best, if not the best, comic superhero movies ever created. I love this film so damn much. Right on. Great choice. The Incredible Hulk is the worst thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The CG was perfect for HULK. The Incredible Hulk was an abomination (that may be too strong a word) and horrible sequel. TIH is rushed, discombobulated, and piss poor compared to HULK. HULK is perfect. People who prefer TIH over HULK don’t know fucking shit about story or character or film. HULK even beats all the phenomenal films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s that fucking phenomenal.

    Some wonderful choices, guys. I was surprised of some of the choices, as they match mine. Great job on explaining why HULK is great. It’s very deep and character driven.

    – 3 movies off the top of my head that seem universally hated that I love (and I love most films that people hate):

    Batman & Robin
    RoboCop (2014)
    Rob Zombie’s Halloween II (theatrical cut)

    Now, I don’t consider Batman & Robin as something deep with social commentary. It’s just damn good fun.

    RoboCop (2014) is a very relevant film. It’s also very entertaining.

    Rob Zombie’s Halloween II is something that’s very personal and emotional as it brings you inside the head of the protagonist. One of my favorite films ever.

    Here’s a write-up in another talkback about Batman & Robin that I did recently:
    Batman & Robin is fucking awesome. It’s one of those things I’ll never understand the hate for. Like you said, for those that get it, its an awesome modern version of the retro Adam West & Burt Ward Batman & Robin (their animated version in particular) fused with Batman The Animated Series. It’s visual eye candy that I’ll never get tired of with a fun indulgence that, I feel, is perfectly executed.

    I love that its 2 hours long and not a quick cookie-cutter 90 minute fuckoff.
    I love that it has grand constant action sequences that gives the film kinetic energy.
    I love the villains and how Thurman and Schwarzenneger portrays them .
    I really fucking love the style of everything, especially Ivy and Freeze.
    I love that Wayne and Grayson have that tired-marriage jealous tension.
    I love the Alfred subplot.
    Yea, the whole Batgirl thing was too fucking cheesy, but I crushed on Silverstone hard in those days and she was very pleasing to look at.
    I thought everything balanced very well on the not-going-overboard-into-uncomfortable-cheese scale except for that one scene where Barbara/Batgirl finds that “secret” info Alfred leaves for her. Yet it still kinda fits with that ’60s Batman style they were going for.

    It’s exactly what it set out to be and it pisses me off that Schumacher caved into the mass negativity bandwagon and publicly apologized for it. If he should apologize for any of them it should be Batman Forever. And even that has its charm.

    I love Batman & Robin ever since I saw it as an 11 year old in theaters and its probably my favorite of those four films despite how amazing Tim Burton’s two films are. I always have defended it and always will.

    Anyone complaining that those four Batman films weren’t super serious and dark are missing the point entirely. They are supposed to be visually art deco and out-there. Every single one of those films are a visual feast of exaggeration.


    – Showgirls is another misunderstood film. It’s a fucking Verhoeven film and that should tell you everything. It’s intentional satire with relevancy (like Starship Troopers, RoboCop, etc.) There is seriousness in it, but done in a fun grindhouse style. Elizabeth Berkeley was so fucking amazing in it. People make fun of her acting, but its so intentional and over-the-top on purpose.

    There’s so many fucking films I can go on and on about, but I’ll stop here.

    – There is a bandwagon culture and its not just on the internet about movies. It’s the real-world. It’s religion. People follow the wrong path. They hate and hate and hate and that hate is fueled by the numbers. Look at drugs. Why does a druggie always offer you some of what he/she/it is having? So they can reinforce their decision that they know is stupid and wrong by you doing it too.

    I don’t get the stupidity of humans and they can all go fuck themselves.

  • Fate_Slistcrunch

    Awesome stuff and thanks for finding us on the new site! A lot of what you said about Batman and Robin are some of the same things Nick has said as well.