The Soul Hole! Nick Nightly’s Guide to Baadassss Music Part 2 The Soul Hole! Nick Nightly’s Guide to Baadassss Music Part 2
In part 2 of The Soul Hole we are going to check out some of the Baadassss Women of Soul and some great psychedelic... The Soul Hole! Nick Nightly’s Guide to Baadassss Music Part 2

In part 2 of The Soul Hole we are going to check out some of the Baadassss Women of Soul and some great psychedelic stuff.  I hope you get down!



There are so many great women singers that it was hard to narrow it down.  I just had to choose some songs I like the best as well as deliver a little variety.

Lyn Collins – “Do Your Thing”

Lyn Collins had an interesting career.  She worked with James Brown and is the “Yeah! Woo!” sample you hear in “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock.  This is an excellent cover of a great Isaac Hayes song.


The Stovall Sisters – “Hang On In There”

The Stovall Sisters were a very cool gospel trio who contributed backing vocals to Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit In the Sky.”


Joyce Williams – “The First Thing I Do In the Morning”

I don’t know much about Joyce Williams, but I know this song gets down.


Bettye Lavette – “Let Me Down Easy”

Bettye Lavette released her first album at 16 in 1962 but didn’t gain much fame until 2005.  This song is a fantastic single from 1965.


Ann Peebles – “You’ve Got the Papers (I’ve Got the Man)”

So what Ms. Peebles is saying here is, “You might be married to him, but he likes my pussy better.”  How can you not love this young lady?


Claudia Lennear – “Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky”

Claudia Lennear is another one with a cool career.  She sang backup for people like Ike and Tina Turner and Stephen Stills, and was a member of Leon Russell’s Shelter People.  She was also the inspiration behind “Brown Sugar” by The Rolling Stones.




Here we’ll check out some of the great psychedelic stuff to come out.  I’m a huge fan of the psychedelic sound from the 60’s and 70’s, be it rock, pop, or funk.  In case you are wondering what constitutes something as “psychedelic,” it pretty much means ‘shit that’s good to listen to while you’re high.’

Funkadelic – “Cosmic Slop”

I love, love, love this song.  Funkadelic was George Clinton’s “other half,” so to speak.  Funkadelic and Parliament were two different projects coming from the same funk dream of Clinton.  He had a few other projects as well, including Brides of Funkenstein, but Parliament and Funkadelic are what he is best known for.


Undisputed Truth – “Got To Get My Hands On Some Lovin’”

Undisputed Truth were assembled as an experiment for writer/producer Norman Whitfield’s production techniques at Motown Records.  We frown upon “fake bands” today, but these guys were really fucking awesome.


The Dramatics – “The Devil Is Dope”

The Dramatics were a really goddamn good singing group, similar to The Temptations.  Their song, “What You See Is What You Get” is a favorite of mine.  This track here is a pretty hilarious anti-drug song, but damn is it awesome.


Dr. John – I Been Hoodood

Dr. John might be the coolest guy ever in music.  He’s covered a lot of different musical sounds in his career so every album is a treasure.  He’s got one of the coolest voices and is a kick-ass piano player.  Just listen to this nasty shit.


The Temptations – “Love Can Be Anything (Can’t Nothing Be Love But Love)”

Yes, The Temptations are more than just “My Girl.”  They’ve got a ton of excellent songs that get the fuck down.


Eddie Hazel – “California Dreamin’”

Here’s a remarkable cover of the Mamas and the Papas hit, “California Dreamin,’” that is superior to the original in every way.  Eddie Hazel gave it the proper treatment being that he was formerly the lead guitar player for Parliament-Funkadelic.  Listen to the Funkadelic song, “Maggot Brain” for a 10 minute guitar solo by Hazel that will fry you.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this installment of The Soul Hole!  Make sure you keep listening to great music, and make a purchase or two if you really like something.  Keep an eye out for part 3 where we’ll check out some Love Songs and Sexy Soul.

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